Our most flexible desktop towers, with bigger power supplies, PCI and PCIe slots, internal and external drive bays and the broadest range of processor, display, memory, network and storage options.

  1. 17% smaller than the previous generation, yet the M800 SFF doesn’t compromise on performance. Geared toward large enterprise, this small form factor desktop is heavy on reliability with a 27-month stability platform. Plus it includes enhanced security, extra reliability features, energy-saving certifications, & the option to include the ThinkCentre Dust Shield, which reduces dust intake by 42%, thereby decreasing maintenance & extending system life.
  2. The M700 Tower is a productivity-boosting desktop for any enterprise. Featuring processors with improved performance over previous generations, a sleek new look, reduced dust intake with optional dust shield, certified energy efficiency, and an integrated handle, the M700 is ready to deploy.
  3. The M900 SFF is 11% smaller than it's predecessor. But it still boasts all the power, ergonomic appeal, and scalability that your enterprise demands.
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