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MyLenovo Rewards is Lenovo's first-ever free consumer loyalty program that gets you early access on sales, first dibs on new products, and rewards back for future purchases.

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Businesses save up to an extra 5%, every day. Join for free to earn more savings, unlock 1:1 support, and simplify your IT.

What's the difference between MyLenovo Rewards and LenovoPRO?

The MyLenovo Rewards and LenovoPRO programs are both free to join and offer incentives for shopping. When deciding which to use, we've made it easy to compare the advantages of each.

I want to MyLenovo Rewards LenovoPRO
Join for free!
Earn rewards towards future purchases.
Unlock Lenovo's best business pricing & save up to an extra 5% off Think.
I´m buying for MyLenovo Rewards LenovoPRO
My family or friends
My business
My employer or co-workers
My yearly tech budget is MyLenovo Rewards LenovoPRO
Up to $2K
$10K and up
I'd also like to get MyLenovo Rewards LenovoPRO
Extra birthday points
Referral rewards
Early access to sales
Better discounts as I spend
Free Think warranty upgrades
I'm shopping in MyLenovo Rewards LenovoPRO
CA Coming soon