The world’s first career discovery and search experience in VR, with robust analytics and data to enhance careers guidance programmes in schools around the world!


The only careers exploration experience to harness the power of immersion, and engagement through a personalised journey in VR, connecting young people with their future career opportunities and pathway of study and recording the data in our analytics engine

  • Included as part of the Lenovo VR Classroom 2 solution
  • Immersive content pre-installed to support careers guidance and career readiness
  • Delivers motivated students & a deeper more meaningful experience through greater engagement
  • A journey of discovery resulting in aligning student with future career
Victar VR
The VICTAR VR Journey

The VICTAR VR journey includes presenting students with their spirit animal based on their personality, sectors of work that are suited to their profile, and ultimately their future career alongside Live LMI data, and further pathways of study linking directly with those providers.

  • Engages students to get on the right track
  • Maps a clear pathway to reach their goals
  • Reinforces the journey for career readiness
  • Supports student decision making & self-discovery
  • Provides a personal exploratory journey with no influencing factors
The VICTAR VR Journey analytics is the gateway for schools to access the analytics and data from the VICTAR VR experience and continue the students career exploration journey. The data is accessed via an analytics dashboard that syncs the VR journey and imports the student data for the schools to view, report and track.

  • Aligns with programs of study
  • Predicts future career content required
  • Provides a platform for student development
  • Measures career readiness
  • Presents LMI data, courses and careers
  • Visibility to pathways/areas of study and interests
  • Engages students with Video content in specific sectors
  • Available to purchase as an analytics bundle for VICTAR VR analytics for Home Learning can also be accessed by students and schools as a home/distance learning platform to support careers guidance and exploration remotely. Schools can communicate directly with their students through to set further tasks and track their progress.

  • Accessible via app and website to deliver 2D version
  • Analytics synced directly with school dashboard
  • Student/Teacher communication via tasks and to do lists
  • Engage with family members and peers
  • Set homework and exploratory tasks
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