White Paper: How to Justify Replacing Desktop PCs with True Workstations

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Get The Right Tool For The Job

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Daily business needs for CAD users to support faster product cycles and increased personal productivity are creating the need for more powerful workstations. The justification for using underpowered PCs has been a perceived cost savings between those devices and the true workstation. However, as new high-performance workstation products such as the Lenovo® ThinkStation® P300 have come to market, the price gap has narrowed. The payback period for a workstation is typically less than one week. The time has come to give CAD professionals the right system for the job.

Why A Workstation?

One of the differences between a CAD workstation, such as the Lenovo ThinkStation P300, and a traditional desktop, is the engineering focus on improved reliability. There is a more robust cooling approach that starts with both airflow and the use of larger fans. The added need for cooling is due to the additional heat generated by optimized graphics cards needed for CAD and modeling software. Even when these cards physically fit in a business desktop PC, they often present cooling problems. Most workstations also have larger power supplies to support the more demanding peripherals and graphics cards used along with specialized drivers and certifications. This adds up to a system designed for professional use.

Professional results require powerful graphics. The game-changing Lenovo ThinkStation P300 series offers the performance and reliability you need on a budget you can afford. The P300 workstations are equipped with high-performance Intel® Xeon® processors and error correcting memory to deliver top quality, professional results at reasonable price point.

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