Welcome to the Lenovo site for Western States Contracting Alliance / National Association for State Procurement Officials

Valid September 2009 — August 2014. Contract #B27168

Please select your state from the map below to determine if a new Participating Addendum (PA) has been executed by your state as a result of the WSCA/NASPO computer equipment procurement contract.

*Notes entity state. Check for entities with signed participating addendums and sales contact information.

For more information on WSCA/NASPO itself, please visit WSCA/NASPO. For questions regarding your state's participation status, please contact Lenovo's WSCA/NASPO Programs Administrator, Melissa Autrey Freeman.

Please note: The Product links at the top of this page link to the lenovo.com public site. To purchase WSCA contract products, please select your state above and link to your WSCA/NASPO state website.