Meet Russell Mason, Director of IT Program Management at Clearlink where he oversees software development efforts. Russell got his start with Clearlink over five years ago, but his interest in IT dates back to college. After taking several IT courses, and working in a reference laboratory, Russell knew IT was his passion.

“What I love about IT is the constant change and the opportunity to create. I’m always looking for new ways to create better products, while utilizing the latest technologies.”

As an IT Director, Russell does more than simply oversee products and processes, because Russell’s job requires the management of his company’s devices and varied technologies, while keeping those pieces in perfect harmony with his users and his IT environment. And, that can be a challenge.

“The biggest challenge we face is keeping up with new technologies. There’s a lot of technologies we can use and a lot of options out there, and it means finding out what the best option is for us and for our clients.”

ThinkPad X1 Yoga
Use Case to User

Keeping up with technology is more than doing the research. For Russell, it means outfitting his users with the right devices. And, “when it comes to IT, it can be a challenge and struggle when you have people using different devices.”

Cross-device management is no easy task. And with multiple users, laptops, and software programs, Russell needed a way to streamline his users’ tech, while keeping pace with the latest technologies.

That’s when Russell decided to put different devices to the test, and to find out which technology provider could meet his needs. Russell tested the ThinkPad X1 Yoga against competitor brands, and the best device for his users quickly became clear.

“Lenovo technology has helped us out a lot. We began with a pilot program with our Medicare agents, where we had a need for a device that was portable, powerful, user friendly, and reliable enough to deliver what we needed. And, with our field testing, Lenovo won out. The ThinkPad X1 Yoga is the device we purchased for all our field agents. We decided to use the Yoga because of its flexibility and the power that came with it. And, when comparing it to some of the other devices we tested, it was far more durable, and we knew that it would stand up to the day-to-day of being out and about.”

Max Efficiencies. Max Results

For Russell, keeping his team happy isn’t just a part of the job—it is the job. “For me, a key part of my role is inspiring both groups, the business and the IT department, and bringing them together.” And, for Russell, that inspiration makes a difference by helping his company maximize their efficiency across the board.

“Ultimately, I really try to find the products and services that are going to bring out the best possible product. And in doing that, you get a big sense of achievement and satisfaction from delivering something the end users are really impressed with, while also helping them to do their job more effectively on a daily basis.”

Russell’s Favorite Products & Services
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