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Gaming Mouse

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Gaming Mice

Find the best gaming mouse for your style of play from Lenovo and top brands. Shop wireless, wired, budget and more model types. Gaming mouse pads also available.

Mice & Mouse Pads
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Gaming Mice and Mouse Pads


Today’s gamer has a lot of options, some might even say too many options when choosing the gaming accessories that will give them the best chance of claiming victory. At Lenovo, we know gaming, and we’ve meticulously selected only the top gaming mice and gaming mouse accessories for your consideration (because we wouldn’t want our fellow gamers – you – using anything but the best).


But we haven’t just sourced some excellent gaming mice from top brands, we’ve also developed our own. Lenovo Legion gaming mice are crafted with true competitors in mind and designed to blend seamlessly with your Legion gaming setup. But whether you go with Legion or another preferred brand, you’ll find a wireless gaming mouse (or wired gaming mouse – if you’re looking to save a little cash) that fit your preferences and style of play.


You may even need to consider a mouse that’s built to complement the type of games you typically play. Even the best mouse might not hold the tools an MMO gamer needs, so in this scenario, you’d likely look for an MMO mouse with additional side buttons to increase your hotkey options.


And don’t forget about the all-important gaming mouse pad when shopping for your next gaming mouse. Real pros know that whether you prefer a soft gaming mouse pad or a hard gaming mouse pad, an optimal glide is one key to victory.


So, yes, there are a lot of considerations when buying your next gaming mouse. So, make things a bit easier on yourself by considering all your options with one trusted source: Lenovo.


Why Do You Need a Gaming Mouse?


When setting up their gaming dens, most gamers tend to overlook the importance of a good gaming mouse. But it's important to know that a gaming mouse can make all the difference in your gameplay.


Even if you don't have enough budget to spare on a high-end mouse, you should look for the best cheap gaming mouse as it will come in handy. When you're playing for long hours, you want the mouse to feel comfortable in your hands.


That's where an ordinary mouse fails you. After some time, it may start feeling uncomfortable due to perspiration from your hand.


On the other hand, a gaming mouse will be particularly made from a kind of plastic that does not collect grease or sweat from your fingers. In this way, it will be more comfortable to use for an extended period.


Gaming mice also have higher Dots per Inch (DPI) than a standard mouse, which means they can track more movement and provide a smoother experience. DPI refers to dots per inch and is a way to measure the resolution of a mouse.


A gaming mouse with a high DPI can track more movement on the screen, making it perfect for fast-paced games. When you feel that the mouse pointer on the screen does not correspond with your movements on the mousepad, the slowness in response is called a lag. In everyday use, this might not be much of a problem.


But when you're gaming, lag is a huge no-no. Gaming mice have higher DPIs, sometimes up to 3000, which allows gamers to move the cursor on the screen without exerting too much pressure on the mouse pad. On the whole, you need a regular or Bluetooth gaming mouse to make your gameplay convenient and comfortable.


What to Look For in a Gaming Mouse


Besides a high Dots per Inch (DPI), there are other features you may want to look for when you're shopping for the best wireless gaming mouse or a wired mouse.


·         Sensor Type: The sensor type is the first thing to notice when you're shopping for a gaming mouse. Do you want the mouse to have an optical sensor or a laser sensor? An optical sensor is found in most gaming mice and is a good choice for everyday use. It tracks the movement of the mouse on almost any surface. A laser sensor, on the other hand, needs a special kind of surface to work well. This type of sensor is mostly used in gaming mice because it has a higher DPI than an optical sensor. Most gamers prefer optical mice because they are more reactive and don't exhibit a lag.


·         Wired vs Wireless: A wireless gaming mouse is useful if you want to move around freely while gaming. You don't have to worry about getting tangled in the wires. But a wireless mouse also has its disadvantages. First, it may not be as responsive as a wired mouse. Second, you'll have to keep track of the battery life too. Imagine your mouse running out of battery when you're close to beating an opponent in a game. That doesn't sound good. But then again, a wireless gaming mouse offers more mobility. Nowadays, the best wireless gaming mouse has the same functionality as a wired mouse, although there may be a bit of lag due to weak Bluetooth connectivity. Meanwhile, a wired gaming mouse is good for gamers who want to avoid any delays in their gameplay. Such mice are also more responsive than their wireless counterparts. Your decision will boil down to what you value more: responsiveness or freedom of movement? If you want the best cheap gaming mouse, a wired model will be better.


·         Polling rate: Another factor that affects your gaming experience is the polling rate of the mouse. The polling rate is the number of times per second that the mouse sends data to the computer. A gaming mouse with a polling rate of 500Hz is faster than a mouse with a polling rate of 125Hz. If you're playing an online game, you'll want to have a gaming mouse with a high polling rate so that there's no delay between your movements on the mouse and their impact on the screen. Most gamers argue that even the best wireless gaming mouse won't have the same polling rate as a wired mouse. But this is becoming less and less true with advancements in technology. You can find a Bluetooth gaming mouse with a polling rate comparable to that of a wired mouse. Do note that mice with higher polling rates will also be more expensive.


Why Do You Need a Gaming Mouse Pad?


Gamers often make the mistake of not using a gaming mouse pad. You'd be surprised to know how much improvement a gaming mouse pad can bring to your gameplay.


For one, a gaming mouse pad allows better tracking. Since mouse pads have a uniform and flat surface, they allow the mouse sensor to track your hand movements accurately.


If you're playing FPS games, you need to have precise movements. A mouse pad also prevents scratches on your gaming table. If you use your mouse on the table, you'll notice that the surface starts to wear off after some time.


Mousepads solve this problem by providing a soft and shock-absorbent surface for your mouse to glide on.


What to Look For in a Gaming Mouse Pad


Sure, you can pick up any mouse pad you see, but is it right for you? Here are some factors you should keep in mind when buying a gaming mouse pad.


·         Base: Mousepads have different base thicknesses. The three common ones are:

o   2mm slim base: If you want to enjoy a solid feel, you should opt for this base. It's almost like using your mouse on a hard surface,      such as plastic, except that it's more comfortable.

o   3mm standard base: It's perfect for gamers who want the sweet      spot between a slim and heavy base. Most people prefer this thickness.

o   5mm heavy base: A heavy base is ideal if you usually play on      uneven surfaces. Since it has more thickness, it will even up any surface you choose to play on, such as the armrest of a couch.

·         Hard vs Soft: Hard mousepads are made of aluminum or plastic. As there is higher friction between them and the mouse, they tend to wear out quickly. But they are much easier to clean.


Meanwhile, soft mousepads are made of a soft fabric. Their base is spongy, which is why they don't wear out the mice quickly. If you get a large gaming mouse pad made of this fabric, it may also provide a wrist rest for you.


Cleaning soft mousepads is more difficult. But the bonus point is that you can fold them easy to put in your bag or carry in your hand.


Custom Gaming Mouse Pads


You should only opt for custom gaming mouse pads if you have any unique gaming needs that cannot be fulfilled by mouse pads available in the market. For instance, you might need a large gaming mouse pad because you want it to provide some level of cushioning during playing.


In that case, you may have to get a custom mouse pad since most available models are smaller in size. Customized mouse pads will be more expensive, so it's best to keep your budget in mind too.


Want to know more about the differences between gaming mouse types? Read our handy FAQ that details how to buy a gaming mouse.



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