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Keyboards and Mice

Shop business, at home, gaming, and on-the-go solutions for wireless and ergonomic mice and keyboards.

Shop our best keyboards and mice deals on top rated products

Find the best gaming mouse and keyboard for your style of play from Lenovo and top brands.

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Keyboards and Mice from Lenovo

Keyboards and mice are essential for any computer setup. Whether you use it to play games, work, or do your online shopping, you should have a suitable keyboard and mouse that fits your needs. The right peripherals can even enhance the use of your tablet or laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

At Lenovo, we offer a wide range of keyboards and mice to fit all budgets, uses, and tastes.

To stay on task and focused, comfort at your desk is key. To support you while you're at your computer, choose one of our wrist rests or mouse pads.

You can choose a wireless keyboard and mouse to eliminate messy cables, a high-performance gaming keyboard and mouse for precision aiming, and mice with built-in laser pointers for delivering impressive presentations. With our selection, create your perfect setup. 


Gaming keyboards

For a fast response time when gaming, don't let your keyboard hold you back.

At Lenovo, we offer a range of keyboards made specifically for gaming.

A gaming keyboard often features more buttons for shortcuts. Mechanical versions are often seen as the best keyboard among gamers for their durability and programming flexibility. Although gaming keyboards are mostly wired, you could opt for an uncluttered gaming area with a wireless gaming keyboard. 

We offer gaming brands such as ROCCAT, Razer, and HyperX so you have a wide variety to choose from for the best performance - and to match your existing hardware.

We can't ignore that many also feature fancy RGB lighting that you can customize to match your mouse and computer tower, making your gaming rig pop. 

Mechanical keyboards

Do you spend most of your day writing, coding, or playing games? Then a mechanical keyboard might offer you a more robust, comfortable experience. 

Unlike membrane keys, mechanical keys are longer lasting. Each key and its switch can be replaced.

With mechanical keyboards, you can fully program the function of each key, setting it up in a way that suits you best. You can find them with or without numerical pads. 

Change up the keycaps to truly express yourself. Different switches let you change the feel and motion of the keys for satisfying typing. 

There are mechanical options for every budget and taste. Go minimal with a mechanical Logitech keyboard. Why not try an RGB Corsair keyboard for a more flamboyant touch?

Wireless keyboards

For the most flexibility and mobility, choose a wireless computer keyboard. Having zero wires to connect to your computer means your desk will stay tidy and organized. 

Do you move around a lot or use a sitting-to-standing desk? A wireless keyboard allows you freedom of movement. Simply pick it up and move it wherever you need it to get your work done. 

Many wireless keyboards are rechargeable via USB or use long-life batteries. They connect via Bluetooth, working seamlessly with your Bluetooth-enabled device in just a few clicks. If your computer can’t support a Bluetooth keyboard, wireless keyboards come complete with an adapter to get you set up easily. 

Wireless keyboards come in a range of sizes and layouts. They offer style and substance - whether you need mechanical keys, a supportive wrist rest, or an ergonomic layout such as a Logitech wireless keyboard with shaped keys for comfort.

TrackPoint keyboards

Do you prefer keeping your desk compact and uncluttered? The TrackPoint could be the mouse-free alternative you're looking for. 

It's a pressure-sensitive analog stick that moves your cursor without a mouse. It's found in the center of our TrackPoint keyboards. As the TrackPoint works without a mouse, you can endlessly scroll with your finger on the keyboard. 

If you need to type and quickly move the cursor, a TrackPoint offers speed without having to move your hands from mouse to keyboard. 

It's a space-saving alternative to carrying two peripherals - if you travel for work, just throw in your TrackPoint keyboard and you're ready to go.


Gaming mice

For precision aim during your game, choose a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse differs from a typical office mouse in a few ways. Gaming mice are far more sensitive to movement. 

You can set your mouse to the optimal sensitivity to match your quick reactions. Gaming mice also include more buttons, called macro keys. Switch weapons, load building mechanics, and trigger other features in-game without resorting to awkward keybinding via your keyboard.

Your gaming mouse is more ergonomic to keep your hand comfortable during long play sessions. Gaming can get intense, so some mice come with adjustable weights to change how the mouse feels in your hand for better responsiveness.

We offer popular gaming brands so you can get your hands on a Logitech mouse, Corsair mouse, or Razer mouse to match your existing hardware. 

Wireless mice

Wrestling with wires can be frustrating and unproductive. If you don't have much room to plug in a wired mouse, or your desk layout restricts your movement, opt for a wireless mouse instead. 

As well as looking stylish, a wireless or Bluetooth mouse frees up desk space. Having no trailing cables gives you a tidy, uncluttered desk to help you focus on work. Plus, without wires, it gives you the freedom to move around and use your computer mouse on whichever surface you find comfortable.

Wireless mice usually connect to your computer via Bluetooth with a dongle. You can find rechargeable options that plug in via USB or sit on a stand. Many work with AA or AAA batteries that you can replace. 

Wireless mice are just as responsive as wired mice but offer flexibility. If you travel a lot of work, a wireless version is so much easier to throw in your laptop bag or suitcase.

Presenter mice

To wow your seminar guests or to make that boardroom presentation go smoothly, a presenter mouse is ideal. Designed as part mouse, part laser pointer, a presenter mouse helps you control your presentation with ease. No need to fumble with awkward keyboard or mouse controls again. 

A presenter mouse is wireless and handheld. They usually connect via wireless or Bluetooth technology - perfect for a wide variety of projectors, laptops, and tablets. 

Navigate through PowerPoints, videos, or documents quickly and smoothly. Models by Logitech and ThinkPad provide gyro controls that work with your motion. 

Scroll and use directional arrow buttons to move forward and backward through your presentation. Use the handy built-in laser pointer to keep your audience focused on the key points in your slideshow. 

Keyboard and mouse bundles

Buying a keyboard and mouse bundle can take the fuss out of choosing the right equipment. With a combo, you get everything you need in one package to set up your computer. Take the stress out of choosing individual peripherals and get started working or playing right away.

With a keyboard and mouse combo, you get a sleek, uniform look. Opt for a wireless combo to do away with messy cables for a tidy desk. Do you work or study from home? A Lenovo bundle includes a keyboard, mouse, and other essential peripherals like a headset or webcam, too. 

Whether you'll use your combo every day or it's just for occasional use, we've got you covered. 

Mouse and keyboard accessories

Mouse pads

Every mouse needs a mouse pad. A mouse pad helps protect the desk surface beneath your mouse. It helps your mouse perform more accurately. Plus, they come in a huge range of sizes, materials, and colors. 

For a minimal desk space, you can opt for a small, lightweight mouse pad from Belkin. If you use a gaming mouse with high sensitivity, you might prefer a gaming mouse pad from our Legion gaming range. 

Do you prefer your mouse pad to cover the width of your working area? Some brands offer an extra-large mouse pad that sits under both your keyboard and mouse for maximum protection. 

Mouse pads are crafted from a wide range of materials that offer a smooth experience. Some are even spill-resistant in the event of a dropped coffee. Want something unique? Choose an RGB illuminated pad for your gaming rig. 

Wrist pads

If you spend hours at your computer every day, comfort is vital. A wrist pad helps you maintain the correct posture and reduces strain on your arms, shoulders, and back. 

Feeling comfortable and pain-free increases your productivity and makes working more pleasurable. You can find wrist pads to suit all desk layouts and needs. If you spend a lot of time typing, a wrist pad for keyboard may be perfect. You can find keyboards with built-in wrist rests, or buy a standalone cushion to support your wrists as you type. 

Find yourself using your mouse more than your keyboard? Opt for a mouse pad with wrist rest incorporated at the bottom, or choose a wrist pad for mouse that you can move around on its own. 

For maximum comfort, choose both. 

Wrist rests are foam or gel construction, offering soft to firm support, depending on your level of comfort. 

Protective covers for keyboards

Working in an environment where things get messy could put your keyboard at risk of damage. Thankfully, you can buy a protective keyboard cover to shield it from spills, dust, and mess. 

Students and teachers can benefit from a silicone keyboard cover. Covers stop liquids and debris falling in between keys. 

Logitech's range of protective keyboard dust covers are designed for education and shared spaces such as classrooms and libraries. The silicone material makes it easy to disinfect time and again, without it perishing. It's ideal for high-traffic areas.

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