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Outfit your business with office essential electronics, accessories, products, and supplies all in one place.

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Our best work from home office accessories

When working from home, you’ll definitely need all the right home office accessories, and Lenovo has the perfect work from home essentials. Explore our vivid ThinkVision displays, Lenovo professional mouse and keyboard sets, ThinkPad laptop docks that let you connect and disconnect all your devices with a single plugin, reliable home office printer options, and so much more. We’ve even got powerful computer speakers (because at home you can blast your workout tunes loud), and crystal clear headsets for all those conference calls.

But that’s not all…

Luckily, Lenovo has all the computer accessories you’ll need to flourish in the most comfortable environment – your own home.

Business accessories from Lenovo

For decades, Lenovo has been a top name on the business consumer’s shopping list. Our Think brand laptops, PCs, and accessories fill office spaces and fuel business productivity across the globe.

But we never stop in our efforts to improve convenience and productivity in the modern office or at-home workspace. And now, Lenovo offers a wider selection of products than ever before.

On select business accessory categories, like our work from home accessories, we’ve partnered with trusted third-party brands to not only offer you the top options direct from Lenovo, but the top options from other popular brands as well.

Best Work from Home Computer System

This is a no-brainer.

You must invest in the best work from home computer, capable of handling basic tasks and heavy workloads. An inadequate computer might slow you down, but it can also test your patience and reduce your productivity. To make your system run faster, keep it updated with free space.


Decide whether you want a laptop or a desktop for your home office. A laptop allows you the freedom to work from a different room or desk if necessary. If you travel a lot, a laptop will allow you to continue working wherever you go. And because a laptop includes a built-in camera, video calls are more manageable than getting through the hassle of connecting to an external camera whenever you need to show up for a meeting.

That said, desktops can be more powerful and easier to adjust. The monitor on your computer should be level with your eyes. You'll damage your neck in a few months if you have to look up or down at the screen. 

Consider purchasing a tilt stand if you use a laptop. You may change the stand's height to make sure you're looking at the screen straight. If you use a laptop stand, you may need to use an external mouse and keyboard, so that your hands can operate easily.

Lenovo Work from Home Headphones

While a Lenovo laptop may come with a built-in microphone and speaker, we recommend using an external microphone or some of the best work from home headphones. Invest in a Bluetooth mic and speaker if you can. These upgrades are worth it.

Remember that you are working remotely; messaging, and calls are the only way to communicate to your team. So, it is advisable to buy the best work from home headphones available from Lenovo and say no to messy calls and audio. Clear audio leads to clear instructions, and clear instructions lead to successful endeavors.

Lenovo Work from Home Phone and Headset

One of the numerous benefits of working from home is the peace of working alone. You don’t have the potential distractions from unnecessary activity in usual office settings. To increase productivity, there are several approaches. One of these is to listen to music, helping you focus while doing your tasks.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the impact of music on mental productivity. So, to create one of the most productive home office arrangements, invest in the best work from home headset.

Invest in a Lenovo work from home phone and headset to start realizing the benefits of  clear communications with exceptional microphone and speaker quality.

Essentials for work from home setup

Working from home may appear to be a hassle-free option, but it is far more difficult than it seems. When it comes to working from home, or any other location, for that matter, having a good setup is essential to ensure work efficiency.

A good setup helps restore productivity and normalcy to a situation. As a result, if you work from home, you'll need a great workplace to get back on track. Here's good news, Lenovo includes various smart routines, features, and technology in its computers to help you stay focused and encourage efficiency.

Best work from home chair

Because you'll be sitting for long periods, it's a good idea to start with the best work from home chair. In this instance, purchasing an ergonomic chair is the best option. Because of their extensive lumbar support, these chairs are an excellent choice for backache relief.

Your health is so important that purchasing the best office chair for work from home should be your priority. The latest science supports adopting an ergonomic desk chair, revealing that employees who use one experience fewer physical symptoms throughout the day than those who do not. The chair helps retain proper posture while experiencing prolonged sitting during work hours. Investing in one early on has been proven beneficial in the long run.  

Best Work from Home Desk

This may appear easy, yet it has a significant impact on your work. Work can become monotonous at times, and even the most minor things can motivate you to keep going and finish the tasks given to you.

You're probably spending a lot of time chained to your desk at your work from home setup because it's "work" by definition. And because this can be tedious at times, you should lighten things up. Invest in the best work from home desk that you can afford and make each workday productive.

Make sure that all of your work from home furniture you have in mind for your home office ideas are compatible with your personality, whether you love small, charming items, stunning artwork, or just huge, open areas.

It's worth noting that the standing desk is very popular these days. This trend is because of the rise of back problems, and other problems that increase from sitting all day, so people love the concept of standing desks. With a standing desk, you can change your working position anytime you want. Some studies even suggest that standing while working can add to your productivity. 

Best Work from Home Desk Lamp

Many miss this factor in a home office setup, but appropriate lighting can an impact on how you work.  Always choose a gentle light for the best work from home desk lamp. Remember, this is a setup for you, not for dozens of people; therefore, power isn't an issue. It is, in fact, better.

For a home office setup, soft light is preferable since it creates a calm and relaxing ambiance. Soft lighting reduces tension and allows you to work more successfully and efficiently.

It's also a good idea to avoid overly soft lighting, as this can have harmful consequences. You should avoid working in dim lighting because it strains the eyes, produces fatigue, headaches, and blurs vision. It can also make someone feel sleepy, and that’s not productive. So, when choosing to light, be sure to balance soft-low light.

More Productivity Tips for Working from Home

It's not just about the gear. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your day:

  • To ensure that everyone is on the same page, hold frequent team meetings (simultaneously every day or anytime you and your teammates agree on).

  • Keep a team-wide chat room active — it's a wonderful place to ask and answer quick inquiries. Making your chat room active will encourage everyone to contribute in planning.

  • Encourage visual conferencing rather than just audio conferences. The importance of facial expressions cannot be overstated. Video conferencing brings team members closer to one another. People might tend to multitask when in an audio conference but rest assured that you can have everyone’s attention and their focus in video conferencing. 

  • Adopt flexible work schedules to satisfy each remote worker's unique needs. Workers’ satisfaction is proven to yield the best output.

  • Replace "water cooler" interactions with informal team chats or meetings for brainstorming.

It appears that a work-from-home setup is here to stay, and it can be just as effective as working in an office if you take the correct approach and use the right tools.

Why Choose only Lenovo

What do you require to increase productivity in your home office? Replace your worn earbuds with a mic-enabled headset or choose a work from home phone headset. Or maybe you need a high-resolution display to bring your work into greater focus.

Lenovo provides all the gear for your home office, ranging from headsets and mice to monitors and smart gadgets. Not to mention the latest laptops, tablets, and desktop computers, as well as storage, memory, and other upgrades. Everything you need for the best work from home experience.

Want to learn even more about how to start working from home? Review our Lenovo FAQ that includes tips for how to get started working from home and additional product recommendations, like a guide to the essential accessories you’ll need for working from home.

So, stick with Lenovo for all your business computing needs – whether we manufacture them or not. And don’t forget that with a FREE LenovoPRO membership, you can save even more on business accessories and more.

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