Innovative. Inclusive. Sustainable. Smarter.

Lenovo meets the most prestigious global standards for innovation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) excellence in its delivery of smarter services and solutions.

Today, industries are reshaping and reimagining what they make and how they do it.

Virtual healthcare. Remote education. Hybrid work. Personalized shopping.


Technology keeps getting smarter, and at Lenovo we focus on innovating the right way.


As a Fortune 500 Global technology company, we think and act globally to redefine what’s possible—we create smarter technology for all.


Breakthroughs aren’t born in a bubble, and our diverse community of 63,000 employees collaborate to deliver inclusive, environmentally responsible, and reliable solutions to customers and partners in 180 markets.


Every aspect of our business must meet or exceed exacting standards, and we’re proud to be recognized as industry leaders. Our commitment to customers, an agile and adaptable global supply chain, ceaseless innovation, trusted partnerships, and ever-increasing sustainability are award-winning, foundational elements of Lenovo.



86 of the top 100 companies in the Global Fortune 500 trust Lenovo.* We rise to the challenges of our partners to provide custom solutions, from device-as-a-service to enterprise-scale security. Sometimes that means racing to install a university supercomputer during a global pandemic or providing thousands of laptops to hospitalsSource in urgent need. Or our customers knowing that Lenovo will adapt and deliver while still protecting employees.



BCG 50 Most Innovative Companies.Source We developed an entirely new form factor in the world’s first foldable PC and launched the first 5G PC in the same year. And we accelerated the work of visionary animators with a future-proof, liquid-cooled data center. We also combined 5G and AI to maintain ancient city streets, dramatically accelerated manufacturing processes with AI, and took our talents to the racetrack. A recent restructuring focuses our efforts on innovation even further, transforming end-to-end infrastructure and bringing ever-more AI solutions to market.



Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.Source Lenovo recently committed to aggressive science-based targets to safeguard the future of our planet, building on a 92 percent drop in emissions in 2020. We know that’s not enough. So in just five years, 90 percent of our global operations’ electricity will be obtained from renewable sources, and all of our PC products will include post-consumer recycled materials. We are building a path to a brighter, more sustainable future.



Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. No one brings global scale agility to technology solutions quite like Lenovo. This #16 ranking in 2021 highlights our customer-driven transformation, known for embracing the use of 5G, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to optimize the delivery of products and solutions across 180 markets. We combine 30+ manufacturing sites around the world with operational expertise sharpened by the challenges of COVID-19. In fact, we were the industry’s first to resume production during the pandemic while continuing to protect employees globally.

It’s not about the awards—we provide device-to-data center solutions and services that empower our customers, communities, and employees. But hey, a little recognition doesn’t hurt.

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