Why Lenovo in the Data Center

Why Lenovo in the Data Center

Why Lenovo in the Data Center

Achieving competitive advantage in the next-generation data center will require even greater optimization and efficiency. Lenovo can help. We leverage a deep heritage of innovation to deliver:

  • Reliable, flexible, and secure data center systems.
  • Open server, storage, networking, and system management platforms that seamlessly integrate with your environment.
  • Record-setting systems performance.
  • Purpose-driven innovation for greatest business value.

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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterQUALITY

    #1 in Customer Satisfaction

    Lenovo engineers know that every detail makes a difference, every efficiency multiplies effectiveness. The result is performance. Lenovo is #1 in customer satisfaction in TBR’s Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study for x86-based Servers (see "Learn More" link to read the report). Our servers meet and exceed the evolving demands enterprises place on them—including hardware quality, reliability, performance, and efficiency—to lower total cost of ownership.

    "We are leveraging the keen pricing and quality hardware from Lenovo to service the growing needs of our enterprise clients"

    Karthick Rejendran—Managing Director, Net Logistics, January 3, 2016
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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterRELIABILITY

    Rated the Most Reliable x86 Servers in the World


    Infrastructure downtime is a problem for IT operations. Unplanned service outages of even a few minutes can quickly disrupt network operations and end-user productivity, driving down operations and revenue.

    Your business and your end-users, customers, business partners, and suppliers all expect uninterrupted access to data resources, regardless of time or location. Downtime is always costly.

    “We knew from experience that System x servers from Lenovo would ensure high performance and reliability combined with the necessary scalability to support our business expansion.”

    Damir Mujić—Founder and CEO, Avalon, March 2015
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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterPERFORMANCE

    Leadership Performance for Competitive Advantage

    Businesses are using IT in new ways to deliver applications faster and mine information for competitive advantage. In this environment especially, time is money. Your mission critical applications in finance, data analysis, online transaction processing, and ERP demand the highest performance to produce deeper insights much faster.

    Lenovo has historically been an industry leader, and that tradition continues. We offer some of the world’s fastest systems to support your mission-critical applications. Lenovo continues to invest in performance leadership in its high-end platforms and will continue to give customers the highest performing, most reliable systems possible.

    “We boosted data warehousing performance while reducing IT costs. We are very confident that as GrECo JLT continues to expand, the easily scalable Lenovo solution will grow with us, helping keep performance high and operational costs low.”

    Gerhard Blümel—Deputy Head of IT Operations and Database Administrator, GrECo JLT, April 2015
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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterSECURITY

    Infrastructure Security Matters

    At Lenovo, we believe that security should be integrated and embedded by default. Improved security protection increases data center reliability and availability while simultaneously protecting you from the enormous cost of a security breach.

    Lenovo employs rigorous business processes, product design, and supply chain controls to ensure our products meet the most stringent customer requirements. We believe we have the most transparent, auditable, and secure supply chain in the server industry.

    “Flex System was a big step up from our previous technology – end-users noticed a boost in performance and responded extremely positively.”

    Tristan Pascoe—General Manager of Professional Services, ABT Online, April 2015
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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterEASE OF INTEGRATION

    Success Depends on Openness and Flexibility

    Openness and industry-standards-based design and deployment are elemental to Lenovo’s data center strategy. We don’t use proprietary interfaces or management tools, making it easy for you to integrate Lenovo servers into your existing environment. Our open products and XClarity management tools work with the infrastructure and leading management consoles you have in place.

    Lenovo also provides industry-leading solutions by leveraging best-of-breed partners. This gives you choice and freedom to deploy the best solution for your needs. You have the freedom to leverage industry expertise and best practices to intelligently tune and manage your IT environment.

    “Flex System was our first choice for delivering high performance within the cloud. The sooner you can get new customers up and running, the faster you – and they – can enjoy the benefits. It is much easier to plug customers in and get them started.”

    Goran Đoreski—CEO, Altus IT, March 2015
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    Ease of Integration

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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterSERVICE & SUPPORT

    Service and Support Through the Full Lifecycle of Your Lenovo Assets

    Lenovo is the reliability leader, but occasionally issues arise. And sometimes you may need help tackling your most complex IT projects. Lenovo provides a full suite of flexible services to help you run a successful IT organization.

    We can also provide professional services to help you deploy complex solutions or enable the latest technologies, ultimately allowing you to realize the value of your IT solution faster.

    “Another key factor in our choice for a Lenovo solution was the expertise of the Lenovo HPC Technical team. Lenovo helped us to integrate the new solution rapidly and smoothly, and the team was fully committed to making our project a success."

    Nicolas Monnier—CIO, CERFACS, October 2015
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    Services & Support

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    Why Lenovo in the Data CenterSUPPLY CHAIN

    Industry Leading Scale and Efficiency for Customer Value

    Lenovo is the only global technology provider that offers mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and data center solutions. Lenovo owns its own server manufacturing facilities around the world, giving us greater control over both product quality and supply chain operations. Our scale and manufacturing efficiency enable us to drive the best quality, supply chain security, and manufacturing costs in the industry, which we pass on to you.

    Gartner ranks Lenovo number 18 worldwide in their Top 25 for Supply Chain, which identifies companies that best demonstrate leadership in applying demand-driven principles to drive business.

    “Lenovo is helping us by maintaining the original pricing model as we expand the cluster—making it easier to encourage new groups to get more ‘bang for their buck’ by investing in Arcus rather than in their own smaller clusters."

    Dr. Andrew Richards—Head of Advanced Research Computing, University of Oxford, August 2015
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    Supply Chain

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