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A smarter future in store

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This is the moment for retail reinvention! At Lenovo, we’re committed to helping retailers find new ways to build a seamless and connected enterprise, centered around exceptional customer experience.

Retailers know better than most that things change—fast.  


But 2020 and 2021 put even those masters of adaptation to the test. They faced an obstacle course of change forcing them to pivot to an omnichannel model, stay open safely, ramp up delivery, or maybe all three. And consumers liked the greater convenience and options. So, what’s a retailer to do now that shoppers are coming back with new expectations?  


The answer is as simple as it is challenging: bring the best of ecommerce together with what consumers love about being in-store. That means bundling personalized, secure, and safe shopping into a seamless package of online, in-app, curbside, and in-store experiences.  


If that’s not challenge enough, retailers also face a difficult business environment. Costs are pummeling retail from all sides,Source leading some retail segments to see up to 500 basis points of margin pressure.  


Fortunately, there’s a way retailers can adapt to these pressures and still distinguish themselves with customers, all the while holding the line on margin pressure. Smarter technology. 

Purposeful tools for seamless experiences 


Technology has a history of guiding industries through disruptive periods. The same is true of retail, where retailers and their IT teams are joining forces to debut the future of retail—today.  


As a single-source solution provider, Lenovo powers them with Smart Retail Solutions—a full suite of hardware, software, and end-to-end services to help reimagine the in-store experience. 


Lenovo’s device-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions give retailers the strategic advantage of the latest technology through a pay-as-you-go business model. They can scale without upfront capital investments and keep their eye on the bigger picture thanks to 24/7 proactive monitoring, management, and services.  


Tiny, purpose-built edge servers, workstations and desktops let store employees and shoppers get the information they need instantly. Software-defined infrastructure dramatically accelerates time to value and makes day-to-day infrastructure management simple and efficient. 


Happy customers are loyal 


A great customer experience is at the heart of successful retail. In order to meet consumers’ rising expectations, one of Asia’s leading retailers partnered with Lenovo to roll out a multi-platform self-checkout solution in 4000 stores across 11 markets. And because time is money, it was all up and running within 6 months.  


Elsewhere, the merging of digital and physical expectations led one of the world’s largest multinational health and beauty retailers, to seek out Lenovo for a unique self-service solution. This powerful kiosk system combined self-checkout, payment, and customer loyalty features into a premium, ergonomic kiosk design that they rolled out in 27 markets across Europe and Asia.


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Empowering store employees—automatically 


Kiosks aren’t the only development in retail. Automation is on the rise, and it is helping retailers save upwards of 10-15 hours of employee time per week.  


Instead of updating prices on the shelf by hand, store staff can update thousands of shelf labels across multiple locations automatically. And with advanced analytics and security cameras, retailers can get to know customer behaviors better than ever, adapting store operations to match. 


Smarter technology is changing the humble information sign, too. AI-powered digital signage can customize ads to shoppers, provide dynamic product demonstrations, and communicate promotions for better customer experience and conversions. 


At Lenovo, we’re committed to helping retailers find new ways to build a seamless, connected enterprise centered around exceptional customer experience. We make emplacing enterprise-wide solutions simple, with deployment across 180+ markets, remote health monitoring, a field service repair network, and premier support services. 


This is the moment for retail reinvention. With smarter technology on their side, retailers and their IT teams can help shoppers everywhere take that next grocery run to the next level.