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Business Laptops: Workstations, 2-in-1 laptops, Budget laptops

Lenovo commercial laptops are more reliable, more durable, and a favorite among small- and medium-sized businesses. Lenovo is known for the best business laptops, including:

  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon – Best Business Laptop Overall 2019, Best Business Ultrabook
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga – Best 2-in-1 Business Laptop
  • ThinkPad T480 – Best Battery Life
  • ThinkPad X1 Extreme – Best Performance
  • ThinkPad E490s – Best Budget Laptop for Work

Best Business Laptop 2019: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Year after year, industry experts and trusted publishers recognize Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon as the best business laptop for its sheer power and business-friendly features. The 7th Generation (2019) is the world’s lightest commercial 14-inch laptop at under 2.5 lb., vibrant 4K display options, long battery life, and excellent keyboard.

Whether you’re working remotely from your home office or while on-the-go for business travel; if shopping for your employees or for yourself, Lenovo has top business laptops for your need, style, and budget. More on Lenovo’s best business laptops.

Choosing the right laptop for work

We know that your small business feels anything but small to you, so our business laptops give you the tools you need to keep things humming, at prices that won't keep you up at night.

We also know that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we’ve spent more than 25 years building a laptop selection for all types of applications, end-users, and budgets. Find the model that works seamlessly for your growing business.

A top-tier professional laptop must have robust security, strong build quality, and a comfortable keyboard that delivers a smooth typing experience. It also needs to be compact enough to carry on business trips.

At Lenovo, we offer a wide array of business laptops and workstations, including the renowned ThinkPad, versatile IdeaPad, and ThinkBook for productivity without the expensive price tag.


Our family of ThinkPad laptops is legendary in the industry. Known for being "the world's #1 laptops for business," ThinkPad laptops and workstations present an unmatched level of quality and reliability.

For instance, the impressive battery life comes in handy when working on the road. The ThinkPad T Series (with dual battery) can last up to 30.3 hours on a single charge, which is unimaginable for most computer brands. Durable, ultralight, and blazing fast, ThinkPad is the ideal laptop for work.


Looking for a truly outstanding multimedia experience? Our IdeaPad series can handle everyday work with ease, from basic day-to-day tasks to rich media. These laptops offer the latest Intel® processors, integrated graphics cards, SSD storage, and plenty of memory. Start with our affordable IdeaPad 300 Series laptops, designed for casual users that need a lightweight machine within budget.


For a laptop that blends robust SMB security with undeniable style, look no further than the ThinkBook series. Wake up your laptop in less than 0.5 seconds using the Modern Standby feature, but still keep your data safe with the built-in fingerprint reader. The all-aluminum design and FHD display look incredible, adding some panache to your work life. Whether you're catching up on emails, hosting a video conference, or editing a video project, the ThinkBook series is built for productivity, without the expensive cost.

Types of business laptops

When it comes to business laptops, your choices also extend to different form-factors:

Ultrabook laptops

Traditional business laptops are perfect for day-to-day portable computing, but Ultrabook is a traveler's best friend. Extremely thin and light, Ultrabook is a higher-end laptop built with premium components, maxed out performance, and superior battery life. It's also enriched with the latest technology and security features, so you can keep your industry secrets safe.

2-in-1 laptop tablets

2-in-1 laptops marry the best features of a laptop and a tablet into one versatile device – an ideal design for employees that give frequent presentations or take notes on the fly.

Built for reliable performance

Every Lenovo laptop houses components you can count on for top performance, like Intel Core and Celeron CPUs, DDR4 memory, PCIe solid-state drives (SSD), and AMD or NVIDIA graphics. Some models, like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, offer advanced features like fingerprint and facial recognition, so your company’s security never comes at the cost of convenience.

Ultimately, you get to decide how to run your business. Choose models that run Windows 10 and Office 365 for maximum program compatibility, or go cloud-based with a Chromebook that runs Chrome OS for on-the-go flexibility. If you need more info to make that choice, start with this comprehensive guide on Chromebook vs. Laptops. Either way, you can be sure you're getting a reliable, business-ready computer.

Best laptops for accounting

Accountants need a dependable machine with a numerical keypad and enough hard drive space to store all that data. Fortunately, most of our ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops are designed with a numerical keypad that feels great to use for marathon sessions. These laptops also boast a secure fingerprint reader that logs you into Windows in less than two seconds, so you can get right to business.

Best laptops for IT

IT workers analyze tremendous amounts of data, design complex networks, and develop software that can meet the company’s digital goals. The best laptops for IT have speedy processors, as much RAM as possible, and an SSD that can access data quickly. Of course, IT work needs to be undertaken in a secure environment, and our ThinkPads excel in that regard. Models like the ThinkPad X1 Extreme offer robust biometric and encryption security in a lightweight package, making it the laptop of choice for IT admins.

Shop affordable deals on business laptops

Lenovo aims to be your businesses' trusted partner in supporting your IT needs from start-up to enterprise. To help retain more of your budget for making your company goals a reality, we offer special laptop deals on business laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, and more. We also have a variety of bundles tailored for specific applications, from creators to managers.

With discount pricing offered through the LenovoPRO store for small- to medium-sized businesses, you can get the tech your company needs within your budget. We also provide advantages like competitive financing options and computer leasing services. Learn more about the benefits of joining LenovoPRO.