Executive Briefing Centers
At Lenovo, we believe collaboration is the path to innovation. Our Data Center Executive Briefing Centers in Raleigh, Stuttgart and Beijing provide an interactive environment for discussions based on customized agendas that cater to the specific requirements of the customers and business partners visiting the center. We offer a range of experiences from one-on-one tailored visits to multi-client seminars, all of which offer the opportunity to:
Share – discuss specific business challenges, analyze evolving industry trends, and understand Lenovo’s technology strategy and data center offering roadmap.
Experience – explore our technology with live demonstrations and behind the scenes lab tours.
Prove - collaborate with our data center technology experts to validate industry leading solutions built on Lenovo server, storage and networking products.
And if now is not the best time to travel to one of our centers, we’re happy to engage with you remotely through web and video conferencing.
“The EBC is amazing. I have been through a number of EBC’s and this was by far the best. Eye opening. Awesome information.” Lenovo Reseller
Two way conversations provide the foundation for every engagement. Briefings at Lenovo provide the opportunity to collaborate with our top technical and business leaders to explore the latest evolution in data center technologies and develop effective strategies to gain the greatest advantage for your organization.

Upcoming events can be found here
Recent typical discussion topics include:
The evolution of next generation data center infrastructure toward converged and hyper converged designs
The shift of enterprise storage architectures to embrace software defined storage methodologies
Previews of Lenovo’s future roadmap of server, storage, networking, services, and solutions offerings
Solutions focused discussions featuring our strategic partner alliances from industry leaders such as Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, SAP, and others
Details of Lenovo’s end to end approach to system security from supply chain to finished product
Web based briefings are a great way to get a quick update on a single topic. We can arrange for a customized session or you can attend one of our scheduled offerings here.
“This time spent was very informative. I was introduced to several offerings that I wasn't previously aware of. This information is very useful in helping to determine our future strategy.” – Customer
One of our guiding principles is that the best way to truly understand something is to experience it first hand.
Explore our cutting edge showcase areas featuring the full range of Lenovo data center products
Participate in live demonstrations of our management tools
Interact with our extensive portfolio of solutions for client virtualization, cloud, big data, analytics, database, and high performance computing
Visit our development labs and meet the engineers from our performance design, product support, system design, or advanced research teams.
“Extremely informative. Facilities, presenters, content was outstanding. First class briefing session. Very impressed with the depth of products and level of investments in the support/infrastructure. Excellent briefing sessions and facilities.” - Customer
We understand that a focused proof of concept test can substantially lower the risks often associated with a significant technology project. Our Innovation Centers provide access not only to the full portfolio of Lenovo data center offerings but just as importantly to a team of solutions experts that can help build a representative environment designed to validate the total solution stack.
Proof of concepts can:
Focus on core infrastructure or full solution stacks in cooperation with our industry alliance partners such as Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, Nutanix, Cloudian, Nexenta, etc
Be completed in 1 week or up to 3 months
Utilize industry standard benchmarks or client customized test cases
Remote access to your test environment is also an option.
29th Lenovo XClarity Updates
XClarity Controller is the management engine inside every ThinkSystem server. XClarity Administrator centralizes management of your ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile infrastructure. Join us for this virtual briefing to hear the latest updates across the Lenovo XClarity family of management tools.
6th ThinkSystem Infrastructure Matters
A better run enterprise almost always has a better IT infrastructure. And who you select to provide your IT infrastructure is as important as your IT strategy itself. No two providers are quite the same, differing significantly in the values they can provide… industry leading end-to-end solutions in data center infrastructure that improves application performance, design flexibility, reliability and security. Join us for the latest update on Lenovo’s servers, storage and networking offerings and the values that differentiate us from the rest of the industry.
30th Why SAP HANA on Lenovo HX
If you've ever considered SAP HANA on hyperconverged infrastructure, then join us for this high-level interactive session. Learn first-hand how combining the powerful analytics of in-memory SAP HANA databases with the simplicity of Nutanix Hyperconverged software running on Lenovo’s #1 reliable platforms enables an industry-best solution. Discover how you can improve business outcomes, achieve faster time to value and predictable growth. We'll explore how you can scale to meet your needs, streamline data center operations, and achieve high availability for mission-critical applications.
10th Why Lenovo HX for Hybrid Cloud
How would your business react to a natural disaster? How long would it take your business to recover and return to normalcy? How do you bring agility to your product development teams and enable them to use multi-cloud platforms, so you can bring your products to market, faster? Find answers to any of these questions and join us to learn more about where and when to fit a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solution. We'll talk about the various use cases and you'll learn how you can utilize these architectures by leveraging your existing investments and just adding a few building blocks from Nutanix. As a bonus, we will also have demos around a couple of these use cases.
21st The Benefits of Running Blockchain on Lenovo HX
What is Blockchain? How can Blockchain bring value to my business? How do I ensure that it is secure? How will I adapt my infrastructure if I have to implement a Distributed Ledger, and how can I do it easily? If these questions keep you awake at night, then join us in this session and learn about what Blockchain means to enterprises, even find out how it is different from Bitcoin and understand the differences between a permissioned and a permissionless blockchain. We will look at the Hyperledger Fabric Project and deep dive into the architecture, learn how customers have already implemented it utilizing Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure solution and see a demo of it in action.
24th The Lenovo Cloud Workshop
Our Cloud Strategy Workshop provides a structured engagement that allows customers to refine their vision of the cloud, further qualify their cloud-related needs and requirements, and identify a high-level roadmap and preliminary set of actions with which to move forward. Join us for a Virtual Briefing that will provide an overview of this workshop offering.
1st Improve performance, reliability with Intel & Lenovo for SAP HANA
Learn how Intel & Lenovo are working with SAP to enhance the capabilities of the SAP HANA database. Learn how to achieve 12.5x faster HANA database restart, increase memory capacity, gain better business-continuity solutions, lower platform TCO for SAP HANA, and enable your development team to go faster using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.
15th Wiley takes a step closer to S/4 HANA readiness with Lenovo
In this session, join J. Wiley & Sons and Lenovo as they take you through the journey to complete multiple upgrades within the same downtime window. Learn how multi-tenant feature in HANA 2.0 enabled provisioning of multiple SAP systems required to combine HANA firmware, SAP app servers and RHEL upgrades with minimal risk.
29th Lenovo Solution for SAP Data Hub
A customer’s journey to the Intelligent Enterprise begins with smarter data management. Lenovo is helping them to achieve sustainable new business value thru a combination of best practice approaches for their big data, IOT, and AI/ML requirements using the SAP Data Hub. Join us to learn how to reduce risk, accelerate time to value, and walk away with actionable insights to help achieve sustainable new business value thru a combination of best practice approaches for data management requirements using SAP Data Hub.
5th Border States Electric plans for future S/4 Hana Growth with Lenovo
Gain best practices & key considerations for migrating to SAP S/4HANA with this IT risk mitigation story. Learn how Border States Electric, product and supply chain powerhouse with more than 2,200 employee-owners, gained business value, accelerated business performance and planned for future growth by partnering with Lenovo and SAP.
19th Bring the Automated and Intelligent Enterprise to Reality with SAP Data Hub
In this session, SAP, Bluefin (Mindtree) and Lenovo join forces to bring you the latest innovations that enable agile data operations across your enterprise; build agile, data-driven applications with a more scalable approach to data operations all with a consolidated view using SAP Data Hub and SAP S/4HANA.
25th DevOps for Mid Market with Red Hat OpenShift
DevOps is evolving as a standard practice in many organizations to bring together software development and IT operations teams for the goal of eliminating process bottlenecks in development, quality assurance (QA), and delivery cycles, and servicing their end customers efficiently. Implementing a proper DevOps process requires careful planning and an assessment of the end-to-end pipeline from development to QA to delivery. Come hear how Lenovo and Red Hat have revolutionized DevOps with Red Hat OpenShift.