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The path to gaming glory is littered with adversity. Be blown to bits. Plummet down a black hole. Then get right back up again...

We know that you and your squad are relentless. With each attempt, and each push, you come back smarter and stronger. Until you are finally ready to accomplish what once felt out of reach...

At Lenovo Legion, we relentlessly pursue breakthroughs in gaming tech, so that whatever your gaming goals may be—whether it's ascending to the pinnacle of gaming greatness, or “just” getting further than you've ever gotten before with your crew—we empower you to Reach Your Impossible.

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Equip Yourself

Each Legion device is meticulously designed, enabling you to drive your squad to victory.

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion Go

It's Go Time

The Legion Go is always ready for battle no matter where you are. Whether you are relaxing and playing with detachable controllers, engaging in an intense shoot off on FPS mode, or just hanging out during your commute, the versatile Legion Go can support all your gaming needs while providing impeccable performance.

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Lenovo Legion
Lenovo Legion

Legion 9i

Forge Your Future

The Legion 9i is our most future-forward laptop to date. Made for trailblazers seeking luxury, the device features revolutionary technology like internal liquid cooling and a unique Forged Carbon cover. This isn't just a gaming PC—it's your gateway to game development, video FX work, and more.

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Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion Ecosystem

Mix and match to build your cutting-edge playground that fulfills all your gaming needs. Our devices and accessories come together to create vivid and memorable experiences.


Lenovo Legion Pro 7i

Enjoy esports-level gaming at the leisure of your own home with the Legion Pro 7i powerhouse.


Lenovo Legion Y27h-30 Monitor

See the whole battlefield in motion with the Legion Y27qf-30 Monitor’s 27-inch, 3-sided NearEdgeless in-plane switching screen.


Lenovo Legion M300s RGB Gaming Mouse

Precision and versatility packed in a 57g ultra-light frame, the Legion M300s RGB Gaming Mouse is your trusty companion during fast-paced action.


Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station

The Legion S600 Gaming Station brings you round-the-clock wireless gaming to the masses and makes user-initiated charging obsolete.


Lenovo Legion H200 Gaming Headset

Experience auditory excellence with Legion H200 Gaming Headset. You’ll always know if enemies are close by from now on.


Lenovo Legion K310 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Exert full control with the Legion K310 RGB Gaming keyboard equipped with a full-size layout, programmable keys, and a 24-key rollover membrane.


Lenovo Legion Gaming Cloth Mouse Pad XL

Enjoy ample room to hack, slash and shoot your way to victory with the anti-fray and water-repellent Legion Gaming Cloth Mouse Pad XL.


Lenovo Legion Active Gaming Backpack

Made with recycled PET material, the Legion Active Gaming Backpack has dedicated compartments for all your gaming needs.

Lenovo AI Engine+

Game Smarter & Fiercer

Legion devices are augmented by Lenovo AI Engine+, making them smarter than ever. Lenovo AI Engine+ deploys a Smart Engine to optimize your game for maximum FPS by leveraging a host of system sensors across key components in real time. Smart Engine even gets better over time, ensuring your system can reach maximum performance to stay ahead of the competition from the moment you unbox and for years to come.

Embark on your gaming journey with Lenovo LOQ

Lenovo LOQ was born from the idea that gamers are stronger together. Our name, 'LOQ', evokes a bond: A linking of arms, and a readiness to do battle. Discover the feeling of stepping into an interlocked community that is there for every win, every loss and everything in between. And discover gaming machines more than powerful enough to see you and your crew on the path to greatness.

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