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About Planar

Planar is one of the world’s leading providers of prime display solutions. For Planar the display performance is a prime requirement and they believe that in a world that is filled with high-tech gear and an incessant array of virtual imagery, their primary mission is to provide you the capability to see: data, movies, advertising, presentation, and game. Planar works by keeping in mind that it’s not about the technology rather it is about how you mold it according to your need.

The company’s products are designed specifically for you to use and apply in your daily life. Planar observes how you use their displays, what features matter to you, and how they can make improvements. They strive to find ways to help you solve display problems with their pioneering efforts.

With Planar displays experience top quality tech that is second to none! The company possesses over three decades worth of experience in display technology and since then has been bringing supreme technology expertise to big display problems.

The company also helps comprehend tech options available and brings you the most innovative and prime offerings. They also keep you up to date about the newest technologies. These are then tested and proven against set standards and then brought out to the world.

Planar is a reliable partner and lets you choose the technologies that are viable and worthy. 100%!

Moreover, the company supplies its products worldwide including the Sahara, Siberia, Shanghai, San Francisco, and many more countries! You are sure to find Planar displays in corporate offices, airports, ATMs, hospitals, retail stores, and in homes, globally. With strong operations, Planar supplies a chain of products that are designed to bring top-class display products to you, anywhere, at any time.


Planar Dual Monitor Stands

⦁              Overview

 Planar's Dual Monitor Stands can support monitors ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches. You can also toggle between both monitors by its easy-to-use to set up options. Plus, the stands help to organize cords and cables with their cable organizer feature.

All of the Planar models can swivel, tilt, rotate, and are height-adjustable. They are also available in dual monitor large-format stands for larger monitors.

Moreover, the installation of Planar Dual monitor mounts is quick and easy.

⦁              Resources

 You can easily download the resource material that helps you with the product's installation directly from the site. You can download the following reference materials

⦁              Dual Monitor Stands

⦁              Product Manuals


⦁              Technical Specification

 Below are the technical specifications of Planar Stands.

⦁              Support dual displays ranging between 15-24 inches with a maximum weight of 26 pounds/display.

⦁              Tilt-up/down +/- 20 degree

⦁              Swivel displays move side to side +/-20°

⦁              Landscape or portrait mode by rotating 90 degrees

⦁              Hole pitch includes VESA (100 mm x 100 mm) and (75 mm x 75 mm)

⦁              Height can be adjusted up to 13 inches


More Stand Related Products

The Lenovo Site offers various types of stands that support different devices. They not only provide stands for monitors but tablets, phones, screens and laptops as well. All that and much more at reasonable prices!

All the products offered are easy to set up and a no-brainer. The designs are universal and support almost all types of spaces be it walls, tabletops, or small tiny corners.

Furthermore, each kit comes with all the nuts and bolts you may require for setting up your space. There is no need to go out and get additional stuff. We all know how much of a pain in the neck that can be!

Each product features additional user-friendly qualities such as cable management, front-to-back tilt, height adjust, sturdy design, and aesthetically pleasing construct. Eye strain, stiff neck, and slouchy posture are a thing of the past!

Another thing to keep in mind is Overheating. It’s a necessary evil and comes as a side ‘bonus’ with all kinds of devices. One of the main reasons for overheating is inadequate ventilation under your laptops, and pads. A simple solution to this problem is getting an elevation stand! You could always use a book for the time being but investing in one stand can be a lifesaver!

From super-efficient Ergotech Dual arms to simple laptop stands that work to prevent overheating of laptops due to prolonged usage, you can bet your money that the site has everything and anything that you may need in setting up your device.


What are Dual Monitor Stands

Be it at home or your office, to further enhance your productivity, you can set up a second monitor. Twice the gear, and double the power! But for this you need a doubled display space before you perform any task, play your games or complete your office work.

Most of the innovative computers come with all necessary ports, easy setup, and fast speed if connected in a dual monitor configuration. This dual setup lets you maximize your productivity through extra screen space.

Using dual monitors allows you to do more work on your computers simultaneously. Many computers connect to a second display easily and with little or no additional cost. Except for purchasing the second monitor.

Monitor arms and stands are the best solutions to neck and back pain as well as eye strain that is associated with improper posture while using a computer. Apart from the health benefits, these stands and arms open up your desk space by replacing the large, heavy, and bulky monitor stand of your workspace. Moreover, these stands also give you optimum cable management solutions through their designs hence cleaning the messy cables.

What's best is that it looks awesome! A floating monitor on your desk.


Why Use Dual Monitors?

Why would you need dual monitors?  Whether you use your personal computer for gaming, work, or learning, a setup with dual monitors has its advantages.

There are four types of dual monitor stands that include wall-mounted, desk-mounted, freestanding, and basic risers.

Dual monitors tend to increase productivity and efficiency. That one extra screen now provides not only perfect video calls but professional meetings as well. This allows you to keep your workflow on one screen while your video calls/meetings are on the other. Now you have a full screen to spare, hence each caller has ample room for themselves.

If you are a student then the dual monitor literally makes life so much easier! Effortlessly read your textbook on one monitor and simultaneously take notes on the other.

Dual monitors are indeed one of the best options for gamers. With added screen space, open your map or voice chat anywhere you want and save yourself from the trouble of minimizing the game windows all the time. The dual setup of your monitors lets you stretch the game display across both screens. This lets you play games like flight simulation and racing like a pro!

The setup of your dual monitor is no rocket science. All you need to do is buy a compatible stand, fix your monitor and plug your monitor in. Once you join the dual monitors club, it’s hard to go back.


What to Look for When Buying Dual Monitor Stands

When buying a stand compatible with your monitors you need to keep in mind a few things.

⦁              Weight capacity

First, you need to make sure that the dual monitor stand you are buying is rated to tolerate the weight of each of your monitors. Check the weight of both of your monitors as well as the weight capacity of the selected dual monitor stand before you pay the bucks. The last thing you want is your legit gaming rig to come crashing down onto your desk.

⦁              Range of motion

Next check the range of motion of the stand you are thinking of buying.

Many dual monitor stands allow a diverse range of motion. What matters is how you want your displays to move. Double-check with your setup at home. Say you have a standing desk then you might want to go for a stand that allows maximum height according to your desks.

You also need to check the swivel, tilt as well as rotation depending on your requirements. Most stands come with a demonstration of their motion range. Try sticking to your respective monitor sizes. This will give you a maximum motion range for your monitors.

⦁              Elevation

Elevation can change everything! Elevating your monitors with a compatible dual monitor stand makes your gaming rig look good and lets you work better. Apart from the additional desk space, you get, and the reduced cable clutter, your neck/shoulders will never hurt!

So, buy yourself dual monitor mounts that provide a clean, spacious desk and provide good ergonomics too.


Planar Support

Planar provides its customers with online Service & Support for their product lines. The Service and Support section includes the following

⦁              Tracking Tools

Check the status of your products as well as delivery information.

⦁              Professional Services

Sales technical experts are determined to help customers select the optimum display solutions because client satisfaction is their priority.

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