Take back your time, capital, and resources to focus on what you do best

Competitive businesses need to focus on their customers. And Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) helps you do just that. We’ll take care of managing your entire device lifecycle—so your employees can stay dedicated to clients.

Expectations have changed. Stay ahead of the curve.

Your business’ success ties directly into how effectively your employees can do their job. And next-gen workers expect their tech experience to be seamless. Outdated technology kills morale, stifles productivity, and racks up needless costs.

Here’s how Lenovo DaaS can help:

  • Do more with less

    • Free up internal resources
    • Align spend with revenues
    • Free up cash flow
  • Get support wherever, whenever

    • Keep employees connected, supported, productive
    • Avoid costly downtime
    • Resolve security concerns
  • Focus on what you do best

    • Single point of accountability
    • Single contact and invoice
    • Reliable, stable, fully customized solutions
Lenovo product portfolio

Keep it simple. Keep it smart.

Lenovo’s award winning devices have you covered from the cell phone in your pocket to PCs and tablets and the data center that keeps your business going. Lenovo DaaS provides flexible, fully customizable solutions that meet your specific business needs.

  • Step 1

    Best of all: With Lenovo DaaS, the IT buck stops with us.

  • Step 2

    One point
    of contact.

  • Step 3

    One focus of

  • Step 4

    One predictable
    monthly invoice.

Efficiency across the lifecycle

Our flexible approach to services, analytics, support, and other solutions take the burden of lifecycle management off your shoulders. And makes each stage more cost effective and efficient.

Craft a device catalogue that provides the right devices for the right users.

Customize image load, system settings, and more to cut costs and deployment lead time.

Tailor the way your employees receive new devices and get help using them.

Resolve technical issues with the convenience of a single point of contact.

Ensure fleet efficiency with onsite field services, asset management, security, and more.

Dispose of retired devices securely and environmentally responsibly.

Do more with less, count on comprehensive support, and focus on what you do best.

Dig deeper into how Lenovo DaaS can help you save time, reduce costs, and focus on your customers.

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