Whether you are looking for a Windows 10 Laptop for gaming, for kick-starting your business, or for studying, today’s sophisticated technology makes it even easier to get more for your money.

Size, portability, screen, and keyboard quality – all these aesthetics count but not as much as picking a laptop with a good core and a solid operating system.

Here’s all you need to know about picking Windows 10 laptops…

What are the Benefits of Choosing Windows 10 Laptops?

Windows 10 laptops work across the board and come with a ton of benefits to help you enjoy peak performance technology without breaking the bank. Let’s look at why picking a laptop with Windows 10 is sure to work in your favour from every angle.

  • Gaming Monitors

    For Everyday Users

    For the everyday computer user, Windows 10 has a swifter operating system inviting you to enjoy a more responsive experience when you sit down to type, browse the web, or surf social media. There’s a simplicity that invites a sigh of relief, making Windows 10 one of the most user-friendly options out there.

    No matter what you use your laptop for, keeping it fighting fit is always a worry so you don’t have to pay for costly fixes due to malware and other such bugs. Fortunately, the new Windows comes with some of the most enhanced security features yet. From Secure Boot to Windows Passport, Device Guard, and Defender Antivirus, you can keep your PC safe and sound.

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  • Home Monitors

    For Gamers

    Built for the power of play, Windows 10 gaming laptops often have that desirable blend of durability and powerful internal design. The upgrades easily turns the right laptop into a gamer's paradise. DirectX 12 is also a big deal for gamers, as it makes the most of multi-core processors to offer a much higher quality experience.

    The excellent Xbox app is more than welcome and offers options to turn your PC gamer experience into a sociable affair thanks to its party chat, IM options, and activity feed so you can see what your fellow players are up to. Combined with great sound and crystal-clear graphics, this is one of the best gaming laptops for those on a budget.

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For Small Businesses

For those small business owners, picking laptops with Windows 10 Pro is sure to ramp up productivity and take the pain out of technology. Every year businesses bleed away their profits by having to pay for costly maintenance fees, committing timely resources to IT management, and dealing with the financial fallout of security breaches. Windows 10 Pro takes all that away and gifts small businesses the power they need to perform to the best of their ability.

Easy access to apps that prioritize productivity, longer battery life for business on the road, and the creative flexibility of Windows Ink takes your laptop into the 21st century. With the workspace spilling out of the office and onto the road, Windows 10 Pro ensures you can carry your virtual office anywhere, especially with Windows Ink bringing the pen and paper to a new era of digital ease. Capture ideas, share sketches, and encourage active collaborations with game changing technology.

When it comes to security, the Pro version brings even more benefits, along with all the features of the Home edition, it comes with remote lockdown, lifetime protection built in, and so much more, so you can sleep soundly at night.

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What is the Best Budget Windows 10 Laptop?

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is one of the best budget laptops with Windows 10. With starting costs at 399 GBP you couldn’t invest in a better laptop for less. Offering more for less, this 14” machine has plenty of power with its 10th Gen Intel Core Processor, optional discrete graphics, 4GB memory and 128GB solid state drive storage. All the things you should be looking for when picking the best budget laptop, the IdeaPad 3 brings to the table. While you may think a cheap laptop means you need to have a noisy machine that overheats, lacks storage, and has a low-key battery life, the IdeaPad 3 puts all those myths to bed.

Sleek bezels mean that the IdeaPad 3 brings a clean and lightweight design to the table, which is exactly what you want when opting to use your PC as a Windows 2 in 1 laptop. This makes it a great choice for those looking for an all-rounder that kick starts your workday, sees you through your lunchtime meetings, and invites you to end the evening watching your favourite shows or indulging in a gaming wind-down session.

You can pick your mood when it comes to the IdeaPad 3. Max mode ensures that the machine works to the fullest of its ability as your CPU swoops in and takes charge. For those times when you want a lazy midnight browse, stealth mode keeps the laptop calm and quiet so you can surf all night without making a sound.

This is a laptop series that brings together business and entertainment without compromising on the high-performance of either. For a great price, a more than capable operating system, a sleek exterior, and plenty of stylish and modern features, the IdeaPad 3 is one of the best all-round decisions you can make.