Lenovo Security Console

Cyber Security for Your Business

Total protection for your network and devices


Stop hackers from using stolen passwords to access company data.


Prevent employees from introducing malware to your cloud applications.


Confirm compliance and avoid regulatory problems. 

All the cloud security elements, combined in one, convenient dashboard. Monitor your cloud applications for data leaks, cyber-threats and regulatory violations that could put your business at risk.

Don't become a casualty

43% of cyber attacks target small business, and nearly 60% of small businesses that are breached go out of business. Protect your business with Lenovo Security Console.

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Protect your network

Big or small, your business is a valuable target for attackers. Get protected with an all-in-one cloud platform that secures your data and your users. If your business is using Office 365, G-Suite, Dropbox or other cloud applications, you need Lenovo Security Console to monitor your network for data leaks, cyber-threats and regulatory violations that put your  data and your business at risk. 

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24-7 security monitoring of your business
  • Email security - Protect your email from malware & ransomware. Prevent sensitive information leakage (DLP)
  • End point security - Prevent data leakage and credentials theft from unsecured or non-updated PC/Mobile devices.
  • SaaS applications security - Protect your Office365, G-Suite, Dropbox and other services from malware/ransomware, data loss (DLP) and abnormal user activities.
  • Easy management from one, simple-to-use dashboard
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Secure your business in 3 simple steps
  1. Log in to Lenovo Security Console
  2. Enter/import employee emails
  3. Use our wizard to connect your SaaS titles (e.g. Office365, G-Suite, Dropbox)                    
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Start using Lenovo Security Console now.