Mechdyne TGX

Connecting the enterprise with like local remote performance

What is TGX?

Mechdyne designed TGX for the power users with large databases and graphically intense applications. Typical users are scientists, engineers, designers, visual effects, and creatives. TGX brings image quality, high resolution, accurate color fidelity and responsiveness to the forefront.

Like-local performance, even at 4K resolution, for individual and collaborative experiences. With a standard internet connection, TGX is compatible with PC, Mac, or Linux and works with multi-monitor displays.

How does it work?

TGX works for individuals but can have multiple collaborators join the session. This enables highly detailed designs and data to be shared and discussed within dispersed, multi-disciplinary teams who likely have different computing and display platforms in their local location. Full resolution and windowing views allow for highly detailed data to be reviewed at different levels of detail.

Keeping your data secure

Sensitive data and licensed software, like CAD and design applications, remain secure on office workstations or centralized servers, including cloud-based services. Only a representation of the data displays at the remote location. TLS encryption is used to secure network traffic.

Work can continue in real-time. TGX uses 30 – 50% less bandwidth than typical remote desktop solutions, even at 4K resolutions. Mouse and keyboard responsiveness is like-local which is critical for demanding applications. Graphics and data can be manipulated and edited as if they are on a local workstation.

Start using TGX today