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Enjoy unlimited access to over 100 high-quality PC games for 3 months with selected laptops.

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  • Legion 5i 12th Gen (15, Intel)

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  • Legion 7i Gen 7 (16 Intel)

  • IdeaPad Gaming 3i 12th Gen (16, Intel)

  • Legion 5i Pro 11th Gen (16, Intel)

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  • Legion 5i 11th Gen (15, Intel)

  • IdeaPad Gaming 3i 12th Gen (15, Intel)

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Lenovo Gaming PC

At Lenovo, we’re diehard gaming fans with a focus on the future. We understand PC gaming, consoles, and accessories like no other brand. We’ve designed our gaming rigs for all players, from casual gamers to eSports teams who want to stay competitive without spending a fortune. Whether you’ve got ₹54,000 for an entry-level gaming PC or ₹1,85,000 for a premium gaming rig, we’ll keep you in the game. With free shipping on all orders, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on a gaming laptop, desktop computer, or console.

Gaming laptops and gaming PCs FTW

Designed for the modern gamer, Lenovo Legion gaming computers offer a finely tuned computer gaming experience that handle the latest PC games with ease. Whether you're a professional eSports player, or a casual gamer that enjoys a little escapism after work, Lenovo Legion delivers.

You can spring for a prebuilt gaming PC if you're wanting to get your frag on as soon as possible, or, you can get a custom gaming PC that's tailored to your specific needs and style of play. Either way, you'll have the latest tech to keep you on the path to victory.

Some gamers require a laptop that's up to spec for new releases but doesn't scream “gaming PC” like some of the flashier models out there. The Lenovo Legion 5 and Legion 7 gaming laptop series are tailor-made for your everyday life. Modern, sleek, and ultraslim, a new Legion gaming laptop is a total sleeper that you can bring to work or school. When it's time to play, these PCs carry some serious gaming power for running the latest PC game titles – including VR-ready laptops for AR/VR games.

Desktop gamers will love our Legion 5 Series and Legion 7 Series gaming desktop towers, which offer top-of-the-line performance with plenty of style. With impressive built-in lighting effects, innovative cooling systems, and a tool-less design for easy upgrades, this is desktop gaming for the 21st century. And if you're searching for a new gaming desktop, don't forget a complementary gaming monitor, like one of our top curved monitors for gaming, the Legion Y44w-10, that puts you right in the center of the action.

Custom budget gaming PCs

If you're on a budget or want to explore beyond our dedicated Legion gaming line, Lenovo IdeaPad gaming laptops are another great choice. The customizable IdeaPad Gaming Laptops can be built to order, starting at around ₹89,000 before instant savings and eCoupons.

So much power. So many possibilities.

Max out your settings, dive into the details, and experience buttery smooth gameplay on a Lenovo Legion Windows 10 gaming PC. Not only do you get the power and innovation you need to handle graphics intensive gaming, but the Windows 10 open platform gives you access to the most full-fledged AAA PC games and esports titles from Steam, Epic Games, Origin, or the Legion PC Games Store. And whether you're budget conscious or ready to throw down for a beastly Windows 10 gaming PC setup, you'll have a variety of PCs to choose from. PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10.

Lenovo FPS tool

Need to know if your gaming PC is up to snuff? Lenovo's quick and easy FPS tool helps you learn if the power packed inside your gaming box is enough to run the latest PC games. Run the Lenovo FPS tool and get instant results that will detail your max frames per second on top games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty.

Video gaming on consoles

Lenovo has launched a huge selection of best-selling products from top brands, now available here on our online store, that includes the latest gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Whether you're a serious gamer in the market for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, we have video gaming consoles, accessories, and games available from these major gaming brands.

AR and VR for total immersion

If you want to truly experience the future of video gaming, our selection of AR and VR gaming headsets and accessories will transport you to a virtual world. With next-generation lenses and other optical innovations, products like the HTC Vive keep you in the game no matter which direction you're facing. We invite you to learn more about VR gaming, VR-ready computers, and other accessories in the Lenovo FAQs.

PC gaming gear for avid players

You probably already know how crucial it is to find gaming accessories that fit your style of play. That's why we developed Lenovo Legion — the best in PC gaming accessories. We offer fully backlit gaming keyboards (like the Lenovo Legion K500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard) and a selection of gaming mice, so that you can take on the competition. You can also find a top-of-the-line gaming headset, like the Legion H500 Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, to ensure nobody sneaks up on you in the heat of battle. By equipping yourself with Lenovo's PC gaming accessories — including gaming monitors, gaming mice, and gaming keyboards — you'll be ready to tackle the final boss.

What's more, we've expanded our online store with a variety of popular gaming brands — including Corsair, Razr, HyperX, and Turtle Beach. We also have dozens of popular PC games on sale in our Legion PC Games Store. Lenovo is now your destination for the latest computers, gear, and all things gaming.

Go Small!

When you're shopping for gaming systems, you might be looking for the biggest gaming system you can find. But sometimes, the best thing you can do is go small.

Whether it's a mini gaming pc, an all in one gaming system or a portable gaming system, choosing to go small not only ensures you can use your system nearly anywhere, but it might also be the best way to get the best affordable gaming system.

Portable gaming systems are great because they mean you can visit friends or travel and take your gaming experience with you. If you're one of the many people out there who can't go a day without playing your favorite games, that's definitely a very big deal!

Build Quality Matters

When you're shopping for the best gaming system, and particularly when you are looking for the best gaming system for kids, you need to consider the build quality of the components and system you buy.

Gaming systems for kids in particular should be made to the highest possible specs, because kids are notoriously hard on technology. So look for a gaming system pc that's built a little tougher, so it'll be up to the task.

Don't Forget the Gaming Accessories!

Buying a gaming systems pc is not the end of the process. While it's true that a gaming pc and monitor is the center of your system, there are also pc gaming accessories to consider. Great pc gaming systems include a variety of gaming accessories, which could include things like a pc gaming desk and a comfortable gaming chair but might also include pc gaming accessories like a great set of headphones with a mic to talk to the team, an ergonomically designed gaming keyboard and a mouse that's made for gaming. With the right gaming accessories pc gaming really becomes a next level experience.

Cool gaming accessories aren't just great for your own system either. They're the perfect gift for the game lover in your life and are perfect for kids and adults who love to spend some time in game – whether they're building worlds or destroying them!

When you are looking for the best gaming accessories to give as a gift, be sure to find out what kind of setup the person you're buying for uses. Remember that gaming accessories for pc won't be compatible with a PS4 and gaming accessories ps4 won't work on a PC. So you really do need to know what platform the person you're giving the gift to prefer to use.

Great Deals on Gaming Accessories

If you are shopping for the best pc gaming accessories, either for yourself or someone else, don't forget to check the sales and clearance bins or areas of the site! Many of the top gaming accessories companies release new models of their most popular accessories fairly frequently, and when they do, they often offer older technology at a significantly reduced price.

However, unless you have the very latest computer hardware and software, most of that older tech (which is often less than a year old) is still perfectly compatible with your setup, and you can get many years of service out of a great gaming accessory deal – at least until you upgrade the rest of your system, and likely longer than that!

Virtual Reality Gaming Systems

A gaming system pc is undoubtedly a great thing to have in your home. It will give you many hours of entertainment, a great way to connect with the gaming community and more.

But if you really want to be at the cutting edge of the gaming experience, consider adding a vr gaming system to your tech hoard. A virtual gaming system gives you the kind of immersive experience you just can't get from any other kind of gaming experience.

Virtual reality gaming systems have come a long way from the early days of the technology, and there are now several options for vr gaming systems. There are also a variety of accessories and peripherals that allow you to play more games and have a smoother, more immersive experience when you play.

One of the best things about vr gaming is that it's accessible for everyone, because it uses your existing senses and reflexes more than requiring you to learn new movements and controls. Which means that virtual reality gaming can be fun for the whole family – from grandma down to elementary school aged kids. That gives a whole new meaning to the term “family game night!”

Choosing Your System

When you are choosing a computer gaming system, you should always try to buy the best products and technology you can afford, simply because that usually means you can use those items for longer. So, you get more bang for your buck. Spending a little more on the best components you can afford now will probably save you money in the long term, so that's something to consider when you're setting your budget.

It takes a few years at least for computer gaming systems to become old and obsolete, and in most cases, unless you want to play the very latest game releases as soon as they come out, you don't need to buy new gaming systems every year.

You can also add to your system over time, particularly if you game on a pc so look for a gaming system that allows you to upgrade components over time. Whether its accessories, a new graphics card or more memory, small changes can extend the life of your gaming system for many years.

Some things, like a gaming pc monitor will also work with your new system, so even if you're upgrading, you don't necessarily need to upgrade everything at the same time!

Console gaming systems are not as easy to upgrade, but there are still many add ons you can buy that can improve your gaming experience, so be on the lookout for new accessories and gadgets and consider adding them if they will help you to play better and enjoy the game more.
Remember that when you are upgrading your gaming systems, you also have the option to sell or donate your old equipment. So keep it out of the landfill, put some extra cash in your pocket, or give someone less fortunate a little fun!

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