Environmentally Responsible, High-Quality Products

Product environmental leadership is a fundamental component of Lenovo’s environmental policy. This policy requires each of our product groups to develop, manufacture, and market products that are energy efficient and minimize their impact on the environment. Lenovo is an industry leader with respect to energy efficient products, the use of environmentally preferred materials and green product packaging.

Long product life contributes to reduced environmental impact. Lenovo designs its products to maximize their lifespan and offers three-year standard warranties and five years of replacement part availability on many of our top-selling commercial products. Three-year warranties are offered as the base warranty on many top selling Think-branded products, including all commercial monitors, T-series notebooks, and M-series desktops. In addition, customers can purchase warranty upgrades to extend the base warranty by one or two years for many products. Base warranties for Lenovo consumer (Idea) products vary by product type and geography, but typically start at 1-2 years for the base warranty with the option to purchase an extended warranty. For more details on Lenovo’s warranties, please click here.

To learn more about the Lenovo ThinkPad's Design For Environment initiatives, please read Lenovo's white paper on this topic.

Quality and Safety

Lenovo’s global Quality Management System, which has earned ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification, ensures the continual delivery of design improvements into Lenovo’s current and future products. Lenovo strongly embraces the ISO 9001 commitment to an effective quality management system, and is dedicated to exceeding industry standards for product quality and reliability.

Lenovo leaders are responsible for establishing objectives and using measurements to drive continual improvement in quality and customer satisfaction. All Lenovo employees are expected to contribute toward attaining these objectives as an integral part of our quality management system. Please click here to view Lenovo’s Corporate Quality Policy.

Lenovo is committed to ensuring its products are safe throughout their entire life cycle, from manufacturing, transportation and installation to use, service and disposal. Corporate strategies, policies and guidelines have been designed to support Lenovo’s commitment to product safety.

Lenovo strives to ensure that our products meet all applicable legal requirements as well as voluntary safety and ergonomics practices to which Lenovo subscribes, wherever our products are sold. Click here for additional information on product safety, and click here to view Lenovo’s Policy on Product Safety and Ergonomics.

Product Environmental Attributes

Lenovo publicly reports on the environmental attributes of a given product through a TED, or The ECO Declaration. The ECO Declaration sheet covers material use, energy efficiency, acoustics, packaging, disassembly, and recycling, and has been developed in accordance with international standards. A TED is available for each Lenovo product, click here to access them.

Lenovo Product Carbon Footprint Information Sheets

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Information sheet provides the carbon footprint of Lenovo’s products generated using the streamlined Product Attribute to Impact Algorithm life cycle analysis which includes manufacturing, transportation, use and end of life.

Some existing products and all new products (including notebooks, desktops, monitors, All-in-Ones and tablets) released after July 2015 have product carbon footprint calculated. Click the following link to access the Lenovo Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Information Sheets located alongside the ECO Declaration Sheets for each product.

Product Water Footprint

Lenovo recognizes the importance of water use in our own operations and our supply chain. In addition to the metrics we collect on water used in Lenovo’s operations described above, we are also looking at the water impact of our products as part of a new project on product water impact measurement being driving by Lenovo’s desktop development team. Click here for more details on this project.


Lenovo products comply with the laws and regulations of each country to which we ship. Our devices are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, ergonomics and other regulatory requirements when used for their intended purpose. For more information on compliance, click here.


Lenovo offers end-of-life recycling and management programs for both business and consumer customers. Being a global company, Lenovo offers programs in many countries around the world. Specific offerings are tailed to your geographic location and business need. Free product recycling is offered to consumers in some locations. Please visit our recycling program page for additional recycling information.


Lenovo’s innovative designs help extend the useful life of every aspect of our products, including our batteries. Notable aspects include:

  • Increased usage of lithium polymer cells. When used in notebooks and tablets with embedded batteries, these cells typically provide longer life cycles than lithium ion cylindrical cells.
  • Three-year warranty. Some ThinkPad models have batteries designed to last 2-3 times as long as a standard battery and come with a three-year warranty. The longer lifespan is made possible through carefully selected cells and charge algorithms.
  • Dual mode charging algorithms. These technologies adjust charge voltage and current over time to prolong the battery’s lifespan.
  • Field updateable battery firmware. Customers can download a firmware update utility which allows them to apply firmware fixes to batteries in service, eliminating the need to replace batteries due to firmware problems. This program allows customers to apply fixes quickly and at no cost, even on batteries no longer under warranty.
  • Optimized battery storage modes. Optimized battery storage allows the power management application in ThinkPads and IdeaPads to detect if a user is operating on AC power and rarely uses the battery. If such a situation is detected, the application discharges the battery to optimal levels to extend the battery lifespan.

For more information regarding Lenovo computer batteries, click here.

ECO Labels

UL Environment's Sustainable Products Certification - In early 2011, Lenovo became the first computer manufacturer to obtain UL Environment's Sustainable Products Certification to the "Gold" level for the IEEE 1680.1 standard. As part of this certification, products undergo rigorous in-house testing at Underwriters Laboratories to the IEEE 1680.1 standard, including criteria such as energy efficiency, design for recycling and materials usage. Since obtaining this industry first, Lenovo has gone on to certify with ULE several additional models of ThinkPads as well as Lenovo's full lineup of ThinkVision monitors. Click here to access UL Environment’s main website and click here to learn more about the UL ECOLOGO Certification.

EPEAT Registered Products - EPEAT is a tool to help PC buyers evaluate desktops, laptops and monitors based on their environmental attributes. All EPEAT-registered products must meet 23 mandatory environmental performance criteria. An additional 28 optional criteria are used to determine whether products earn EPEAT Bronze, Silver, or Gold recognition. Lenovo offers numerous EPEAT Gold-rated products in many countries around the world. To get a complete list of Lenovo’s EPEAT certified products, visit EPEAT’s registry search tool. See EPEAT’s main website by clicking here.

GREENGUARD - The GREENGUARD Certification Program (formerly known as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, thereby contributing to the creation of healthier interiors. Achieving GREENGUARD Certification gives credence to manufacturers’ sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organization. Click here to view Lenovo desktops, notebooks, workstations and monitors that are GREENGUARD certified.

TCO Certification - TCO Certification ensures that products come with an ergonomic design, deliver high performance, are low on energy consumption and meet tough environmental requirements around recycling and hazardous material use. Lenovo has many TCO- and TCO Edge-certified displays, all-in-ones, desktops, and notebooks. For a list, visit the TCO search page.

TCO Edge Certification - In October 2009, Lenovo launched the ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor, the first PC monitor to be TCO Edge Certified. The chassis of the L2251x Wide uses 65% post-consumer recycled plastics with an additional 20% post-industrial recycled content and no virgin plastics in the chassis.

TÜV Rheinland Green Product Mark - TÜV Rheinland’s Green Product Mark is a voluntary sustainability mark for consumer products that gives end consumers and buyers guidance in identifying green and sustainable products in the market place. The Green Product Mark, along with related certification requirements, aims to minimize the impact of consumer products on the environment. Lenovo’s ThinkCenter Desktop, All-In-One and ThinkVision Monitors have been awarded the Green Product Mark, providing tangible evidence of Lenovo’s commitment to limiting the environmental impacts of its products and promoting sustainability. For details on TÜV Rheinland’s Green Product Mark, please click here.