Wild Immersion

Endorsed by Jane Goodall, is the world’s first virtual reserve

Why Wild Immersion?

We are using cutting-edge technologies to create immersive footages that depict wildlife in its natural habitat. Thanks to the wonder and empathy sparked by our productions, and an ethical and educational approach, our mission is to raise public awareness about nature conservation challenges.


Eye in the eye with wild animals, you will be teleported into nature and will discover, over 160 minutes of pure wildlife, the beauty of our nature.

Learn more about how we are visiting schools to educate children about wildlife conservation. Protecting nature starts by making sure that the future generations care for it.

Wild Immersion
Our Productions

Our productions feature the world’s most amazing animal species filmed at 360° in their environment. Spectators are fully immerged into a close-up encounter with wildlife through virtual reality headsets available in dedicated venues.

From frozen lands to oceans and savannahs, our VR movies catalog covers 140 animal species from 40 countries.

Wild Immersion
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