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Sanjay Kirtikar

Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory

How can we deploy… in all our offices… principles of lower footprint, lower power, higher performance… That's when we reached out to Lenovo to work on some solutions to solve that.

The whiskey industry is built on slow, time-tested tradition.

It’s predicated on time, patience, and incremental change in a digital era where doing things the same old way often means falling behind.

Beam Suntory wanted to stay true to their traditions, while transforming their technology. And just like whiskey-making, it’s a meticulous process.

The goals:

  • Reduce downtime

    (and maintenance)

  • Increase efficiency

    (and production)

  • Raise spirits

    (yeah, we said it)

They needed to replace outdated infrastructure with something more reliable — something more resilient. Something that would allow them to spend less time maintaining, and more time manufacturing.

Sanjay Kirtikar

Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory

It's not about deploying technology, it's about experience. How do my customers experience the interaction with us as a business? How do our employees… collaborate and do what they're expected to do in their day-to-day…

If the aging technology powering their software failed, production would come to a grinding (and expensive) halt.

Like whiskey, data starts as a chaotic collection of disparate ingredients. It needs to be broken down before it can be transformed into something greater. And it requires an experienced hand and proven process to do it right.

Fermentation bubbles

Distillation is everything.

It takes smarter technology and smarter people to turn disconnected data into strong, meaningful insights.


Sanjay Kirtikar

Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory

We have not seen any kind of outage… seen only positive results.

Over time, distillation pays off.

Reduced rackspace from

15u to 3u


cost reduction


reduction in power usage

Sanjay Kirtikar

Director Digital Technologies, Beam Suntory

Partnering… a recipe for success

Transformation doesn't have to compromise tradition.

It doesn't mean losing your soul or dollars, either.

Now, thanks to Lenovo, Beam Suntory has true ownership of their technology, less risk of downtime, and most importantly lots, and lots of whiskey.

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