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Gaming Laptops Under $800 | Shop Deals

Gaming Laptop Deals Under $800

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Gaming Laptop Deals Under $800


At Lenovo, we strive to design the best quality gaming laptops at the lowest prices. We know a real laptop deal when we see one, and we want to pass on the savings to our loyal customers. We also know that a PC can't be compromised with shoddy components or an old-school processor. It's possible to find an incredible gaming laptop under $800; you just need to do some digging.


Our PC gaming deals can save you some serious money on Lenovo and IdeaPad gaming laptops, as well as our traditional gaming desktop computers. With free shipping on all orders and a 1-year warranty on most models (including refurbished), you can be sure you're getting the best deal on a gaming laptop.


Savagely fierce gaming PC deals for all


Created for gamers like you, Lenovo gaming laptops are the ultimate rigs for any level of player. When paired with Ultimate Support, you can join our tight-knit gaming community for access to 24/7 tech support, assistance with hardware and software optimization, and other gamer-centric expertise. We're always announcing new deals on gaming PCs, so make sure to check out our latest offerings.


Meanwhile, our IdeaPad gaming laptops are off the charts with overpowered processing and high-performance graphics. Everything you need to run the most popular titles smoothly and be a formidable opponent. Designed to be sleek and functional, the IdeaPad Gaming series is perfect for using at school or work during the day and battling it out in an all-night gaming session afterward. Plus, you get long battery life, ambient lighting, and customizable options -- all this, without straining your budget. On the hunt for a budget gaming PC? Check out our handy resource when searching for a cheap gaming computer.


What is a good gaming laptop under $800?


When searching for a quality gaming laptop under $800, you're not going to find the best specs on the market, but you can optimize a few crucial components. If possible, your gaming PC should have a discrete graphics card, rather than an integrated graphics chip on the CPU. Most laptops with integrated graphics will perform fine with basic tasks, but modern gaming requires a lot of graphical power. Try to find a laptop deal with the right graphics card, because it can make a major difference in your overall gaming experience. The resolution, frame rate, and detail are all improved with a discrete Graphics processing unit (GPU). After the graphics card, take a look at the CPU specs and try to find a laptop with the newest possible processor on sale. Looking for a budget laptop that still has the goods? Check out our handy resource on buying a sub-$1000 gaming laptop.


Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?


The gaming world moves fast. Some laptops can become obsolete within a few years when trying to run the latest titles. A quality gaming laptop will last just as long as an all-purpose laptop, but it may not be able to handle those graphically intensive games after a couple of years.


In the $800 price range, it's easy to find a full-fledged Windows laptop, but it might be harder to find a gaming-specific laptop that meets your needs. Of course, you'll be forced to make some compromises with the best gaming laptop for 800, but you might just get lucky and find an incredible deal.


The components won't offer the same performance as a $900 or $1200 gaming laptop, and you'll probably have less RAM and storage, but they'll certainly allow you to play your favorite PC game.


What is the average lifespan of a gaming laptop?


On average, a gaming laptop will be in top condition for approximately three years. However, the best gaming laptops for 800 dollars can even last up to 5 years if they are well maintained.


When you use the gaming laptop for approximately four years, you might realize that some parts such as the CPU and Graphics processing unit (GPU) will be outdated. Also, you may require to replace the battery and fans at this stage.


The million-dollar question is whether the obsoleteness of the CPU or GPU is the end of the laptop. Absolutely no. What happens is that new games versions may not play on your computer.

Nonetheless, it is still usable for normal PC operations such as accessing the internet. Also, you can still use the laptop for gaming. However, you will probably be required to use a lower setting for this purpose.


For instance, good gaming laptops under 800 dollars may not handle virtual reality (VR) games such as Hover Junkers and Assetto Corsa. Still, they can play earlier versions of the game even in their 10th year.


Why should gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?


As earlier mentioned, there's no distinctive lifetime for the best gaming laptops under 800. However, given the make of a gaming laptop, you can expect it to last longer than the average standard laptop.


Primarily, a gaming laptop will outlive a standard laptop if the former is used to perform the latter's duties exclusively. Why is this so?


If you have been keen, gaming laptops are pricier than the respective standard laptops. Ideally, this is because they are made of more durable parts. For instance, the interior of the best gaming laptops under $800 is made to tolerate high temperatures than the average standard laptop.


Also, since the gaming laptop is designed for intensive use, its other parts, such as the keyboard, are tougher than other laptops. Hence, in terms of hardware quality, it can outlast the standard laptop by far.


Hardware Considerations for a Good Gaming Laptops under $800?


When securing a gaming laptop, you must pay attention to the grade of processors, graphics card, chassis, and cooling system. Essentially, these parts cannot be upgraded like others, such as RAM and storage. 


·         Processor: Also known as the Central Processing Unit, this is the engine of your gaming laptop. It is the part that delivers instructions to the other components of the computer. When choosing the best gaming laptops for 800 dollars, it is imperative to pay close attention to the processor rating. The CPU in gaming is responsible for processing and sending graphics data to the Graphics processing unit (GPU) to facilitate image display. Noteworthy is that newer gaming laptops will feature faster processors. For instance, a more recent version may have the upgraded Intel core processor. This one would be handy for all sorts of the newest games as it's quite an upgrade on lower versions like the Intel core i5 processor. Also important is that game technicians keep upgrading their graphics to improve user experience. Thus, if you can afford one, you'd better settle for a laptop with enhanced processing ability. This would make it compatible with newer games versions.


·         Graphics card (GPU): The GPU is the component responsible for the display of images. The two most common manufacturers of the part are Nvidia and AMD. The manufacturer is quite not a primary consideration when choosing a gaming PC. However, you must be keen on buying a gaming PC with the latest GPU features such as Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). This improvement facilitates the ability of Artificial Intelligence on your gaming laptop to boost the frame rate. This is especially cardinal in games that are graphics intensive. The rule of thumb is that you must buy a laptop with the latest GPU as it will serve you best in the ever-improving gaming world.


·         Chassis: This is the part that holds the internal components of your gaming laptop in place. Ideally, aluminum is better than plastic. Nonetheless, plastic chassis will still serve you well, especially if you don't engage in heavy-duty gaming. If you want a laptop with a chassis that can withstand any tough condition, you might have to spend quite more than $800 as such models are relatively pricey.


The best deals on gaming laptops, games & gear


Don't wait if you spot a gaming laptop deal that you've been eyeing — many of these deals are time-sensitive or available while supplies last.

Make sure you get rewarded when you shop with MyLenovo Rewards. Sign-up is free and easy. Use what you earn towards a future purchase on essentials like gaming PC accessories, PC games, or an extra monitor.


       Gaming PC Accessories: Browse a wide array of gear and accessories to go with your new laptop, available from popular gaming brands.


       PC Games: You'll also find dozens of popular games on sale in our Game Store.


       Lenovo Outlet Store: In addition to shopping for deals, we even have a Lenovo Outlet store with ultra-low deals on new and refurbished PCs. Browse the Lenovo Outlet Store to find the lowest prices on new and refurbished PCs, both for gaming and general use.


       Discounts: Take even more off new gaming tech with our seasonal sales and special discounts for students, the military, and more.

No doubt, the best place to find the lowest price and most trusted quality for gaming is Lenovo.com.




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