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A world powered by AI

Powered by AI
Powered by AI
Powered by AI
  • LIFE

    Powered by AI
    Welcome to the Intelligence Revolution. Artificial intelligence and device+cloud transformation will profoundly alter how we live, how we learn, and how we engage with the world. Take a peek at what’s in store.
  • Folio

    Bend it, don’t break it. Lenovo’s Folio phablet transforms bendable technology. And not just with technical advances like a bending radius once thought impossible. We’ve also made the interface smarter.
  • E-Health

    Different diagnoses better. Lenovo’s E-Health solutions use AI, cloud computing, and cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to reduce doctors’ workload and enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • SmartCast+

    Different teaches better. Smart speakers are great, but what if we added a projector and an augmented reality experience? SmartCast+ combines that tech with educational software for a learning experience that’s eye-opening and fun.
  • CAVA

    The smart assistant just got smarter. CAVA protects your privacy with deep-learning-based face recognition. Your phone will display more information when you look at it in lock mode than when others do. It also learns from your behavior to help you with scheduling and reminders.
  • Smart Vest

    Different monitors better. Lenovo SmartVest helps you care for your heart by monitoring cardiac activity in real time. Coming soon: A platform that alerts medical providers when you heart rate is dangerously abnormal.
  • WORK

    Powered by AI
    Different works better. Intelligent transformation is radically transforming the way we do our jobs. Big data, cloud, and above all artificial intelligence open up unprecedented opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • daystAR

    Meet daystAR, an AR/VR headset designed for the workplace. daystAR recognizes what’s being worked on and overlays relevant virtual information. Users can manipulate objects in real time – and seek advice from colleagues worldwide by sharing what they see.
  • ThinkPad + NIO

    ThinkPad + NIO
    Driverless cars are coming. And Lenovo technology is helping fuel the revolution. Nio/NextEv is using ThinkPads and ThinkStations to power not only its business, but the AI that’s helping it reach new levels.
  • SmartServices

    Different serves better. Proactive, multi-channel customer service is becoming ever more complex. Enter Lenovo Smart Services – an AI-powered virtual agent that, combined with real human representatives, represents the service model of the future.

    Powered by AI
    From manufacturing to health care, from smart cars to smart cities, AI is changing every facet of our lives. At Lenovo, we’re proud to be at the forefront of shaping the intelligent future.
  • ThinkCloud Workload Orchestrator

    ThinkCloud Workload Orchestrator
    It won’t be long before nearly every device is cloud-enabled. ThinkCloud Workload Orchestrator supports that change by optimizing infrastructure usage in data centers that cross public and/or private clouds. A more agile, flexible, and intelligent cloud. We call that the infrastructure + cloud transformation.

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