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Telco and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) | Solutions

Welcome to the Lenovo business unit serving Communications Service Providers

Charles Ferland, VP and General Manager of CoSP solutions introduces the value proposition of Lenovo for Communications Service Providers, and invites you to explore our solutions.

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Digital transformation at the network Edge

The network Edge is the new frontier for Communications Service Providers (CoSPs). Lenovo delivers NFV/MEC and partner solutions that solve challenges and enable new CoSP revenue. We got you covered for far Edge, near Edge, Central office and Smart solutions.

Build your NFV infrastructure on the #1 server foundation

Lenovo is well known for delivering servers to industry with the #1 uptime ratings across the industry.

Intel® Select Solutions

Intel® Select Solutions for NFVi and CoSP use cases are workload-optimized infrastructure solutions that simplify and accelerate a service provider’s selection and deployment of the hardware and software needed to support 4G, 5G and IoT. Solutions are optimized for packet processing, encryption and compression-based NFV workloads.

Constant optimization

We actively participate in worldwide interoperability events to test with best in class VIM platform suppliers such as Red Hat and VMware. We work with ISVs such as A10 Networks, Fortinet, Atrinet, NFWare, Redhat, VMWare, Wind Driver, and WIZR to optimize solutions for network-ready deployments. We integrate, test and fine-tune solutions to deliver exceptional performance, and faster time to market.


Centralized management

Centralized management

Lenovo's solutions support Edge, IoT and MEC. With support for VMs, containers and bare metal, LOC Automation manages the unique requirements of Edge networks with centralized automation and orchestration.


Scale and manage your Edge network from a single pane of glass at the most efficient and centralized location with skilled resources.
High ROI

High ROI

Trust a solution that has been deployed and proven to provide the benefits of rapid Time-to-Value, OPEX savings and high ROI.

Links to your network Edge success

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation leads to the success of your network from cloud to Edge. Learn about LOC Automation, customer benefits, and how it is integrated with Lenovo and Partner solutions.


Cloud to Edge automation

Virtualization and cloud migration can be challenging. It requires a deep learning curve filled with error prone manual processes. Lenovo Open Cloud Automation accelerates deployment and manages the lifecycle of Communications Service Provider cloud to Edge infrastructure through a single pane of glass.
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Customize your cloud

Customize your cloud deployment with LOC Automation. Select the components you need and set in place tools to plan, deploy and maintain your cloud.

  • Plan - Develop deployment blueprints and automation to address under-optimized operational siloes.
  • Automate - Set up fully automated & operational cloud ready infrastructure in just hours instead of weeks. Avoid human errors and manage end-to-end lifecycle across multiple open and proprietary ecosystems.
  • Maintain - Easily activate tenant workloads in minutes. Scale across multiple platforms and users, while keeping up with latest software via automated updates.

Choose your path to cloud with LOC Automation

End-to-end lifecycle management and automation with the innovative Lenovo Open Cloud Automation improves ROI of your cloud implementation. Even the Edge network can be built, managed and updated by your cloud experts remotely through a single pane of glass.
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Our leading servers are an integral part of our NFV solutions.

Intel Xeon Platinum

ThinkSystem servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Visit us on Intel’s Network Builder site to explore more how Lenovo is cooperating with Intel to optimize solutions for Communications Service Providers.

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