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for work of all types, and companies of all sizes

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Business Laptops

Lenovo is an industry-leader in powering small- to medium-sized companies with legendary professional PCs, like our reliable ThinkPad business laptops.

The best laptops for business

We know that your small business feels anything but small to you, so our business laptops give you the tools you need to keep things humming, at prices that won't keep you up at night. We also know that no two businesses are alike, and have spent more than 25 years building our laptop selection with an array of options for all types of applications, end-users, and budgets to offer plenty of different models for finding your perfect solution.


Our family of ThinkPad laptops are an industry legend. Known for being "the world's #1 laptops for business," ThinkPads present an unmatched level of quality and reliability.


Our range of Ideapads are perfect if you're seeking a truly outstanding multimedia experience from your system.

Built for reliable SMB performance

Every Lenovo business laptop houses components you can count on for top performance, like Intel Core and Celeron CPUs, DDR4 memory, PCIe solid-state drives (SSD), and AMD or NVIDIA discrete graphics. Some models, like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, offer advanced features like fingerprint and facial recognition, so your company’s security never comes at the cost of convenience.

With Lenovo laptops for work, you decide how to run your business: You can choose models that run Windows 10 for maximum program compatibility, or go cloud-based with a Chromebook that runs Chrome OS for on-the-go flexibility. Either way, you can be sure you're getting a reliable, business-ready computer.

Your choices also extend to form-factors:

Ultrabook laptops

Traditional laptops are perfect for day-to-day portable computing, but Ultrabooks are a traveler's best friend. Extremely thin and light, Ultrabooks are higher-end laptops that are built with premium components maxed out performance, superior battery life, and enriched with the latest technology and features.

2-in-1 laptop tablets

2-in-1 laptops marry the best features of a laptop and a tablet into one versatile device – an ideal design for employees that give frequent presentations or take notes on the fly.

Deals on laptops for work & business financing

Lenovo aims to be your businesses' trusted partner in supporting your IT needs from start-up to enterprise. To help retain more of your budget for making your company goals a reality, we offer special laptop deals on business laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, and more.


With discount pricing offered through the LenovoPRO Store for SMB, you can get the tech your company needs within your budget. We also provide advantages like competitive financing options and computer leasing services. Learn more about the benefits of joining LenovoPRO.

Find your small business solution

Running a small business is challenging enough without worrying about your technology. With Lenovo SMB Solutions, you won't have to. Our Small Business Team is here to help – talk to a LenovoPRO solutions expert at 1-866-426-0911.