Benco Dental Answers Customers' Call
for High Quality, Reputable Servers and PCs with Lenovo.

ThinkServer features and cost effectiveness delight customers and sellers.

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Benco Dental is committed to offering dental offices the best products on the market. This case study highlights how Benco Dental increases the productivity of its sales force through its use of Lenovo PCs, as well as achieves a competitive advantage as a reseller of high-quality and reputable products including the ThinkServer TS430 tower server, ThinkStation workstation and ThinkPad laptop.

workstation for dental officeChallenges

From digital X-rays and 3D imaging to office networks that handle everything including patient communication and practice management software, dental professionals increasingly rely on high-tech tools to deliver efficient patient care. In order to differentiate itself from competitors as a provider of the technological backbone for the modern dental office, Benco Dental needed a technology partner with a trusted, recognizable brand and a reputation for quality. In addition, Benco Dental wanted a partner that could provide expert advice on which products are best suited for all of the current and emerging needs in the dental market, including high quality servers that provide a reliable solution for data storage and network operations, and PCs with simple management and processing power necessary to handle the latest in dental technology.

computers in a dental officeSituation

In addition to merchandise from leading manufacturers, Benco Dental offers its private-label Benco Brand products-everything from gloves to hand pieces to LED curing lights-to dental practices who want dental supplies that save money without sacrificing quality or performance. Believing it could take a similar approach with technology, the company experimented with Benco-branded PCs. However, as its PC sales lagged, Benco Dental realized that white-label, generic PCs didn't offer customers the peace-ofmind associated with technology vendors with a well-known reputation for quality and reliability. Benco Dental's relationship with Lenovo began when it tested and purchased Lenovo PCs for internal use, which addressed a parallel objective to find a solution that would help increase the productivity of its sales force. Lenovo was selected due to its brand recognition and the reputation of the Think product line.

"Our customers almost don't believe our sales reps when they describe all the features they'll get with the ThinkServer TS430 - and then tell them the price tag. We have a 'what is good for us is good for our customers' attitude," said Chad Carpenter, tech support manager, Benco Dental. "The first step was to identify a PC solution and brand we felt confident was up to our standards internally, and then we felt comfortable engaging Lenovo to develop a solution set for us to sell to our customers."

In addition to PCs, Benco Dental also needed to identify a server solution to offer customers. Dental offices handle delicate data, including patient information and X-ray images, so a reliable and secure solution for data storage is a top priority. Given the strong relationship, trust and confidence the Benco Dental team was developing with Lenovo around PCs, it was a simple decision to also select Lenovo as a server vendor.

working in a dental officeSolution

Benco Dental sells a suite of Lenovo products to its customers, notably the feature-rich, scalable and highly reliable ThinkServer® TS430 tower server. Designed for small businesses that need high performance that is also highly affordable, the ThinkServer TS430 gives Benco Dental's customers dependable 24x7 operation and the confidence that stored data will be secure. It is an ideal fit for a dental office with few or no IT staff, as it offers easy set-up and is packed with intelligent management tools that provide the ability to remotely control, power on/off, and monitor the server's health.

The TS430 is also highly customizable, making it simple for Benco Dental to show a range of dental offices how the server would meet their specific needs. It features the latest Intel® Xeon E3- 1200 processors, which offer up to 30 percent better performance than previous generations and give dental offices the speed they require. It is whisper-quiet-ideal for deployment in a small office with patients throughout the space. Customers have several options for RAID data protection and redundant power choices, allowing them to tailor the solution to their specific business requirements.

"Our customers almost don't believe our sales reps when they describe all the features they'll get with the ThinkServer TS430-and then tell them the price tag," said Carpenter. "The features that would be add-ons with competitive products are standard with Lenovo, yet the starting price is still very attractive. Our customers have reacted very well."

Benco Dental also sells the ThinkStation S20 workstation, ThinkPad T420 laptop, ThinkPad Edge E520 and E420 laptop, and M Series desktops. Customers are attracted to the ThinkStation's Intel® Xeon processor, which makes it a performance workhorse that's able to keep up with the latest technology in dental offices such as 3D X-rays. Customers also are drawn to the ThinkPad T420's all day battery life, which reaches up to 15 hours with its standard 9 cell battery or up to 30 hours with the addition of the optional 9-cell slice battery.

Internally, the Benco Dental sales force uses the ThinkPad T420, T420s and X220 laptops, giving them the mobility and ruggedness they need while on the road meeting with customers.

Business Results

With Lenovo products in its technology portfolio, Benco Dental's customers have the benefit of a one-stop shop for high-quality server and PC products that minimize downtime and maximize productivity. In turn, what's good for the customer has proven to be good for Benco Dental.

"Our sales have increased 13.32 percent since partnering with Lenovo," said Carpenter. "It is clear to us that selling a brand that is well-known in our industry for delivering quality products is returning results for our team."

Benco Dental also is experiencing a significant return on investment through its internal use of Lenovo laptops. The sales force puts their laptops through a physical gauntlet as they live the road warrior lifestyle, which can include everything from forgetting their laptop on the back of the car to spilling coffee on the keyboard. However, the intelligent engineering and highly durable designs of the Lenovo PCs have withstood the abuse far better than Benco Dental's previous PCs. Since switching to Lenovo, Benco Dental has dramatically reduced its costs related to broken displays and keyboards, which also improves productivity due to a decreased need to set up loaner laptops to replace disabled devices.

"And when tech help is needed, the warranty repairs are much better – Lenovo covers things that other companies don't," said Carpenter.

Lenovo products aren't just about processing power and reliability, though; both Benco Dental employees and customers compliment the look and feel of the Lenovo products.

"It's a product we feel proud to carry and sell," said Carpenter. "Our employees have commented on Lenovo's 'For Those Who DO' commercials and think the campaign fits the audience of our customers well. It makes it easier to sell products that we believe in."