Lenovo Storage S3200

Lenovo Storage S3200

Lenovo Storage S3200

Ready For Demanding Workloads For Any Environment

Extreme performance & versatility

  • Hybrid configurations & real-time tiering
  • Feature-rich: thin provisioning, virtual snapshots, flash cache, virtualized storage, Rapid RAID Rebuild, & more
  • High availability: redundant power, hot-swap drives & fans, & dual controllers
Configuration and Pricing

    Ready For Demanding Workloads For Any Environment

  • Features



    • Intelligent real-time tiering provides AFA-like performance at a fraction of the cost
    • Asynchronous replication provides data protection and disaster recovery solution
    • Extreme performance: 120,000 IOPS, 6.4Gbps Read and 5.3Gbps Write speeds
    • Multi-protocol connectivity with Fibre Channel and iSCSI, or SAS

    Lenovo Storage S3200 Right Side View

    Features and Performance

    The Lenovo Storage S3200 is a feature-rich, high-performing mid-range SAN ready for demanding workloads for any environment. Offering multi-protocol configurations and intelligent real-time tiering, the S3200 can provide near All-Flash-Array (AFA) performance, up to 120,000 IOPS, at a fraction of the cost. Along with extreme performance, the S3200 provides an easy-to-use GUI, thin provisioning, Virtual Snapshots, Flash Cache, Virtualized Storage, Rapid RAID Rebuild, asynchronous replication, and more. By combining high performance and incredible features, the S3200 is the perfect mid-range SAN to support your business needs.

    Lenovo Storage S3200 Front View

    Easy Integration

    The S3200 gives you storage flexibility which can be easily integrated into any network environment. Supporting hybrid connectivity options, you can choose between 16Gbps Fibre Channel and/or 10Gbps iSCSI, or 12Gbps SAS. This unique multi-protocol connection allows the S3200 to use both FC and iSCSI at the same time. Along with flexible fabric choices, the S3200 supports up to 192 drives and virtualizes pooled storage across multiple drive types, which improves I/O. This combination of flexibility and virtualizing storage across the array keeps performance high and integration into your environment easy.

    Lenovo Storage S3200 Left Side View

    Business Optimized

    The S3200 is a unique SAN product designed to provide you what you want, high-performance, flexible configurations, and dependability all at a low price. Built to be always on with 99.999 percent availability and multi-pathing, your company can depend on the S3200. Configured with dual controllers, redundant power supplies and hot swap drives and fans, your data is available when you need it. As your storage needs grow, the S3200 scales out with thin provisioning allowing your array to grow with you. No matter if you are a large enterprise or a small business and need a simple, flexible, and optimized mid-range SAN, the Lenovo S3200 is the right choice to support your data needs.

    Lenovo Storage S3200 Left Side View of Stacked Storage
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  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Host Interface
    6/12Gbps SAS or 1/10Gbps iSCSI or 8/16Gbps Fibre Channel
    Single/Dual Controller
    Single- and dual- (active/active) controller support
    RAID Support
    RAID 1, 5, 6, 10
    Fans and Power Supplies
    Fully redundant and hot swappable
    Supported Drives
    2.5-inch SAS Drives: 300GB, 600GB at 15,000rpm;
    2.5-inch 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB at 10,000rpm;
    2.5-inch NL-SAS SED Drives: 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB at 10,000rpm;
    2.5-inch NL-SAS Drives: 1TB at 7,200rpm;
    2.5-inch SAS SSD: 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB;
    3.5-inch NL-SAS Drives: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB at 7,200rpm;
    3.5-inch NL-SAS SED Drive: 4TB at 7,200rpm
    Cache per Controller
    6GB per controller (Data (Read/Write) cache = 4GB and Metadata and System OS cache = 2GB)
    LUNs per System
    1024 maximum and 128 TB maximum LUN size
    Snapshots per Volume
    254 maximum
    Expansion Units (7 max)
    E1012: 12 x 3.5-inch drives; E1024: 24 x 2.5-inch drives
    128 included
    Optional Licenses
    Intelligent real-time tiering with SSDs, 512 snapshots, 1024 snapshots, asynchronous replication
    Asynchronous Replication
    • Up to 32 volumes
    • Scheduler supports 1hr, 12hr, and 24hr time intervals
    • Licenses: one for target and one for source
    3-year limited warranty, 9x5 Next Business Day parts only
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    The Lenovo Storage S3200 is now ENERGY STAR certified. ENERGY STAR certified products are energy efficient which result in cost savings via reduced energy consumption and regulatory rebates. Please refer to the US EPA website for details on ENERGY STAR certification criteria and process. Lenovo Storage S3200 ENERGY STAR Certification is listed on the EPA website.

    Specifications may vary depending upon region.

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