Absolute for Lenovo

Helping to secure your devices, data and apps.

Why Absolute?

Absolute provides patented Persistence® technology that’s embedded in the firmware of Lenovo Think-branded devices so that IT and security professionals have an unbreakable link and unprecedented control right out of the box.

Absolute is a cloud-based SaaS solution that maintains a constant device connection providing visibility to all your Lenovo devices and the ability to remediate threats.

And Absolute holds the industry distinction as the only endpoint security platform that provides an undeletable digital tether to your devices, data, and business applications — for complete visibility and control, wherever they are.

Health Status

Enjoy complete visibility across all Lenovo devices and the ability to pinpoint exposures, track missing devices and prioritize actions with an unbreakable tether on every endpoint, all the time. 

  • Identifies disabled security controls, sensitive data at risk, and user activity or negligence
  • Validates data protection continuously and eliminates compliance failures
  • Reaches deep into every device, discovering sensitive data at risk, and flags endpoints moving toward compliance failure
  • Enables hardened resilience to avoid devastating data breaches and maintain continuity
  • Self-healing technology protects security applications from lapsing or faltering
Health Status

Have peace of mind that you know where your devices are, at all times, on or off your network with 24/7 persistence-based visibility. Know for certain if your endpoints are in compliance with usage policies. No other security solution is built directly into the BIOS of devices to give IT organizations the power to enforce asset management, endpoint security, and data compliance from anywhere.

  • Lenovo-exclusive capabilities with Remote Supervisor Password (RSVP)
  • Administrators can remotely reach Lenovo devices to create, update, or remove supervisor passwords, thereby reducing the risk of firmware compromise

Empowered Lenovo asset management with capabilities to prompt employee behavior with device messaging and remediate non-compliant devices with freeze and data delete. Use cases include employees leaving an organization; contractors and leave of absence employees.

  • Works in conjunctions with Lenovo-exclusive capabilities such as Lenovo Patch, which simplifies Lenovo BIOS, driver and third-party application updates via SCCM
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