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SAP Solutions | SAP HANA, Business Suite & Data Hub

SAP Solutions

SAP Solutions

Rely on our experts to help enable your intelligent transformation with SAP® solutions, services, and applications.


Improve business efficiency

Running your SAP enterprise applications on optimized Lenovo infrastructure can help your organization align and integrate processes, automate tasks, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to increase the value of your business.

Transform and innovate

  • Gain new insights from your data by instantly accessing, modeling, and analyzing all of your SAP transactional and analytical data in real time with Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA®
  • Leverage the Lenovo Insights platform to unify analytics of multi-vendor, cloud, IoT and multi-location environments

Lenovo and SAP: Enabling the intelligent enterprise

Lenovo and SAP partnership

Stephen Dawson, SAP's Vice President of Cloud Architecture and Engineering, talks about the continuing partnership with Lenovo.

Collaboration with your needs in mind

Collaboration with your needs in mind

Lenovo closely collaborates with SAP to develop innovative solutions for the digital economy. Our dedicated staff speaks the language of SAP customers and can translate business requirements into robust data center solutions.

Solution offerings


SAP business applications


Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions for SAP Business Suite®, SAP S/4 HANA®, SAP Business One®, and all other SAP applications give you the performance, reliability and scalability needed to ensure your business runs smoothly.

  • Understand financial performance in real time
  • Increase visibility and agility across your digital supply chain
  • Develop a fully-aligned product portfolio that allows you to manage lifecycles, control production costs and deploy resources effectively
  • Streamline end-to-end processes to accelerate profitable growth
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You need new ways to accelerate decision making and gain insights into key trends locked in your data. With our SAP HANA solutions, your organization will be able to optimize your SAP deployments in line with SAP's future technology direction.

  • Enables large memory configurations up to 24TB and significantly faster restart times with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory
  • Sized to meet your business requirements
  • Protects data with integrated high-availability and synchronous disaster-recovery capabilities
  • Runs with VMware® or Nutanix® hyperconverged virtualization technology for optimizing deployment and management of the server application environment
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SAP Data Intelligence


Lenovo Insights platform with SAP Data Intelligence allows you to get value out of ALL your organization's data — from both SAP and non-SAP systems — across the entire landscape, including on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments through a single pane of glass.

  • Enables unified analytics of multi-layer, multi-vendor, and multi-location environments
  • Provides integration, pipelining, orchestration, and governance of data – including structured, unstructured and IoT data types
  • Manages with seamless, unified, and enterprise-ready monitoring and landscape management capabilities
  • Offers integration with Lenovo XClarity for enhanced data center analytics
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Success stories

Learn how we’re helping our customers enable intelligent transformation with SAP solutions, services, and applications.

SAP business applications

Simplify and consolidate your SAP application landscapes with right-fit Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile infrastructure solutions.

Ensure your business runs smoothly with SAP Business Suite & S/4HANA

Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions for your mission critical SAP Business Suite with any database and SAP S/4HANA with SAP HANA allow you to run core business processes efficiently and effectively.
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Small business solutions with SAP Business One

Lenovo solutions for SAP Business One enable smaller businesses and subsidiaries streamline end-to-end processes to accelerate profitable growth.

Real time analytics with SAP NetWeaver® BWA

Lenovo solutions for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) provide a complete picture of your business from diverse data sources and enable near real-time analytics for those not ready to move to SAP HANA.


Accelerate decision making and gain insights into key trends locked in your data with the Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions for SAP HANA.

SAP HANA solutions

SAP HANA with ThinkSystem servers

Drive your business forward with a server that matches your needs. Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles your organization's SAP HANA requirements today and expands to accommodate future growth.
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SAP HANA with ThinkAgile hyperconverged systems

ThinkAgile hyperconverged solutions help speed deployment, simplify management and deliver dramatic data-center efficiency for SAP HANA workloads in Nutanix-based or VMware-based clusters.
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Lenovo Storage Solutions for SAP

Providing the seamless, scalable and dependable performance needed to extract strategic insights from rapidly expanding data volumes.
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SAP HANA and the Cloud

Bring the cloud to your data center with Lenovo TruScale infrastructure services. Enjoy an opex-based, pay-for-use cloud offering monitored and managed by Lenovo.
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Gain further insights

SAP Data Intelligence

A simpler, more scalable approach to managing complex data landscapes, Lenovo Insights platform with SAP Data Intelligence provides data integration, orchestration, and governance capabilities utilizing AI/ML to enable unified analytics of multi-vendor and multi-location environments.


See how Lenovo can help optimize manufacturing inventory

Utilize AI/ML to reduce days of inventory, limit safety stock, and gain economies of scale from standardized BOM parts.


Lenovo solution for optimizing manufacturing inventory

Automated solution that creates a parameterized replenishment policy to optimally balance between inventory levels and their cost.

Solution Brief

Lenovo Insights Platform on Red Hat OpenShift

High level overview of the Lenovo Insights platform on Red Hat OpenShift

Solution Brief

Lenovo Insights Platform with Centerity AIOps

Monitor business services associated with Lenovo Insights platform to ensure SLAs and business performance.

Performance benchmarks

From innovation to design to components, Lenovo ThinkSystem servers yield top-tier performance in SAP environments ‐ so your enterprise can do the same.


SAP and Lenovo work jointly to ensure compatibility of Lenovo servers with SAP applications. Lenovo focuses on thorough technical quality assurance and a seamless customer experience with the infrastructure components for SAP application landscapes in the data center.

SAP Business Suite on Windows

Lenovo systems certified for use with the SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver® technology family of software applications for use with the Microsoft® Windows Server® operating system.

SAP Business Suite on Linux

Lenovo systems certified for use with the SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver technology family of software applications for use with the Linux operating system.


Lenovo systems on the certified and supported SAP HANA hardware directory. SAP has broken down the systems into categories for better presentation. There is no difference in the quality of the certifications across categories.


Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

Solutions Services

Solution Services

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Implementation Services

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Support Services

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TruScale Infrastructure Services

Enhance your ability to scale your IT hardware, software and support capabilities as your rapidly changing infrastructure needs evolve.

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