A no credit required alternative to traditional financing.

With Zibby's lease-to-own program, you can lease the laptops, desktops, and other Lenovo products you want today and pay for them over time, even if you have bad or no credit. Best of all, you will only pay $45 at checkout. Even better, take advantage of our discounted 90-day early purchase option. Applying takes less than a minute and won’t impact your FICO credit score. Click below to see if you qualify for lease-to-own financing.

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Get pre-approved

Complete Zibby’s quick application by clicking the button below and receive an instant decision.

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Select the items you want that are within your Zibby spending limit. That includes smaller items above $20.

Checkout with Zibby

For just $45 due at checkout you can enjoy your items while Zibby sets you up with recurring payments.*

Pay over time

Make regularly scheduled payments and if you choose to buy it out within the first 90 days you'll benefit from discounted early purchase option pricing. After that the sooner you buyout the more you save!

What our customers said

Don't take our word . See our testimonials

I have very little credit and I needed a new laptop for work. Zibby helped me finance the laptop I needed and do so quickly with a low down payment.
Angela, FL
I needed a new laptop and didn't want to settle for a cheap one. I'm a Lenovo fan so when I saw they had financing options I jumped at the chance. Zibby came through for me. My payments are low, and I got the laptop I wanted. I was so impressed I used them to finance my tablet set up as well. Thanks Zibby!
Kim, WV
Zibby is a great service and has excellent customer service support. It's fast and easy. Get started today. I highly recommend.
Chevon, NY
Thank you for the opportunity you gave me, since my credit score is not good right now. Definitely I’ll look forward to do business with you in the future again. Thanks
Dagmar, FL
I'm really happy to have come across Zibby. When you're a mother of 3, paying for something of that magnitude all at once is very difficult but you have definitely made things easier on me. Thanks Zibbys!
Crystal, VA
So far Zibby has been amazing! Allowed me to get a PC I otherwise could not afford at the moment so I strongly recommend their services to anyone who is considering. Very happy.
Nicholas, TX
Quick and easy application with realistic payment options. I would lease again in the future.
Sharelle, AL
I have crap credit history and tried all other avenues to get a new laptop because I couldn't come up with the money all at once to outright buy a laptop. I applied for zibby and in 10 seconds I was ordering a new laptop to lease to own thru zibby. They are giving me a chance when no one else would. And the total cost to own is not to far above the outright selling price of my laptop as compared to these rent to own places.
Edward, NH
Zibby made it possible when the option of buying outright was impossible in my situation. Thank you.
Robert, GA
Zibby came along at just the right time for me. Being a student, I needed financing options that fit my life, and Zibby did just that.
I needed a business laptop for work and I did not have all the money so I ordered using zibby and I'll paid it off using their 90 days option. Definetly I'll be using it again.
Guillermo, TX
I really wanted to get this laptop. It only had one more day left on the sale. I applied with Zibby and just like that with a small down payment my laptop was on its way.
Adam, CA

After checkout

Lenovo will ship your order and send you a confirmation email with tracking information. Zibby will also email you a copy of your lease agreement and will remind you of your upcoming payments.

Have a question?

Zibby and Lenovo are always available to help. Check out Zibby’s FAQ or call (833) HiZibby (449-4229).

*California residents subject to recycling fees that would need to be paid at checkout.