What is Lenovo Patch?

Lenovo Patch for SCCM is a plugin for the SCCM console that simplifies Lenovo BIOS, Drivers, and 3rd Party Application Updates.

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Identify, manage, and distribute Lenovo BIOS and drivers through a simple installation of Lenovo Patch, a plug-in to SCCM. Leverage the functionality also enabled through this plug-in to patch over 5800 3rd party applications.

Simplify Bios and
Driver Management

Traditionally, searching for and finding the correct drivers can be a challenge. Through the use of enhanced meta data, Lenovo Patch for SCCM allows IT administrators to filter, identify and publish BIOS and drivers directly from the SCCM console. This reduces workloads by up to 95%.

Reduce Risk with
3rd Party Patching

Reduce risks and eliminate vulnerabilities in your infrastructure by extending SCCM's capabilities to include 3rd party patching. Update hundreds of vendor applications including Adobe, Apple, Firefox; and even the most difficult applications like Java and Google Chrome.

Reduce Complexity -
Avoid Cost

Lenovo Patch employs the same processes and infrastructure familiar to SCCM administrators so training requirements are minimal. Patch content is obtained from the Lenovo Cloud and administrators can manually deploy patches or set deployment rules for full automation.

Leverage Existing SCCM Expertise and Infrastructure
Order your Lenovo Patch annual subscription through your Lenovo Sales Representative
Lenovo SKU 4L40Q93175
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