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Professional-Grade VR Systems

Professional-Grade VR Systems

VIVE Pro Eye Office is Ideal for a wide range of environments and applications, such as training, design, construction, and more. Featuring the latest in eye-tracking technology, the VIVE Pro Eye Office enables you to see what your users see and create more natural, immersive experiences.

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Refined Inside-out Tracking

Refined Inside-out Tracking

VIVE Cosmos is PC-VR primed for the present and the future. Get the most impressive VIVE visual resolution yet. Dive into virtual reality with simplified setup and inside-out tracking. Tailor your experiences with forward-thinking mods.

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Elite Performance for Gamers

Elite Performance for Gamers

VIVE Cosmos Elite features SteamVR™️ Tracking, which enables 360-degree, sub-millimeter accuracy. Go easily between reality and virtual reality with a flip-up halo design. VIVE Cosmos Elite also features maximum fidelity and an ergonomic fit, ideal for extended use.

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Upgrade your VIVE Headset

Upgrade your VIVE Headset

VIVE Cosmos Elite comes in a headset only option for those looking to upgrade their original VIVE system. The headset is compatible with SteamVR™️ Tracking 1.0 or 2.0 required base stations and VIVE Controllers (sold separately).

Learn More

Vive Pro Eye Office

  • PRECISION EYE TRACKING - Consistent, accurate eye movement tracking and analysis for creative and commercial purposes.
  • USER ANALYTICS - Uncover actionable insights about your users experience in VR using heatmapping, gaze tracking, and other interactions.
  • FOVEATED RENDERING - Optimize graphic fidelity in the user's line of sight reducing rendering workloads on GPUs.


Vive Cosmos

  • 6 TRACKING CAMERAS - Get expansive movement coverage with a wide tracking field-of-view.
  • SUPERIOR VISUAL FIDELITY - 2880 x 1700 combined-resolution, 90Hz refresh rate & adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) dial for visual comfort and quality.
  • CONVENIENT FLIP-UP DESIGN - Snap back to reality with a simple push of your display and headphones.


VIVE Cosmos Elite

  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR GRAPHICS - see the virtual world through a 2880 x 1700 combined Pixel resolution. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between Pixels, minimizing the screen-door effect.
  • FLIP-UP DESIGN - go easily between reality and virtual reality with the flip-up design, without disrupting your VR journey.
  • SteamVR™ TRACKING - Base Station 1.0 provides up to 160 sq. Feet of play space for those that demand the best in VR gaming.


HTC VR Headsets at Lenovo.com

  About HTC

HTC strives to bring brilliance to your life by their leading innovative technology in not only mobile phones but also in virtual reality.

The company aspires to provide you with best-in-class design and game-changing experiences. At HTC, pursuing brilliance in order to create great-looking hardware of prime quality is what they strive for. The manufacturer's products are used all around the globe to connect consumers and their ambition to achieve their objectives.

HTC factories are among the leading high-tech developers globally. In addition, they work for a friendly ecosystem and have earned themselves a reputation as a company that has set gold standards of energy efficiency through their products.

HTC creates widely popular Virtual Reality Headgear equipment that allows you to immerse yourself in your videos and games in top-class graphics.


     HTC VIVE VR Headsets


          About HTC VIVE

The HTC VIVE Series include headgear equipment with fully immersive virtual reality equipment. The series includes headsets as well as controllers that use sensors in each corner of the room to track and map your movements all around the room.

Moreover, this series is more tech advanced with powerful gear that provides high resolution 1440x1600 per eye. It comes with an OLED display, a refresh rate of 90Hz, and a laser tracking system.

     HTC VIVE Products


          VIVE Focus Series

The VIVE Focus Series is an all-in-one solution for the virtual reality world. The Focus Series are instant wireless VR high resolution with 3K screens, Qualcomm Snapdragon processing, and world-scale tracking. For this series no base stations, sensors, or tethered PCs are required.

   Focus 3 & Focus 3+ Series

The HTC Focus 3 & 3+ series bridge the distance with seamless remote connections. Rather it allows you to visualize things from a creative perspective. With one of the top-class graphics and ergonomic comfort designs, transform your way of working.

With remote Collaboration, the 3 Series lets you and your team work across a physical distance as well as multiple locations. With powerful and interactive VR tools engage in a meeting that feels as if you are there yourself. The all-in-one feature goes all out for the graphics quality!

The 3 Series offer a 5K resolution, a wide-field view of up To 120 Degrees, and a refresh rate of 90Hz. Alongside these, the series includes an ultra-wide range of adjustable inter-pupillary distances that provides viewing comfort during its use.

Additionally, the 3 series’ active cooling mechanism together with the thermal-optimized battery maintains your device’s temperature at ideal levels. So you feel comfortable during your sessions. This ultimately results in enhanced performance and longer periods of use.

The series also has an immersive built-in 3D spatial audio system and a directional speaker design. The back, dual speakers deliver you a 3D spatial sound and the directional speaker comes with a sound leakage system to ensure that your conversations stay private.

The 3 series also comes with a patented quick-release button that allows users to go in and out of the VR in mere seconds.

With its versatile design, it offers freedom of usage to any kind of facial shape. Additionally, if you wear spectacles you can still use the VR Focus series over them. Hassle-free wear with no trouble at all!

The design is power efficient and allows almost 2 hours of continuous use and charges up to 50% in only 30 minutes. The battery is swappable and allows easy charging all day. And the personal headset cushions provide better hygiene and a balanced counterweight between the battery and eyepiece. Longer sessions are now more comfortable, especially during training simulations.

    VIVE Pro Series


       Pro Headset Series

The Pro Series provides you with next-level graphics as well as sound. These ergonomics are purposeful and pragmatic that deliver comfortable and smooth immersion.

The HTC Pro Series lets you visualize in 5K clarity with which you see, share and explore ideas in high resolution. The Pro Series’ wide 120 degrees horizontal field of view lets you enjoy gaming like never before. The increased angle of the product better aligns with the human eye and lets you see more comfortably and naturally.

The pro series is fast, and smooth in VR graphics as well as the tech world. It also lets you enjoy exceptional visual fluidity with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Experience the games and graphic applications from the creator's point of view.

    Pro Eye Series

The Pro eyes series are so designed to minimize your eye fatigue. The adjustable interpapillary distance provides optimum viewing comfort. Wear the headset and find your visual sweet spot yourself.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of the pro eye series provides balance as well as comfort. The product is designed with a balanced construction and a comfortable fit for your VR sessions. With an adjustable configuration, the pro series is built for a wide range of head sizes and vision types.

The series also comes with precision eye-tracking and professional-grade sound and graphics. This line is a good option if you require a premium immersive VR experience with high-quality sound as well.

    VIVE Cosmos Series


      Cosmos & Cosmos Elite Series

The HTC VIVE Cosmos and Cosmos Elite Series are a new change in the face of VR. It is the first PC-VR system all around the world that comes with a wide range of VR applications. Additionally, the series offers the highest VIVE visual resolution.

The Cosmos Elite Headset features a convenient flip-up design, visual resolution upgrade, and SteamVR Tracking compatibility. Moreover, it delivers ideal precision for elite VR gamers. The headgear also features a refined inside-out tracking.

With a combination of six camera sensors and the latest power inside-out tracking technology enjoy a rich experience, easy setup, and base station-free VR.

The Cosmos Elite Series features unmatched graphics quality. You get to go through the content with a 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution. This is the highest VIVE visual resolution up to date.

Plus the flip-up design of the headsets lets you switch between reality and your VR in a breeze.

    Why VIVE

HTC VIVE is setting new boundaries in the VR World. With their next-level VR gear, they let you experience a world that offers otherworldly graphics and audio. A voyage to an astounding virtual world! Shop our selection at Lenovo.com. 

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