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Ubisoft Video Games for Gamers Who Want it All

Ubisoft video games excite casual and professional gamers alike, making Ubisoft Entertainment one of today's most popular game publishing companies. To many gamers, Ubisoft games are nothing less than gaming heaven –- delivering immersive experiences built on great storylines and high-quality graphics and imagery. The gaming giant has launched some of the best-selling titles, including Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, and many more.

Lenovo knows gaming. Our Legion gaming systems are popular the world over. That's why we offer Ubisoft video games as part of our wide variety of PC accessories, software, and small tech items. [Specific Ubisoft products sold and in-stock availability will vary.] Great games. Great gaming systems. Everyone wins!

From dancing games with solid beats to immersive role-playing experiences with challenging strategies, Ubisoft games offer everything. And don't discount video games as solely entertainment. You might learn a little about history and strategy as you play, and many gamers believe the competition improves their reflexes and has positive effects on cognitive and analytical thinking.

Of course, Ubisoft video games are wild fun to play, too. They've also got great audiovisual clarity, captivating game scenarios, realistic graphics. Add an Ubisoft title to your collection today.

Ubisoft Video Games: Real Life-Like Experiences 

If you want to enjoy a real life-like experience in a video game -- full of options and choices and paths to explore -- then there could be no better choice than Ubisoft games. Most Ubisoft games offer an open-world environment where you can do countless side quests, discover treasures, and upgrade your character as you wish.

Many of the latest Ubisoft titles offer an RPG (Role Playing Game) experience where you make your own decisions to move the story forward. Your actions and choices can change your character’s actions (and reputation) and greatly affect the surrounding world.

Or, to use the words a skilled gamer might use, Ubisoft games unleash your inner gaming freak. And Lenovo can ease a lot of the hassle of getting your hands on these games. Just scan what's offered on this page. It's dedicated entirely to Ubisoft games (specific game offerings and in-stock availability will vary).

Buy Your Favorite Assassin's Creed Games 

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the latest and best-selling AAA title from Ubisoft that allows you to explore Norway like a true Viking. It also takes you from Norway to England in order to create your own saga, and as you progress, you’ll also be able to interact with all the great figures of Norse mythology such as Odin, Thor, Loki, and many more. At one point, you can even impersonate Odin, the most powerful god, and make decisions that no one can question.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla allows you to live the legendary life of Eivor the wolf-kissed, where you can explore the dark ages of England. In playing the game, you can grow your settlement and gain political influence to conquer all of England.

You can select the weapon that best suits your visceral combat style to beat a wide variety of deadly and fantastic enemies. It's acclaimed as one of the best role-playing open-world games you can buy, where you can carve your own path and shape your character’s growth to glory.

Even if you have played the older version of Assassin's Creed, such as Odyssey or Origins, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla from Ubisoft is going to surprise you in multiple ways. Reviewers say it comes with better graphics, a better story, a more immersive open world, and improved fighting options. It’s one of the best games in terms of value for the money; a one-time purchase will allow you to have hundreds of hours (if not thousands) full of fun and excitement.

Dive into Greek Mythology with Immortals Fenyx Rising 

If you want to enjoy Fenyx mythology, then look no further than Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft. This action-adventure game allows you to impersonate a new winged demigod, Fenyx, on a quest to lift the dark curse from the Greek gods of Olympus. At one point in the game, you even get to fight with one of the most dangerous Greek titan, Typhon. 

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you can acquire and master legendary Greek gods’ epic powers to take on different mythological beasts. It’s a stylized open-world game where the gods of ancient Greece give their powers to you -- so you can build your own legend. 

One of the most enjoyable factors about Immortals Fenyx Rising is that almost every object in the game environment is interactable and destructible. Not only can you smash up rocks and cleave down trees, but you can also throw them at your enemies by using your herculean strength.

While playing Immortals Fenyx Rising, you may even find some unfinished marble blocks. If you do, just smash them to unveil attractive, finished statues. Plus, the game isn't only about breaking and throwing the stuff. You can sometimes find hidden treasure and rate items. But destroy too many objects and you'll be left with no place to hide, especially if you're fighting some ancient Greek monster.

Stage Your Own Family Feud 

Do you like the television game show Family Feud? Ubisoft lets you to join the game from the comfort of your home. Step into the world of Family Feud and enjoy all the classic, exciting – and funny -- gameplay. You can customize your character as desired and challenge your family, friends, or unknown online players just like you. The game keeps you engaged, and you can spend hours without getting bored.

The Family Feud video game comes with four fun game modes, and you can change the difficulty of the game if you like more challenging questions. One very popular mode is Party Battle, where you team up with your friends and battle against other online teams. There's even a broadcasting feature that you can use for live streaming while playing. 

Step into the Future with Watch Dogs Legion 

Watch Dogs Legion is a great Ubisoft game option for players who want to step into a futuristic world. The game is fun to play, but it also allows you to learn and understand the dark side of technology. You can create your own team and lead them through challenges. But it’s not as simple as it sounds because you’ll first need to properly study and scan the people you want to recruit, in order to assemble a perfect team. 

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Legion feels like a real-world with normal people doing normal activities, and it allows you to understand how society works. You can also get to know about the lives of your team members by interacting with them – and, if necessary, avenge their loss. 

Unlike many other open-world games, the map of Watch Dogs Legion is accessible right after you start the main story. Once you get your tutorial and learn how to survive in the game world, you can start exploring London city and its boroughs. It’s totally up to you whether you want to enjoy the environment or stick to the main quest structure.

Probably the best thing about Watch Dogs Legion is that you'll learn how different technologies work. The game offers you a futuristic environment where London is on the decline and your character's mission is to save it. You can fight back for the people by building resistance and ultimately give the city back to its people. 

Best Experience for Dance Lovers: Just Dance 2021

If you love dancing, then Ubisoft's Just Dance 2021 is the ultimate option for you. It comes with about 40 different hot tracks, and it allows you to set up the perfect environment for a dance party to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Just Dance 2021 also comes with a co-op mode where you can share the fun by playing with other people. Not only is the game about competition, but you also need to work together to achieve high scores. The unique thing about this game is that you need to get up and move your whole body to make progress in the game. In this sense, it’s unlike other games where you only need to grab a controller and do everything with your wrists and fingers. 

The best thing about Just Dance 2021 from Ubisoft is that it allows you to create your personalized playlist by adding the songs that you like the most. Even kids can enjoy it because of the eight kid-friendly songs that are offered. You can use your smartphone to track moves – simply install the Just Dance Controller application. Up to six people can join the game simultaneously. 

Ready to shop Ubisoft video games at Lenovo? This page is dedicated to nothing but Ubisoft game offerings. There's sure to be something you'll like. And be sure to check out of popular Legion line of gaming systems. Or, if you're looking for something else, check out our big selection of PC accessories, software, and small tech items. [Specific Ubisoft products sold and in-stock availability will vary.]

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