Lenovo and Intel Know Sustainability Matters

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Lenovo and Intel Know Sustainability Matters

We are equipped to meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey and help you achieve your goals. Smarter has a plan for a sustainable future, ThinkSystem solutions powered by 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Why IT Must Have an Influential Role in Strategic Decisions Regarding Sustainability

Why IT Must Have an Influential Role in Strategic Decisions Regarding Sustainability

In today’s climate-aware era, there is an increased focus on sustainability for business decision-makers. With technology being the catalyst for growth in many organizations, IT leaders have a crucial role in making decisions that will positively impact future generations.

Pursuing sustainability goals can be challenging – change always is. But with all challenges, there are rewards and opportunities. Companies that successfully build sustainable practices contribute to a better world, lift themselves above the pack, forge stronger stakeholder relationships, and help drive long-term business resilience. We know from experience that it takes a strategic approach, careful planning, and thoughtful innovation to succeed.

In this whitepaper, written by International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence, read about IDC’s analysis of sustainable IT. The paper covers Lenovo and Intel’s approach to sustainability, how we succeed, and most importantly, how we can assist you in making progress in your sustainability efforts.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Together with Intel, Lenovo is positioned to deliver an ecosystem of sustainability services and solutions covering the entire IT lifecycle. Our approach covers:

Line icon suggesting emissions reduction

Emissions Reduction

Working to reduce our carbon footprint from product design and manufacturing to delivery and lifecycle.

Line icon suggesting reduced packaging waste

Reduce Packaging Waste

Helping to reduce packaging’s environmental impact by using recycled materials and innovative design.
Line icon suggesting circular economy

Circular Economy

Embracing a design-use-return philosophy that maximizes the value of our solutions through their lifecycle.
Line icon suggesting sustainable supply chains

Sustainable Supply Chains

Operating a flexible, resilient global supply chain with investments in renewable energy projects, logistics, and end-of-life management programs.

Featured Products

Explore our latest servers powered by 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Front view of ThinkSystem SD650-I V3

ThinkSystem SD650-I V3

Exascale performance for your AI & HPC workloads.
Lenovo high-density Thinksystem SD650 V3

ThinkSystem SD650 V3

Liquid cooling innovation for a highly efficient data center.
ThinkSystem SR630 V3 Rack Server

ThinkSystem SR630 V3

Maximum performance in a 1U server.
Lenovo rack and tower servers

Servers Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

See all powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Powering Your HPC Journey to Sustainability

Man standing near a waterfall

Responsible Compute along with Rescale, Intel®, and Lenovo, aim to reduce the effect High-Performance Computing adds to environmental impact.

Learn how Responsible Compute is utilizing a combination of renewable resources and responsible data center technologies from Lenovo and Intel to reduce their local impact to the environment.

Additional Resources

Woman in a casual space working on a laptop.

Reshape Your Organization for Circularity

See the steps you can take to transform your organization from a linear economy to a circular economy.
Three IT workers in a data center

Technology’s Role in Transitioning to a Circular Economy

Learn about the new model for a more sustainable future built on the principles of using less (reduce), using longer (reuse), using again (recycle), and making it clean (regenerate).
Forest path with parallel red lines on the path

Sustainability Through Infrastructure

Read how you can optimize your infrastructure for efficiency and to be more sustainable.

Take the next step towards a more sustainable future for the world and all its people.

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