What is the MyLenovo Rewards Loyalty Program

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Lenovo MyRewards Loyalty

What is the MyLenovo Rewards Loyalty Program?

Are you a student, small business owner, or someone that loves having the latest tech? If so, then you need to make sure you are registered for the MyLenovo Rewards program!

These benefits are compatible with other loyalty programs – like LenovoPro – and are geared towards saving you money and getting you exclusive access to sales and promotions. Every time you make a purchase you will earn points that you can spend later, and you will be the first to know about special announcements and events!

The sign-up process is simple and best of all free! Once you register you can start earning rewards right away. Keep reading to get answers to all your questions about the MyLenovo Rewards program:

What is the MyLenovo Rewards Program?

The MyLenovo Rewards program is designed to reward you for your purchases. As a member of the Lenovo loyalty program, you can earn points every time you make a purchase. These points can be redeemed towards future purchases down the road, saving you money on your favorite tech!

Once you become a member, you will receive anywhere from 3% to 9% in rewards points for every paid purchase. That means if you spend $100, you will earn $3 to $9 in points that is redeemable on your next purchase.

These savings can add up rather quickly since you can earn rewards on any product purchased. Many loyalty programs impose frustrating restrictions on which products can earn points and how much you need to spend to be eligible – but we don’t!

MyLenovo Rewards applies to your entire purchase and there is no minimum order amount needed – so, every time you buy something you will earn loyalty points.

In other words, you can save money just by purchasing the tech you need for school, home, or your small business – and use those points for future orders. If you are a student looking for and affordable laptop like a Chromebook, rewards are the best way to get the most for your budget.

You can choose to redeem your points on a tablet, gaming console, or any other accessory – anything that you can order from Lenovo.com is eligible! The points you have available to redeem will be automatically applied to your cart, so you can start saving money right away.

Another benefit of registering for MyLenovo Rewards is that you will get access to special promotions and product announcements. You get the inside scoop and be able to stay ahead of new releases and sales!

How to Sign Up for MyLenovo Rewards

Now that you know what the MyLenovo Rewards loyalty program is, you may be wondering how you can sign up. Remember that you won’t earn rewards until you register, so here is the step-by-step process for setting up your Lenovo rewards:

  1. Log Into Your Lenovo Account

    Start by logging into your Lenovo.com account here. This account is the one you normally use to make purchases, track your order status, and browse through our latest tech offerings. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one now.

  2. Click Join NOW next to MyLenovo Rewards

    Once you are logged in, you will see a screen titled ‘My Account’. Here you can update your user profile, review your order history, check warranty statuses, and more.

    There will also be a banner on the top of the screen that prompts you to register for the Lenovo loyalty program - if you have not already done so. Click on ‘Join NOW’ and you will automatically be registered as a MyLenovo Rewards member!

    The process is easy and free--all you need to do to get started is login and click the Join NOW button!

  3. Start Earning Rewards Points

    After you sign up for the loyalty program, you will be eligible to earn rewards for every dollar you spend at Lenovo.com.

    If you navigate to the ‘My Rewards’ button on your account home page you’ll be able to track your points, redeem benefits, and learn ways to earn additional savings.

    For example, you may have the opportunity to get bonus rewards for adding more information to your profile, registering a product, or leaving a review. It is easy to start building up your rewards, and soon enough you will be able to use those points towards your next purchase!

Is It Different from the Main Lenovo Account?

You may be wondering, is the Lenovo loyalty program different from your main account? Yes – your MyLenovo Rewards account is not the same as your Lenovo account that you use to log in and make purchases.

Although they can be used at the same time, you must register for each one individually to get the benefits from both the loyalty program and the regular account. So, what are the differences between the two?

Your Lenovo.com account is what you use to store your information through our website. It makes it easy for you to input shipping details and payment preferences, so that you do not have to type those out every time you make a purchase. Likewise, it will help you track your order status, review your purchase history, and more!

The MyLenovo Rewards loyalty program, on the other hand, is the account that helps you save money. You will earn points that you can apply to your next order each time you make a purchase! If you want to earn Lenovo rewards you will need to establish this account – it won’t be set up automatically with your regular login.

You can use both accounts together to make your shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Use your Lenovo.com account to log in, save your favorite items, and make purchases. Each time that you place an order, it will link to your MyLenovo Rewards account and add to your point tally and ensure that you save as much money as possible on your current purchase with points already earned and in the future with points from your new purchase.

After you make a purchase, you can track the status with your MyLenovo account. Here you will be able to check the delivery estimate, obtain your receipt, and get details about the product you bought. On your loyalty program account, you will see your rewards populate 30 days after the order is shipped!

How Can MyLenovo Rewards Save You Money?

We built the MyLenovo Rewards program with one goal in mind: to thank our loyal customers by helping them save money! So, how do our loyalty programs give you rewards and cost savings?

For starters, you will earn points for every purchase that you make on Lenovo.com via MyLenovo Rewards or through LenovoPRO, if you are a small business owner. That means you will get 3% to 9% back towards future purchases for every dollar you spend with us!

While other loyalty programs may limit your ability to earn rewards based on the type of purchase you make – or the amount you spend – we understand that you have complex and varying needs. So, you are eligible for rewards points no matter what you buy or how much the purchase total is!

It doesn’t matter if you are shipping for business or personal or use – the Lenovo loyalty program will help you save money either way.

Personal Use

Do you need a new gaming computer so you can enjoy a new game? Or maybe you want the latest drone or tablet? With the rewards points you earn through our loyalty programs, you can save money on these types of purchases and more.

Students can also benefit from Chromebook rewards. If they need a Chromebook for school, they can use the rewards earned from that purchase to save money the next time they need more tech!

Business Benefits

MyLenovo Rewards can also be used for your small business needs as well. Perhaps you need powerful computing to grow your small business and support your customers - or tools that can safeguard your proprietary data and help you build a competitive advantage. MyLenovo Rewards lets you earn points for every purchase so you can save more in the future. Get the right tech in place to set your team up for success while you earn rewards and save money too!

Is It Compatible with Other Lenovo Loyalty Programs?

We know our customers use other Lenovo loyalty programs, so the MyLenovo Rewards work seamlessly with those benefits. For instance, you can leverage these rewards with the LenovoPro small business store, and you can even consolidate it with other accounts!

LenovoPRO Small Business Store

The LenovoPRO small business store is one of the best ways to grow your company and connect with like-minded business owners. Whether you need resources on marketing and financial management or a place to engage in forum discussions, LenovoPRO has you covered.

Not only can this help you discover new solutions to accelerate your business growth, but it also lets you earn points and rewards! You can save up to an additional 5% on certain products, get free expedited delivery, and even access business financing.

As your business develops, so can your benefits. You can access tiered rewards the more you spend, so the LenovoPRO platform can essentially scale alongside your business.

The MyLenovo Rewards program allows you to earn 3% points on these purchases, too. That means as a small business owner you can maximize your Lenovo rewards by participating in both programs!

Consolidate Other Accounts

Registering for MyLenovo Rewards is also a great way to consolidate your other loyalty program accounts. It is easy to see all your earned points, reward history, and pending purchases in one place.

This will significantly enhance your experience on the site since you won't have to look in multiple places to keep track of your loyalty points. Similarly, the rewards are applied automatically at checkout, so you never risk missing an opportunity to save money.

MyLenovo Rewards makes your life easier by consolidating your rewards into one convenient platform!

How is MyLenovo Rewards Good for Students?

It’s no secret that students need access to the right tech to boost their learning and maximize their academic experience. With that said, MyLenovo Rewards can also provide a wide variety of benefits for students!

Chromebooks are one of the best tools for students of any age. They can use it for research projects, to access online classes, and more. However, rewards are not limited to just tech that can be used for school!

Students can redeem these points for a larger PC, fun accessories, or even gaming laptops. They can choose how the rewards are used so that they can save money on the price of a higher-ticket item in the future.

Likewise, you can combine them with Legion gaming community, which are points earned for being part of the gaming community. In addition to the 3% rewards from the Lenovo loyalty program, they can also earn in-game content, downloads, merchandise, and more.

That makes MyLenovo Rewards ideal for students. It will help them succeed academically while also allowing them to explore other interests like gaming. The benefits for students include saving money and getting access to exclusive content – just for purchasing the Chromebook they need for class. It’s a win-win situation where all their needs can be met!

The MyLenovo Rewards program is one of the best ways to save money and earn benefits for all your tech needs. It is great for all anyone who wants access to the best laptops, tablets, and other tools on the market.

That means you can be confident that every purchase you make will help you build up your rewards bank. With up to 3% rewards on every purchase, you can save money on future orders and get the most for your budget.

Signing up is as easy as clicking a button and best of all free! So make sure that you register the next time that you log into your Lenovo account. Once you do, you will be on your way to earning rewards, saving money, and getting special access to sales and promotions!

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