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Chrome Unboxed Favorite tech award ThinkReality A3 won for CES 2021

Best of CES 2021 - Favorite Tech

Gear Diary Best of CES 2021 award ThinkReality A3 won

“Lenovo’s new ThinkReality A3 smart glasses could breathe fresh air into the enterprise mixed reality industry” | Emily Ramirez | January 10, 2021

Transform your company vision

Advance productivity with ThinkReality A3—Lenovo’s versatile smart glasses for the enterprise. Ultraportable and comfortable, these augmented reality (AR) glasses create a customized, expanded personal workspace anywhere, from a virtual monitor at home, to guided schematics on the factory floor.

Embrace new realities

Workers are facing new environments, creating new needs—3D visualization, guided workflows, and remote collaboration, to name a few. ThinkReality A3 enables them to succeed despite new and different challenges.

For more information about how ThinkReality can contribute to the long-term success of your enterprise, please visit our solutions page.