Climate and Energy Policy

Lenovo Climate and Energy Policy

Original approval date: August 06, 2010
Revision effective date: April 15, 2020

Lenovo recognizes that climate change is a serious threat and believes that we should do our part to reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Lenovo acknowledges and accepts the findings of current climate science that indicates a human contribution to climate change. We support the consensus conclusions of the scientific community described in the latest Assessment Reports from the Intergovernmental panel on climate change. The company accepts the call to action which arises from these conclusions.

Lenovo is committed in reducing our global carbon footprint by meeting our targets for absolute reductions of GHG emissions from our operations and by driving similar reductions in Lenovo’s supply chain and product usage. This is achieved through the implementation of a comprehensive climate change strategy which is consistent with the findings of climate change science and supports the goals of maintaining global economic security and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Energy management, and its link between climate and operational costs, are a priority for Lenovo and a key component of Lenovo’s climate and energy policy. In summary, this policy addresses the following topics:


  • Meet legal and specifically the Lenovo Energy Management System1 requirements supporting energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption for Lenovo activities, products and services.

Reduction of Energy Consumption

  • Install efficient low or no-carbon energy technologies in new facilities and operations.
  • Install renewable energy generation capabilities where technically and economically feasible.
  • Ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to meet energy objectives.
  • Implement action plans, as appropriate, to minimize impacts of Lenovo business activities on energy resources for sites within our Energy Management System.1


  • Support the procurement of energy efficient devices, equipment and services that impact Lenovo’s energy usage, specifically focusing on sites within our Energy Management System.1

Continual Improvement

  • Establish energy objectives and targets that drive improvements in energy performance and continually improve Lenovo's Energy Management System.1
  • Strive to continually improve the energy efficiency of our existing processes and operations.
  • Support an increase in the percentage of energy generated from renewable sources globally.
  • Provide appropriate resources to fulfil these objectives.

Lenovo policies and guidelines support this commitment which enhances our overall corporate energy performance. Organizations herein must adopt these intentions and implement them in business operations. Employees and contractors must follow this policy and report any energy management concerns to Lenovo’s management who must take prompt action.

Note 1: Applicable only for sites certified under ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System

Yuanqing Yang, Chief Executive Officer