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Creating safe, smart homes with EZVIZ at Lenovo.com

About EZVIZ security

EZVIZ was established back in 2013. Since then the company has been dedicating itself to create intelligent security devices that are safe, convenient as well as smart. Their devices are built with a cloud-based platform and artificial intelligence technology. The company’s services and products can easily be installed in homes, workplaces, schools, stores and many more places. 

ENVIZ started off as a small team. What drove them was their ambition to bring people innovative technologies for security and defense. They strive to build a thriving IT ecosystem in which buyers feel protected and secure.

Difference between security and surveillance cameras


CCTV cameras which are traditional security cameras are electrical devices that are used to transfer data signals from one place where installed to another where a monitor is set up to receive them. 

Surveillance cameras on the other hand are devices designated to work on an IP network. These networks link the cameras from the remote area where the camera has been installed to the assigned security location.


EZVIZ Products

EZVIZ has the title of being the most respected and reliable brand for home and office security. With the cutting-edge technology the company uses and extensive experience together with their vision, EZVIZ is determined to bring you devices that create a safe, convenient, and smart environment for you to live in.


1. Security Cameras

Wire-free cameras

Wireless security cameras are built within a close circuit that is used to transfer the audio as well as video signals to a wireless receiver. Mostly these cameras require a power source that is connected through a cable or a wire. Wire-free refers to the transmission of audio/video signals wirelessly. 

One of the major advantages of wire-free cameras is that during power outages these cameras are not affected since they are battery operated. Whereas the wired cameras are vulnerable to such situations. These wired cameras require NVR or DVD recorders. On the other hand, the wire-free devices directly transmit and store the security footage onto the virtual cloud. 

The EZVIZ Wire-Free Camera Series include, 

EZVIZ eLife Series which are standalone smart home battery-powered cameras. 

EZVIZ BC Camera Series include battery camera kits with 2-3 cameras and a base station. 

And a solar panel that is specially designed for EZVIZ battery-operated cameras. Plus they come with ultra-long battery life so that you have long-lasting peace of mind.

These devices are used with the base stations and deliver well-rounded protection to your home for up to a year on one single charge. The B Series encompasses EZVIZ core innovations including color night vision, active defense, two-way talk, and much more.


Indoor Wi-Fi cameras

Wireless EZVIZ Security Cameras use the internet to transmit security footage to the cloud server. This lets you view the footage on any device that is connected to the net. Each and every device includes a cable that runs from the storage device to the receiver for both power as well as transmission of footage. 

The EZVIZ Indoor Wi-Fi camera Series include, 

C Series that are smart Wi-Fi pan and tilt cameras with 3-4MP resolution. 

T Series is simple yet extremely powerful and keeps your home fully secured. 

These indoor camera series record images in high resolution thereby rendering crisp details even if you zoom in 4X. See everything clearly both in the live video as well as playbacks!

Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

EZVIZ outdoor security cameras can be a powerful weapon against anyone who is up to mischief near your property. These security devices let you keep tabs on anyone outside your homes. 

The EZVIZ Outdoor Camera Wi-Fi Series include the following, 

C8 Series include Dual-lens, a weatherproof pan, and tilt Wi-Fi cameras with a 360-degree vision for wider protection. 

C3 Series that include AI-Powered security cameras with color night vision and wall light cameras.  

The outdoor dual-lens cameras that come with a built-in AI are the world's first commercial-grade security cameras. These include algorithms that work for nighttime displays without any need for supplemented lights. 

Moreover, the AI built into the cameras gives precise alerts when anything in motion appears in the specified zones.


EZVIZ Camera Features

EZVIZ Security cameras possess the below-stated camera features,

2K+ Resolution

Up to 270 days of battery i.e. 10400 mAh 

Built-in 32 GB eMMC Storage 

Color night vision 

IP66 Weatherproof design 

Smart human motion detection

Two-way talk 

Active defense 

Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 

H.265 video compression 

Customizable voice alerts 

EZVIZ Solar Panel battery charging


2. Home sensors

Internet Alarm Hubs

EZVIZ Internet Alarm Hubs include

A1 Internet Alarm Hubs with remote controls 

T Series that are 100% wire-free, pet immune, and effectively detects intruders. 

These Wi-Fi security hubs work with the EZVIZ alarm devices as well as Wi-Fi cameras to protect your home and offices. Additionally, they can be controlled via the EZVIZ app which just takes few minutes to set up. 

The A1 Series also sends voice alerts during emergencies! Whenever the sensor is triggered you will also receive notifications on your phone.


Water leak detectors

EZVIZ Water leak detectors include the T10 Series. These work with the A1 Series within a range of up to 100 meters to protect your home from any kind of water damage. 

With these durable and reliable series, you can adjust the water detection level from 0.4mm to 3.2mm. Whenever the detector is triggered, the A1 Series sends an alert to your smartphone!  

3. Smart Home Devices

Door viewers

Apart from alarm hubs and security cameras, EZVIZ also brings you the wire-free peephole doorbell Series. Keep a check on who comes to visit you at your doors. 

These include two in one peephole doorbell with a camera. These products feature a sleek, modern design with various additional features to safeguard your doors. The device gives clear images, two-way talk, and a connection to the EZVIZ App through which you can control the peephole. It even sends alerts to your phone for any suspicious activity or if anyone is at your door. Everything is in the palm of your hand even if you are far away from home.


Video doorbells

The video doorbell as the name states lets you see the person at your door. EZVIZ supplies the following series of video doorbells, 

The D and the D Pro Series provide wire-free front door protection. These EZVIZ security cameras are safe, stable, and have 2K+ resolution. 

This series comes with a smart doorbell kit that includes a chime and a wire-free video doorbell. As no rewiring is needed after setting up the product you can easily view your visitors and can answers your door anytime anywhere. Even if you are not available at home. 

Due to the D series powerful feature, you get to experience a smart, easy, and safe life!


Security light cameras

EZVIZ Security Light Cameras include the LC Series. These series are user-friendly, have a 2 in 1 outdoor security solution, and come with lights attached. These lights can also be controlled by your phone. Adjust the brightness just the way you need it.


EZVIZ CloudPlay

When using EZVIZ Devices it is all about seamless, and interactive experiences that help you store and share your moments with simplicity and ease. 

EZVIZ CloudPlay lets you access live videos on your smartphones anywhere anytime by using the EZVIZ App. Moreover, the company is very strict in following the industry’s security standards. They guarantee that no compromise is made on your privacy and the data transmission from your device to the cloud is double encrypted end to end.



Security is necessary no matter your home or your office. To protect yourself and your loved ones you need proper gear and equipment. This is where you need EZVIZ. 

EZVIZ provides supreme quality security cameras, peepholes, home appliances, and many other security devices that are specifically built to protect your home without compromising your privacy. All the data transferred from your EZVIZ device to the cloud is encrypted end to end because your privacy is our prime concern! Shop EZVIZ here at Lenovo.com. 

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