Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Compliance

Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of electronic devices to operate as intended in proximity to other electronic devices or in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Unintentional radio frequency emissions from an electronic device and immunity of the device to radio frequency interference from other electromagnetic sources are included within electromagnetic compatibility.


Lenovo products are compliant to the interference regulations in Australia. The C-tick mark with the supplier code number is placed on the label for products marketed in Australia and New Zealand to indicate compliance.


Devices marketed in Canada are subject to regulations defined by Industry Canada. Compliance will be indicated on the product label and the user documentation. Wireless devices marketed in Canada are certificated by Industry Canada, and the IC number on the label will identify the device certification number.


Most information technology equipment including personal computers, servers, displays, and printers are subject to compulsory certification in China. Lenovo products are tested for compliance in approved test laboratories. The CCC certification mark is placed on the product label. In order to import a product subject to CCC certification, it must be labeled with the CCC mark and manufactured at an approved manufacturing site. A product that is not CCC certified may be carried into China when traveling there for personal use only.

Eastern European Countries

Lenovo products marketed in the Eastern European countries which are not part of the European Union will be certified as required by local regulations.

European Union

The CE mark is used in the European Union to identify compliance to regulations which are called Directives. The CE mark is located on the product label and is usually included on the packaging and in the user documentation. The EMC Directive must be met as one of the Directives required for placing the CE mark on the product. The EMC Directive includes both emission and immunity requirements. The EC DoC is not included in the user documentation and can be provided on request. A statement of compliance to the EMC Directive can be found in the user documentation. The EC DoC for a device subject to the Radio Telecommunication and Terminal Equipment, R&TTE, Directive is included in the product documentation. See EC Declaration of Conformity for more information.


Information technology equipment is registered for compliance by Lenovo with the Voluntary Council for Control of Interference, VCCI. Lenovo is a member of the VCCI. A VCCI compliance mark is placed on the product label.


Lenovo products are certified for compliance to the Korea Communications Commission, KCC, regulations. The KCC compliance mark is transitioning to the KC mark. The KC compliance mark is placed on the product label to indicate compliance to the EMC and Safety regulations. Products are subject to both emissions and immunity standards in Korea for EMC compliance. A unique identifier code is located on the product label under the KC mark to indicate certification. Some products certificated prior to 2011, may still display the KCC mark on the label rather than the KC marking during the transition.

New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have established a mutual recognition agreement for products subject to the EMC regulations. The C-tick mark and compliance information established in Australia are recognized in New Zealand.


Lenovo products are certified for compliance in Russia according to the Russian EMC and Safety regulations. A GOST symbol is placed on the product label and indicates compliance to the Russian regulations.


Lenovo products are compliant to the BSMI regulations for information technology equipment. A BSMI compliance mark with the manufacturer identification number is placed on the product label.

United States

Emissions are regulated in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission, FCC. Lenovo authorizes its products to the FCC Part 15 Regulations for unintentional radiators using a Declaration of Conformity. The FCC Declaration of Conformity is located in the user documentation and will identify the device and the responsible party by address and telephone number located within the United States. Wireless network devices such as Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, WiFi, and wide area networks (cellular) are FCC certified and operate under a Grant of Equipment Authorization. FCC certificated devices are identified by a FCC ID number which is located on the device label.

In some cases it may be necessary for customers that are not located in the USA to ship your Lenovo computer to a location in the USA. This will often require what is called an FCC 740 form, which provides the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a declaration that imported radio frequency devices meet with FCC guidelines. If your product does NOT contain a wireless device, it is authorized by the FCC DoC process. You may then place “FCC DoC” in the appropriate location on the FCC 740 Form.

Typically Lenovo computers contain wireless devices that are mounted internally to the product. Each of these wireless devices is approved by the FCC using a grant of authorization. This grant approval and approval number is specific to each wireless devices, and your computer may contain one or more wireless devices, either Bluetooth, WLAN (Wireless LAN), or WWAN (Wireless WAN).

If you are filling out the FCC Form 740, and are unsure about the location of the FCC ID for the wireless devices in your computer, here are some guidelines:

  • For IdeaPad notebooks and IdeaCentre All-In-One desktops, the FCC ID label should be visible to the user and is typically identified using the format “Contains FCC ID: XXXXXXX”.
  • For ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre All-In-One desktops, this FCC ID will not be visible from the exterior, but is located internally on the wireless device itself. There will typically be a pointer label that states that this FCC ID is visible by removing a user accessible panel so that you can see it.

If you do not wish to locate this number(s) yourself, or are unsure about the correct number(s), please send an email to compliance@Lenovo.com with the following information:

  • "FCC Form 740” in the subject line
  • Machine Type of your computer [1]
  • Model Number of your computer [1]
  • Serial Number of your computer [1]

[1]For help finding the Machine Type, Model Number, or Serial Number of your computer, go to

http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht036992 or go to http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/find-product-name for tablets or phones.