ThinkSystem SD650

ThinkSystem SD650

ThinkSystem SD650

Liquid cooling innovation for a highly efficient data center

  • Delivers greater performance and density than air-cooled servers
  • Powered by Lenovo Neptune Liquid Cooling technology
  • Reduces data center energy costs up to 40%
  • Supports high-speed InfiniBand and Omni Path fabrics
  • Supports standard SSDs, NVMe SSDs, and M.2 boot SSDs, for even greater storage flexibility
  • Supports highest performance Intel Xeon Processor Platinum CPUs


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Liquid cooling innovation for a highly efficient data center

  • 功能


    Lenovo Neptune technology

    The ThinkSystem SD650 with Lenovo Neptune Direct to Node (DTN) technology utilizes warm-water cooling (up to 50⁰C) to remove heat from the CPUs, memory, I/O, local storage, and voltage regulators.

    Benefits of this solution include:

    • Superior heat conducting efficiency of water versus air, so critical server components operate at lower temperatures compared to air-cooled systems.
    • Running Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family CPUs up to 240W+ versus traditional air-cooled systems limited to 165W-205W.
    • Delivering greater performance with 30-40% data center energy savings.

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    Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 Rear View with Connection Manifold

    Innovative design

    The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 dual-node tray is designed for high performance computing (HPC), large-scale cloud, and heavy simulations. It supports workloads from technical computing to grid deployments to analytics and is ideally suited for fields such as research, oil and gas, and engineering. The SD650's unique water-cooling technology provides many key benefits. Compared to other technology, the SD650's direct water cooling:

    • Reduces data center energy costs by 40%
    • Increases system performance
    • Delivers 90% heat removal efficiency*
    • Creates a quieter data center
    • Enables data center growth without adding CRACs

    *Based on Lenovo internal testing

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 Rear View with Nodes

    Maximum performance and management

    Designed to run the highest core-count Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family processors, the SD650 powers through demanding HPC workloads. Because water cooling removes more heat, CPUs can run in “turbo” mode nonstop, getting up to 10% greater performance from the CPU. For even greater system performance, the SD650 uses 2667MHz DDR4 memory and supports NVMe storage, high-speed EDR InfiniBand, and Omni Path adapters.

    The SD650 is managed by Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestrator (LiCO), a powerful management suite with an intuitive GUI that helps to easily manage large HPC cluster resources and accelerate development of AI applications.

    LiCO works with the most common AI frameworks, including TensorFlow, Caffe and Microsoft CNTK.

    Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestrator (LiCO)

    Extreme density

    One 6U NeXtScale n1200 Enclosure accommodates up to 12 SD650 compute nodes. The enclosure houses up to 24 processors, 9.2TB of memory, 24 SFF SSDs or 12 SFF NVMe drives, and 24 M.2 boot drives. Each SD650 offers up to 12 more cores per U than the previous generation.*

    * Compared to Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 Compute Node Bays

    Leading energy efficiency

    The ThinkSystem SD650’s direct water-cooling design provides extreme energy efficiency. With up to 90% heat removal efficiency, the SD650 provides up to a 40% savings in data center energy expense including:

    • 25% reduction in annual air conditioning use
    • 5% energy savings by running CPUs cooler
    • 4% savings by eliminating fans in the compute nodes

    For example, a large super computing center reuses the hot water produced by direct water cooling to save an estimated 45% in electricity costs and uses it to produce chilled water.

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 Water-Cooling Design
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  • 技術規格


    尺寸外型 全寬式 1U 匣 (每個 n1200 機櫃中 6 個)
    NeXtScale n1200 機櫃 (6U)
    處理器 每個節點 2 個第 2 代 Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable 系列 CPU,每個 1U 匣 2 個節點
    記憶體 每個節點使用 12 個 2933MHz TruDDR4 DIMM,可提供高達 1.5TB,或是使用 Intel® Optane™ DCPersistent Memory,可提供高達 2TB (512GB x4)
    I/O 擴充 1 個 50 公釐寬 ML2 插槽及 1 個 PCIe x16 插槽適用於 EDR InfiniBand 或 Intel Omni 路徑,每個伺服器節點
    內部儲存裝置 多達 2 個 2.5 吋 SATA SSD (高度 7 公釐) 或每個節點 1 個 2.5 吋 NVMe SSD (高度 15 公釐);多達 2 個 M.2 SATA SSD
    RAID 支援 機載 SATA 控制器搭配軟體 RAID;選用雙 M.2 SSD 轉接器搭配硬體 RAID 1
    網路介面 每個節點 2 個 1GbE BaseT NIC;其他高速網路介面卡 (InfiniBand 或 Omni Path) 可安裝在可用的前端存取 PCIe x16 個介面卡插槽
    電源管理 透過極端雲端管理工具組 (xCAT),進行機架等級電源上限設定及管理
    系統管理 受到 LICO 及 XCC 支援
    作業系統支援 Red Hat、SUSE、CentOS (包含 LeSI 支援);請造訪 以取得詳細資訊。
    有限保固 三年的客戶可自行替換之零件以及現場有限保固服務、下個營業日維修服務(每天 9 小時/每週 5 天)和保固升等
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