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Western Digital Storage Solutions


Mobile devices, laptops, and computers are simply great. Their benefits are numerous and undeniable.


As much as that is true, it can be very upsetting when you’re unable to maximize them to their full potential because of one reason or another.


One unfortunate yet common reason for this is low storage space. You're unable to enjoy your phone or other devices as that message with "phone memory almost full, delete some items" pop up.


Granted, it might not exactly be the message you receive but it's always something along that line.


Even when you uninstall your apps, delete some games, or more, it's only a matter of time before you have to delete more stuff.


How to handle these storage issues


There are a couple of options to fixing this but they often involve some sort of sacrifice on your part.


The easiest way to get more space on your mobile device or computer is to install a microSD card or hard drive respectively.


Do this and you’ll have enough space to move data onto or add new files to.


As with most technological products and solutions, to use them, you have to first get your hands on them. This is a whole other issue on its own.


Buying a fake or low quality SD card, internal hard drive or external hard drive can defeat the whole purpose of finding a storage solution.


Imagine moving your files onto these cards or drive only to have them crash and become corrupted.


Most times, users are forced to reformat it, thereby, losing all that precious data. It sounds morbid, but it doesn't have to be.


Lenovo to the rescue!


Lenovo – Here to Solve Your Storage Problems


Lenovo is dedicated to providing you with effective solutions that will fix any issues you might be having with your electronic devices.


On the issue of storage space or a lack of it, Lenovo can provide you with Western Digital storage solutions to help.


Western Digital – Data Storage at Your Fingertips


Western Digital provides you with access to both personal and professional storage brands to shop from. This includes Western Digital, SanDisk, and G-Technology.


Western Digital understands the value of data. That’s why the brand provides you with access to industrial SD and microSD cards, and other connectivity products that can help you maximize your data.


You can rely on the performance, quality, and reliability of these products without ever having to worry about crashed and corrupted storage and such.


Western Digital Mobile Storage Solutions


At Lenovo.com, we’ve got the perfect solution for mobile device storage issues from Western Digital. That is, the SanDisk Flash Memory Card.


With 32GB of data available on this memory card, you have a surefire way of expanding your mobile device memory, providing you with more than enough space for all your important files including apps, photos, and video.


Shop this product now from Lenovo.com and earn some of the MyLenovo Rewards as you do.


Western Digital Computer Storage Devices


The SanDisk SD memory card will take care of your mobile device storage issues, but you may still have to find a solution for your desktop or laptop.


Fortunately, Western Digital has also got you covered here. From internal hard drives to SSDs and other types of external hard drives, you'll find several suitable options at Lenovo.com.


Enjoy some of that Solid State Technology


The use of SSD is often considered an upgrade to your system. Most computer devices come with HDDs that make for a very slow, inefficient system when they become full.


Upgrading your system to a Solid State Drive means you get to use flash memory chips to store data.


This not only provides you some extra space but also it ensures your system load and functions faster. It’s what most gamers do to upgrade their gaming PC.


At Lenovo, we've got a couple of great SSD options from Western Digital to choose from.


A Western Digital  SATA SSD is a particularly great option. It's a quick and easy way to boost your desktop or laptop’s performance.


That way, you can browse, play games, or just generally use your system while enjoying the extra speed boost.


For even more speed and functionality, check out the Western Digital Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD with 250GB.


The 3D NAND technology here ensures the SSD has a much larger capacity than the previous generation SSDs and also significantly reduces cell-to-cell interference.


Also, it takes less power so you get to work longer on your computer with superior performance and enjoy the reliability of SSDs.


Lenovo also has a selection of similar accessories but with double the capacity at 500GB for even more storage space.


There's also a 3D NAND SATA SSD from Western Digital with 1TB space available at Lenovo.com.


Choose based on your storage needs and the kind of work you do with your system.


Internal Hard Drive from Kensington


Check out the Western Digital Blue SN550 NVMe SSD. This internal drive is especially important when you're working with large amounts of data.


You can get one with a capacity of 2TB and with the drive’s high speed (four times faster than SATA SSD), you get to do more in less time. We definitely recommend you get your hands on this now.


Here's another excellent option – External Hard Drives


With external hard drives, your device’s original storage space isn't a limiting factor for you anymore.


To boost your system – both in speed and performance, all you have to do is check out Lenovo's collection of external drives and choose one for your gaming PC and other devices.


The 1TB My Passport USB 3.2 Gen 1 External Hard Drive is a classic example of Western Digital's impressive ability to make portable yet fully functional storage solutions.


This portable external hard drive will provide you with all the storage space – 1TB to be precise – required to optimize your desktop, laptop, and gaming PC.


For the Gamer


Lenovo always strives to find the best gaming solutions for gamers. From consoles to games and gaming accessories, you can count on us to provide all your gaming needs in one place.


On that note, check out the WD Black P10 Game Drive at Lenovo.com. For fast access to your game library and portable storage, go ahead and get this hard drive.


It's up there in the high-performing HDD category. You can get this hard drive in up to 5TB to hold up to 125 games. That way, you can save your old games and download new ones or updated versions as well.


What's more? Despite the high storage capacity of this drive, you are still assured of an optimized gaming experience on your PC or console with no lags.


Speed up your laptop with external hard drives


Laptops are essentially PCs on the go. They are portable and easy to carry around, unlike desktops. Brand new laptops are super fast and responsive.


But over time, after you fill it up with files and data, you’ll notice a decline in their speed. Don't despair. There are several ways you can improve your laptop’s speed.


However, if the RAM or hard drive is responsible for the issue, you might have to leave it to an expert in computer hardware components to fix it.


In cases where the hard drive issues are caused by it being full, simply backing up the old disk and replacing it with a new one will likely fix the issue.


This might lead to wondering just how much storage space a laptop needs. There's no simple answer here.


How much hard-drive storage space your laptop needs depends on your usage of the system.


If you only use it for basic stuff such as checking your mail, surfing the web, and such, then 12GB to 128GB will suffice.


If you're a dedicated gamer with hundreds of games you like to play on your laptop, well, be ready to squeeze out at least 500GB to 2TB.


To get this much space on your laptop, you can attempt to upgrade your laptop's hard drive but remember to back up your files before doing this.


Now, if your gaming needs are even more encompassing than the average gamer, you’ll need more than 2TB of space.


Here, an external hard drive will be your best bet. An excellent option here is to go for the 4TB My Passport USB 3.2 Gen 1 External Hard Drive.


This one is perfect for most gamers as it can support up to 5TB of data. It also comes with a SuperSpeed USB cable so you don't have to worry about all that data slowing you down.


Receive Discounts from Lenovo


The tech industry can be a bit much sometimes. Having just a laptop is hardly ever enough. You need all the accessories to go with it.


Such accessories include hard drives, cables, and other connectivity solutions. We are sure you'd appreciate information on how to receive discounts on your shopping.


At Lenovo, we've got Everyday Discounts for Healthcare Workers, Students and Teachers, Military Members, And Seniors.


If you belong to any of these categories, then check out Lenovo.com for more information. Otherwise, check for other financing options from Lenovo such as coupons, rewards, and discount codes.


For more on Western Digital products at Lenovo, visit the Lenovo website here.

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