Lenovo Sustainability

In-house Operations

Our Approach

At Lenovo, we see the safety and well-being of our workforce as integral to our long-term success. What helps us in this area is that, unlike other major technology companies, we conduct over 60% of our manufacturing in our own factories. This model enables us to better control our sustainability footprint, while bringing innovation to market more efficiently.

Our strategy, including performance and engagement programs, for ensuring a safe, healthy workplace is detailed below.

Our In-house Operations at a Glance

Whether it’s a manufacturing facility or an office, a safe, healthy workplace is a must at Lenovo. It’s one of the cornerstones to our success story and is made possible because:


Over 60% of our manufacturing takes place in our own factories


Our recordable incident rate* was 0,09% for 2017

35 hours

Full and part-time manufacturing and R&D site employees received a minimum of 35 hours of health and safety training in 2017


100% of or our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified

* Recordable Incident Rate describes the number employees per 100 full-time employees that have been involved in a recordable injury or illness

Manufacturing at Lenovo

All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) certified. These standards form the foundation for the systems Lenovo uses to drive improvements at each Lenovo manufacturing facility to ensure a safe, health working environment for everyone. They cover many areas including:

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Health and Safety Performance
Communication and Employee Engagement
Employee Wellness Programs


Keeping our employees safe is everyone’s job.

Our corporate policy — Responsibility for Employee Health and Safety — is the foundation for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all of our people worldwide. Each employee and contractor is expected to follow the policy and report any health or safety concerns to management.

Lenovo’s proven Occupational Safety and Health Management System ensures detailed planning, hazard prevention, established controls, monitoring, and a commitment to continual improvement. All our global manufacturing locations are OHSAS 18001 certified by Bureau Veritas a leading independent certification body. In addition, all our China manufacturing locations have been certified to the nation’s Work Safety Standardization regulation.

Health and Safety Performance

Each year, Lenovo’s incident rates are amongst the lowest in the industry.

A key to our success has been standardizing the company’s occupational health and safety (OHS) organization and ongoing training. This action has effectively resulted in a significant improvement of OHS performance and manufacturing operational excellence.

Internal audits were also effectively implemented to identify opportunities and risks that could impact business activities from a safety, environmental and social responsibility perspective. These audits support Lenovo's third party certification to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and confirm compliance to other applicable requirements.

After each audit, our leadership is engaged at each site to develop and implement action plans to address audit findings. In addition, the RBA “Code of Conduct” has been implemented across our global manufacturing locations. We continue to perform rigorous occupational, health and safety self-assessments at all global manufacturing locations to validate and maintain a high level of compliance with regulatory and external management system requirements, and have begun annual external verification of our RBA compliance status.

Communication and Employee Engagement

Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) begins with training. We ensure all our employees receive health and safety training plus detailed, site-specific safety information.

All manufacturing personnel engage in an annual safety awareness training that is compliant with local governmental regulations. At our field locations, employees receive health and safety tips, information on emergency response, detailed work safety requirements, hazards/risks and corresponding precautionary measures. We welcome our contractors and partners to participate in field location training programs.

We have Safety Committees, where employees can meet regularly and discuss a range of health and safety topics. We also routinely conduct employee engagement campaigns, such as Safety Awareness Month and a Safety Suggestion Program, as well as other health, safety and wellbeing events.

Employee Wellness

Our most important asset is our employees. To promote disease prevention and wellness matters, we make information and health resources easily available to employees. A few examples include medical screenings; immunization clinics; eye, ear and dental examinations; healthy diet and nutrition recommendations; and exercise and anti-smoking programs.

In addition, our Business Continuity Plans support comprehensive procedures to limit the potential impact of emerging health or safety-related epidemics.

Recognition and Awards

Our performance and commitment to Occupational Health & Safety is widely recognized at our field locations. In 2017/18, we received the following accolades

  • Lenovo Brazil, received the “Safety Protection Magazine Award” in July 2017 and was a feature story in the publication.
  • Lenovo Chengdu, China received the “Occupational Health Demonstration Enterprise Award” in December 2017 from the local government.
  • Lenovo Shanghai, China received the “Pudong District Safety and Health Cup Excellence Award” in December 2017 from the local government.
  • Lenovo Shenzhen, China received the “Occupational Health Demonstration Enterprise Award” in December 2017 from the local government.
  • Lenovo Wuhan, China received the “Top Ten Safety Enterprise Award” in December 2017 from the local government.
  • Lenovo Morrisville Headquarters, N.C., received for the 13th consecutive year the “Gold Award” from the North Carolina Department of Labor in June 2018 for low incident rates reported in 2017.
  • Lenovo United States Fulfillment Center (USFC) in Whitsett, N.C., received in April 2018 the “Outstanding Health and Safety Gold Award” from the North Carolina Department of Labor for completing ten consecutive years of low incident rates reported.
  • Lenovo Morrisville Development Drive, N.C., received for the fourth consecutive year the “Gold Award” from the North Carolina Department of Labor in June 2018 for low incident rates reported in 2017.