We believe that smarter technology can solve problems, create opportunities and transform the way we all live, learn, work and heal.

Smarter Technology for All

It seems like there’s a smart version of everything now: smart forks, smart piggy banks, smart diapers. Smart is good. It’s fun. Sometimes it’s cute. Smarter, though--smarter is where it all comes together. Smarter uplifts and connects. Smarter explodes convention and upends cliché. Smarter is technology with a purpose. It’s a racetrack where sensor-equipped motorcycles transmit data faster than their wheels spin. It’s a 3D-printed bridge on a medieval canal. It’s a virtual field trip to Mars for inner-city middle schoolers. 

At Lenovo, we want to build smarter things that make your life better, your work more productive and your impact in the world greater.

Smarter is naturally collaborative -- and more can certainly be accomplished together than alone. In the hands of some of the world’s most innovative engineers, universities and even motorcycle racers, our technology is helping to tackle global challenges -- big and small -- that affect the way we live, learn, work and heal. 

Lenovo and our customers have a very important thing in common: We believe in the power of smarter technology to bring about real, meaningful change. Smarter is expansive -- and most importantly, it’s inclusive. Smarter doesn’t know who you are, what you look like or what ignites your passion. It’s a revolution that brings technological innovation to people from all cultures, backgrounds and income levels. 

Our technology solutions can be found in unexpected and surprising places. In the near future, you might traverse a stainless steel footbridge installed along the historic canals of Amsterdam that is unlike its neighbors. As you travel across its 40-foot, undulating pathway, dozens of sensors track the speed of your steps, the quality of the air you breathe and the temperature that hastens your stride. This 3D-printed bridge -- designed and developed by MX3D -- is soon to be installed in the capital of the Netherlands -- and it might just revolutionize the way we design and build our cities, as well as how we learn about the place and people living in them. 

If you’re a researcher at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, the unexpected is what you’re trying to predict. In close collaboration with Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), advanced modeling systems were run on one of the SuperMuc systems to develop highly accurate simulations of extreme weather events in Canada and Europe. The latest installation, called SuperMUC-NG, is built on a cluster of liquid-cooled Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 servers.The models, which are so detailed that only a supercomputer would dare tackle them, have enabled researchers to better understand the impacts of climate change on meteorological patterns. They’re even helping local governments prepare for the potentially devastating weather that most certainly lies ahead.

Speed is the bread and butter of the Ducati MotoGP, which signed Lenovo as its premier technology partner in 2018. Lenovo’s award-winning PCs, tablets and high-performance servers are now fueling the champion racers, and helping to transform the 93-year-old Italian motorcycling legend into a data-driven powerhouse. “The faster the computing power, the faster the motorbikes,” says Stefano Rendina, Ducati Corse IT Manager.

The transformative potential of our smarter technology solutions isn’t always so visible as a modern steel bridge or a massive public transit network. Sometimes, you have to think micro to go macro in your impact on the world. 

TechsoMed is going inside the human body to change the way doctors treat certain cancerous tumors. The company’s BioTrace medical imaging technology gives doctors the ability to see inside the body where once they were, more or less, blind. Using the Lenovo ThinkStation workstation PCs, TechsoMed can run advanced AI algorithms to process data instantly, proving higher resolution and real-time results dramatically improve accuracy and predict damage with minimal latency.

It’s the first procedure of its kind and, upon necessary approvals, will make cancer treatment cheaper, more effective and less taxing on the patient. 

Before innovation comes exploration — and our technology can transport today’s students to incredible heights. With the Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom, young minds around the world can travel to places they’ve never gone before, and may not have an opportunity to visit in the foreseeable future. Safely inside their classrooms, they can soar past the rings of Saturn or lock eyes with a monkey in the Amazon rainforest. When students plug into their VR headsets, they aren’t simply acquiring facts, but also learning how to formulate questions. It’s the answers to these questions that just might lay the groundwork for a smarter world of the future. After all, this generation will carry the torch of innovation forward.

What does all this mean for the future? Smarter for all doesn’t just consider the here and now. It’s about looking ahead and supporting others to open their eyes and their minds to the possibilities before us all. This is why Lenovo creates technological tools for everyone -- from surgeons to schoolchildren -- so that they, too, can pursue their own intelligent transformations which, in turn, transform the world.

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