Microsoft Extends Malware Support - Compliance Issues Remain

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The high cost of keeping windows XP

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On January 15, 2014 Microsoft announced that it would continue to provide anti-malware signature support for Windows® XP past the April 8, 2014 End of Support date. This announcement created a false sense of security which has left organizations more vulnerable than ever.

Download Microsoft Extends Windows XP Malware Support — Compliance Issues Remain, to learn about some of the compliance directives that require up-to-date software as part of their requirements.

You’ll learn more about challenges like:

  • No free monthly security patches
  • No security updates for versions of Internet Explorer that run on Windows XP
  • Patches for Windows 7 and 8 point out vulnerabilities of Windows XP, giving hackers a blueprint for compromising systems
  • XP’s high vulnerability to zero-day attacks
  • Risk of suspension of certifications, and/or public notification of inability to maintain systems and customer information
  • What compliance risks you are incurring, including legal negligence

This white paper also examines specific compliance or legal directives that may impact your organization now that End of Support has passed.

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