Small Business Solutions
Lenovo Pro Store now offers solutions to turbo charge your business. We now offer “Device as a Service”, a comprehensive and curated program which allows financial flexibility while enabling your company to be more productive. In addition, we have created curated product and services bundles that is tailored to the way you run your business.
Lenovo Device as a Service for Small Business (DaaS)
Take back your time, capital, and
resources to focus on what you do best.
Build YOUR solution from all that Lenovo has to offer Choose from a broad portfolio of hardware, services, and smart devices to meet your business needs.
Bundles for Business
Great PCs deserve GREAT accessories
and services to support your business.
Lenovo has curated 5 product and services bundles based on the needs of our business clients. Available in one package and exclusive to ProStore Members, we’re working to help optimize your business for success.
Lenovo Pro Logo Business Shopping, Simplified
Join today and enjoy additional savings of 10% on certain products