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Discover Your Sound Palette: The Colorful World of Wireless Audio

Sound and color have a lot in common. They are both forms of energy that are expressed in waves and frequencies that somehow make us feel a large range of emotions. Your favorite track says a lot about who you are, and so, too, does your favorite color.

When you’re picking out your next BlueTooth speaker or wireless earbuds, you need to think beyond design and technical performance. You also need to consider colors and how they relate to your taste, personality, and passion for music.

It’s not just your sound devices that deserve a splash of color. Lenovo offers lots of products for Teens who love tech. Check out our exciting range of Teen Products to find portable monitors  mini keyboards  and other tech built for teens.

For now, let’s look at the different colors and what they say about your individuality and love for music and sound.

Black earbuds and speakers

If you’ve been paying attention in physics class, you’ll know that we experience color when light waves reflect off an object and into our eyes. Well, black is a little bit different. It actually absorbs light waves, so what we really see is the absence of color.

Designers around the world have always treasured black because it's elegant, powerful, and a little bit mysterious. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck because there are lots of great custom earbuds and wireless speakers with that vibe and energy.

If you’re looking for black earbuds, you have some amazing options. The JLab JBuds Pro Wired Earbuds are affordable and sound great, while the JBuds Mini True Wireless pack an amazing punch despite their compact size.

The Jabra Evolve2 Buds True Wireless Earbuds look super slick in black. They also come with an outstanding 20 meter wireless range, allowing you to wander away from your laptop during video chats to fix yourself a sandwich or play with the cat. The Evolve2 Earbuds also come with a mic, which is perfect for rolling out instructions during a multiplayer game.

Finally, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra True Wireless Earbuds in black look as good as they sound. Their advanced noise-cancellation technology can drown out even the noisiest siblings.

If you want to find some black speakers, your best choice is the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker​. Waterproof, dustproof, durable, and with unreal sound? What’s not to like?

Grey and white earbuds and speakers

Black is not the only neutral color that makes a BlueTooth speaker or wireless earbuds look fashionable. Grey and white are both very popular colors because they are balanced, sleek, and sit well with lots of styles.

So, if you feel a bit older than your years, and your mind is already drifting towards excelling at college and being independent, these hues could really work for you.

White evokes order, cleanliness, and simplicity. Gray is about calmness and security. When paired together, they lead to an airy and light design that is modern and crisp without feeling too sterile.

If you want a white earbud with some gray, try out the stunning Bose QuietComfort  in White Smoke. The over-ear version is ideal for budding music producers, or if you’re looking for something more compact, try the Ultra. They both deliver hi-fi sound and superb noise cancellation. Why settle for neutral color earbuds when you can make a smoldering fashion statement with White Smoke?

For something a bit darker, the JLab GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones come in a slick and polished Slate.

Finally, if you can’t decide between a white speaker and a gray speaker, why not go with the best of both worlds? The Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker​ in White Smoke is a product that you’ll want to be seen carrying around on your summer adventures.

Blue earbuds and speakers

Blue is a versatile color. Depending on the particular shade, it can express peace, calm, trust, or intelligence. When you think about blue, you probably think about the sky or the ocean. It’s a blissful color, which makes it the perfect match for the way music can transport you away to your own little paradise.

A pair of blue earbuds is a great way to synchronize your style with your passion for music. So, if you’re looking for blue earbuds, there will be something here for you.

If you love music because it speaks to your creative and calm side, you can’t do better than the Aqua-colored JLab JBuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds. They’re compact, high-performing, and durable enough to stand up to the sweatiest exercise regime.

Of course, if you want a rugged blue speaker that matches your tranquil spirit, the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker​ in Stone Blue could be the perfect choice.


Green is the color of nature. It evokes feelings of balance, harmony, and peace. While it’s an excellent choice for people who love the outdoors, studies suggest that it helps with focus and concentration, meaning it’s a good choice for students who are chasing a high GPA.

So, if you’re a grounded and relaxed kind of person, green could really resonate with your overall style.

If you want green earbuds, there are a few exciting shades to consider. The JLab JBuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds come in Sage, which is great for teens who love the outdoors. You can also find a Mint version for some extra freshness.

What’s more, the Cypress Green model of the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones is evergreen in more ways than one. You can also get the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker in the same organic color, which is perfect for anyone looking for an elegant green speaker that they can blast in the outdoors.

Red earbuds and speakers

Red is bold, exciting, and stimulating, like your most inspirational and upbeat exercise playlist. It’s an excellent choice for people who are bursting with passion and a love for life. So why not make it part of your fit and turn heads when you’re gaming online with friends?

If you’re looking for red earbuds or headphones, try the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR in red and black. There’s also a wired stereo version that was made for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

For something more feminine, there is the Rose version of the JLab GO Air POP or the JLab JBuds Mini, which comes in glorious Pink.

Interesting alternative color earbuds and speakers

Of course, sometimes you want to break away from neutral and primary colors and find your own way. Thankfully, there are some great colorways that fit the bill for teens who want something that goes further into the color spectrum.  Absolutely, you can rock the classic gray earbuds, but how about softer purples or brighter greens?

If you want some interesting alternative colors, the JLab GO Air POP comes in Lilac and Teal. When your style is unconventional and quirky, you can find earbuds that match. 

Express who you are with a splash of color

Whether you’re listening to your favorite podcast or vibing out to the freshest tracks, your earbuds and speakers are about more than great sound. They’re also a way to show the world who you are and what makes you unique.

From lightweight and colorful Bluetooth speakers to wireless earbuds that express your love of different moods, Lenovo has your back.

True Wireless refers to earbuds that have no wires or cables between the earphones and your audio source (smartphone or laptop, etc). Each True Wireless earbud has its own battery and connects to the audio source using Bluetooth technology. True Wireless earbuds are convenient, portable, and, best of all, they sound and look great.

While the specifics vary slightly depending on the model, most wireless earbuds work by pairing with your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

Once the earbuds are out of their case, you turn on your smartphone Bluetooth and scan for possible connections. All you need to do is find your Bluetooth connection, select “Pair”, and you’re ready to go.

Yes, wireless earbuds are great for hands-free calls. Some models even have high-quality built-in mics that isolate your voice from surrounding noise, allowing for crystal-clear calls.

Yes. Most modern wireless earbuds are designed to block external noise (passive noise cancellation) or come with active noise cancellation. The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds monitor ambient noise and cancel out external signals with “anti-noise,” leaving you to enjoy your music uninterrupted.

Yes, wireless earbuds come with a variety of different tips. You should experiment with different tips to ensure comfort, good sound quality, and a size that won’t drop out of your ears when you’re active.

If you choose the right fit and clean your wireless earphones regularly, they should stay in your ears. However, in rare cases, some people struggle to find the right fit. If that sounds like you, you might need custom earbuds.

Custom earbuds are earphones that are tailor-made for the individual based on a mold that fits the exact shape of your ear. You need to make an impression of your ear and send it off for manufacturing. However, the process is expensive, so try a few different earbuds first.

A lot depends on the model. Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds last for around 24hrs. However, on average, most wireless headphones last between 5 and 7 hours between charges.

Yes. We know how important colors are when you want to express yourself. Lenovo offers lots of different options for teens who want to go beyond black earbuds and white earbuds. Some of the exciting colors you can find include White Smoke, Aqua, Rose, Lilac, Teal, Mint, and more!

A Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for people who want good sound quality wherever they are. Say goodbye to looking for power outlets and tripping over audio cables. Just connect your smartphone or laptop to the speakers and enjoy your favorite music with friends.

Yes. A wireless Bluetooth speaker has an amplifier, which needs power to run. Modern models come with rechargeable batteries and AC plug-in cables.

In the past, wired speakers had the edge because of their uninterrupted signal and a wider range of power. However, wireless speaker technology has come a long way. As Bluetooth technology advances and wireless speakers improve, the gap is closing rapidly.

Wireless is an umbrella term for any speaker that does not connect to the audio source via cables. Bluetooth is one of the technologies that wireless speakers use, alongside WiFi.

Yes. These days a bluetooth speaker from top brands like Bose sounds fantastic. Audio codecs have improved a lot in recent years, and when you consider the portability factor, these speakers provide excellent sound.

How many hours of play you get from a Bluetooth speaker depends on various factors, like volume, battery age, and even the local temperature. Some of the best models can pump out music for up to 24 hours.

A lot depends on the particular model. A speaker like the Bose SoundLink Flex stays stable up to an average of 30 feet.

Not all Bluetooth speakers are fully waterproof, so you should always check the specifications on the model you are considering. The Bose SoundLink Flex offers IP67 protection against water and dust, which means it will keep working, even if you accidentally drop it in the pool.

Your Bluetooth speaker is about more than just sound. It’s also a cool fashion accessory and an extension of your style. The Bose SoundLink Flex comes in Black, Stone Blue, White Smoke, and Cypress Green.

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