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IOGEAR: Connecting Tomorrow, Today at Lenovo.com


IOGEAR aims to connect you with novel technology both for your home as well as business. The company builds high-performance, innovative and durable connection devices that let you experience the ultimate potential of what tech can actually bring. 

IOGEAR endeavors to produce products that are of top quality and deliver not only optimum performance but also reliability. Plus the IOGEAR professionals work to create solutions that revolutionize gaming products. With their affordability and swift features, IOGEAR equipment provides solutions that are successful all around the world!


IOGEAR Products

IOGEAR makes leading-edge docks, mice, and gaming gear, available here at Lenovo.com. IOGEAR’s Gaming gear is renowned globally. Below is a list of what IOGEAR offers in their gaming category.


Gaming with IOGEAR

Whether you’re a pro or new to gaming, you’ll find what you need with IOGEAR. IOGEAR gaming products include top-quality components which are built with materials that can endure years of rigorous use.


Kaliber Gaming Adapters by IOGEAR for your smartphones give you the freedom to use either a keyboard or a mouse on an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV device. The adapters let you connect and play the latest Apple store arcade games, and Google Studio games. 

Moreover, the KeyMander update also lets you connect with selected Android devices thereby making your mouse and keyboard compatible with games in the Google Play Games library too. 

You not only get to play immensely popular shooter games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Dead Trigger, and RPG but also open-world games like Minecraft, GTA, and Ocean horn. Get ready to dominate your enemy through IOGEAR boards that provide accuracy, full functionality, and speed!


IOGEAR Gaming keyboards include HVER and Kaliber Family of boards.


The HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboards now include the newest feature, RGB. These models are so named because of their open-frame design that has keys that are aloft and look as if hovering over the aluminum chassis of the board. 

Both of these boards are notorious for their aesthetic design that includes multi-zone RGB LED backlighting with numerous lighting patterns.

The aluminum chassis of boards provides an extra solid as well as a spacious platform. The family’s simple key configuration with programmable software and keycaps that are doubly injected also possess a long lifetime. 

Moreover, with their 26 Anti-Ghosting keys you will never miss any keynote! 

These Hover Keyboards are designed to provide you everything you need for an elite gaming experience. Plus the plunger-type design of the board’s keys gives a mechanical feel to it and the double injected keycaps provide a prime gaming session. Moreover, the light patterns change to various colors without the need for any particular software. 

In addition, the innovative key design of the board uses low friction plungers that provide super-smooth, and swift keystrokes!


IOGEAR Mmomentum Mice

IOGEAR’s professional Mmomentum Mice come with a USB 2.0, 12 buttons that include custom programming software, a secure rubber-coated wheel as well as a thumb rest. Additionally, with this mouse series, you can swiftly switch between 5 profiles!

The Mmomentum Mice are built for both massively multiplayer online games and massive online battle arena games. This mouse family offers you wired optical gaming mice with buttons that are built for keybinds and macros. Moreover, Mmomentum Mice is designed with adjustable weight settings, speed, precision, and a superior ergonomic frame.

With up to 16,000 dpi optical sensors, you can program your mouse to almost five different dpi settings!


Kaliber Korona Mice


These RGB Kaliber Korona Gaming Mice are an optimum choice if you are looking for something that provides great performance as well as good value. This mouse family is so named because of the ring of LEDs that is multi-colored and covers the mouse perimeter with an RGB illuminated configuration. The mice also include side panels covered with non-slip rubber for a comfortable and secure grip. 

Apart from its aesthetic design, the KORONA mouse family is an amazing gaming-grade gear that is infused with optical sensors that keep up with your hand movement in all MMO, FPS, and RTS games. The built-in memory in order to store macros and the swift shift between the dpi upon a mere click make the Korona Gear excellent gaming-grade equipment. 

This mouse family includes 7 buttons with custom functions that are software programmable and a 5000 dpi optical sensor. You can use the Kaliber Gaming user interface to set your own mouse buttons for keyboard commands, execute functions and create macros that are usually difficult to configure with other classic mice.




Kaliber’s IOGEAR SYMMETRE Mouse Family offers you an optical mouse experience like never before. This mouse series is built for game genres including First-person Shooter games like COD, & Battlefield and Third Person Shooter games like Fortnite and Outriders. 

Plus, this optical gaming IOGEAR mouse family comes in an ambidextrous design. It also includes button panels with a weighting system that can be set according to own comfort and speed, 8 buttons for macros as well as keybinds to bring you an ultimate bespoke mouse experience for an optimum gaming session. 

The ambidextrous design of the family makes the SYMMETRE Mouse the best ally if you are left-handed. Moreover, it also has thumb buttons on each of its sides which have custom magnetic delete panels. Hence you can easily detach the buttons when not needed to avoid any discomfort and distraction. 

Moreover, it also includes a 16,000 dpi optical chipset plus an RGB backlighting panel, for the perfect feel when you play! You can also customize your profile for either work or play.


Docking Stations

IOGEAR Docking Stations are a perfect on-the-go companion. These come with power delivery 3.0 and let you increase your USB-C laptop or tablet's battery range. These portable docks are lightweight and help charge both your laptop and devices. Plus they deliver power up to 85W to not only your workstation but also the devices connected to the docks!

Moreover, with their dual HD and single 4K Video, you have the freedom to expand your workspace. Use the dual HD monitor for an ultra-visual experience or either use a single monitor for a crisp and clear resolution. 

Plus the Simultaneous SD/MicroSD Card Reader feature lets you not only read but also write your data efficiently. You can even transfer full-resolution pictures, docs, and videos between your smart devices!

Device Sharing Docks


IOGEAR’s device sharing docks are designed to fit effortlessly into any setup. The versatile design of the device lets you charge your laptop upon docking. Once you connect your laptop with the docking station you can easily charge it without any need for an external power supply. You can also fill your laptop's battery while you are using it by connecting your USB-C AC power adapter with the Docks directly. 

Additionally, you can dock up to 7 devices to your USB-C laptop with these respective devices. A perfect pair for your laptops, and books. The piece to complete your multi-monitor workstation!

Moreover, you can also add three monitors to your laptop with the help of the IOGEAR Dock to enhance your productivity. And, charge your laptop whilst using IOGEAR Docks for a long-lasting battery and pleasant experience.


Thunderbolt & USB-C

The IOGEAR’s Thunderbolt and USB-C series is fast, and can easily be accessed to 3 USB-C as well as DisplayPort devices.

The Thunderbolt and USB-C range lets you switch as well as control a single USB keyboard, mouse, and 4K DisplayPort monitor with 1 USB-C device together with 2 DisplayPort computers. 

Additionally, you get a cinema 4K clarity with IOGEAR's USB-C and Display Ports. These deliver clear images that have a resolution of up to cinema 4K. And are easier to use as well as allow multi-tasking thereby resulting in a more productive you!

The Thunderbolt family also lets you add more than one monitor to your setup easily. This is because they support a multi-stream transport feature that lets you expand your setup to two or more DisplayPort monitors. Plus you can also swiftly switch and access any of your monitors or a USB-C device with just a push of your button. 

Moreover, you can change devices by either clicking the wheel of your USB mouse or by the hotkey keyboard combination. 

IOGEAR’s KVMPs are literally the best solution to a cluttered setup. Using mere panel pushbuttons, hotkeys, or a mouse, you switch from one device to the other in seconds. The cords that caused so much trouble, now safely remain behind the scenes and out of your way. Just set up your gaming rig and connect/disconnect your tech in a breeze! Shop IOGEAR here at Lenovo.com.

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