In today’s competitive marketplace, IT departments must find strategies to keep everything running seamlessly - while delivering higher-value services that have a positive ROI.
    Yet, even With limited resources, forward-thinking enterprises have found a way. How? By eliminating inefficient, time-consuming processes when:
    Yet, even with limited resources, forward-thinking organizations have adopted a game plan to meet both these goals. How? By automating time-consuming processes or outsourcing them to a lower-cost service provider. For instance, when:
    • Deploying and removing equipment
    • Configuring and customizing PCs
    • Transferring data and user settings
    • Securing business-critical data and assets
    • Trouble-shooting and upgrading systems.

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    At Lenovo, we offer a broad portfolio of services that can make your IT operations run smoother - and enhance your bottom line. These include:

    • Warranty & Protection: Keep PCs, tablets, servers, and other devices up/running with flexible support options 
    • Configuration Services: Ensure accurate PC configuration and security from day one 
    • Deployment Services: Systematize and automate labor-intensive, manual IT tasks 
    • Hardware Services: Benefit from hardware-specific expertise and support 
    • Financial Services: Leverage custom lease solutions to preserve cash flow, increase purchasing power, and reduce total cost of ownership.

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    Financial Services

    Obtain the technology you need today without all the risk.
    Whether you’re seeking to replace aging technology or to aid in expansion efforts, leasing offers you a cost-effective alternative to purchasing that can help you compete in today’s market. When leasing, your benefits include:  
    • Preserving your working capital with low fixed payments, rather than large up-front costs, enabling you to reinvest the up-front cost savings back into your business
    • Expanding your purchasing power, buying more with less, and enabling you to acquire the “Total Solution”  you need 
    • Ability to bundle 100% of the solution costs, including hardware, software, and services into a single transaction
    • Protecting against advancing technology, so you can enhance your productivity and reduce unforeseen maintenance & support costs  
    • Adding predictability to budget management, with low fixed payments and flexible pay structures designed to fit your financial objectives.
    Leasing is the simpler, smarter way to manage your technology strategy.
    Lenovo Financial Services offers financing solutions that complement your IT acquisitions and help alleviate the headaches and uncertainties associated with equipment ownership and disposal - so you can focus on utilizing your technology to grow your business. We finance your Total Solution and make it easy for you during the entire IT life cycle: 
    • Transaction approval and documentation process 
    • Life of the transaction 
    • End of lease purchase, renewal, and return process. 
    Lenovo Financial Services can develop a customized leasing solution to meet your specific needs. To learn more, call 1300 557 073.
    Warranty Extension/Upgrade


    Whether it’s a simple coffee spill or a major system failure, the consequences can vary significantly within each organization and within each industry. The key is ensure that the potential fallout from any downtime – including productivity, profit, and reputation – is minimal. 


    With our trained technicians, diagnostic tools, industry-leading partners, and Lenovo Qualified parts, we offer you greater peace of mind by helping to:

    • Increase system uptime and end-user productivity.
    • Minimize unplanned operating & maintenance expenses. 
    • Safeguard your data and meet privacy & data compliance regulations.
    • Control IT budgets better with fixed-term, fixed-cost services. 
    • Deliver consistent service levels, including in-region and local-language support.

    Lenovo Warranty & Protection offers a full range of award-winning, flexible services, including:

    Warranty Services:

    • Depot Service: Covers parts, labor, and delivery to/from a repair center. Learn more
    • Onsite Service: Covers parts, labor, and technician visits. Learn more
    • Warranty Extension: Fixed-term, fixed-cost service - for up to five years (depending on the product). Learn more
    • International Warranty Service: Covers critical warranty repairs when traveling overseas. Learn more
    • Sealed Battery Warranty Service: Covers ThinkPad battery replacements and onsite/depot installation. Learn more
    • Tech Installation Service: Covers onsite installation of replacement parts.  Learn more
    • Premier Support: Advanced level, onshore, technical phone support and a single point of contact.Learn more

    Protection Services:

    • Accidental Damage Protection: Goes beyond standard warranty to cover damage due to unintentional spills, bumps, electrical surges, and other accidents.  Learn more
    • Keep your Drive: In the unlikely event of system failure, you can retain your Lenovo hard drive and business data. Learn more

    Whether you’re a one-person business or a global enterprise, Lenovo can help you get the most out of your PC investment. Click here to learn about our services generally or here to see the services aimed specifically for small & medium-sized businesses. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 1300 557 073.

    Accidental Damage Protection